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Lesson Transcript

Namaste and welcome to hindipod101.com, the easiest, smartest and the most fun way of learning Hindi online. My name is Anuj Khurana and in today’s video, we are going to discuss 10 Most Visited Places in India or the 10 Tourist Attractions in India. So let’s begin.
1. अजंता की गुफाएं
(ajaNTaa ki gufaaen)
“Ajanta Caves”
अजंता की गुफाएं में बहुत सारे पुरानी नक्काशी और चित्रकारी है।
(ajaNTaa ki gufaaoN meiN bahuT Sarii puraaNii Nakkaasii aur ciTrakaarii hai)
अजंता की गुफाएं में बहुत सारे पुरानी चित्रकारी और नक्काशी है।
(ajaNTaa ki gufaaoN meiN bahuT Sarii puraaNii ciTrakaarii aur Nakkaasii hai)
“Ajanta caves has lot of old drawings and carvings.”
2. So, the next place is,
“Udaipur” in English too.
उदयपुर में बहुत सारे किले हैं।
(uDayapur men bahuT Saare qiLe hain.)
“There are a lot of forts in Udaipur.”
3. So the next tourist attraction is,
कमल मंदिर
(kamaL maNDir)
Which is “Lotus Temple”
कमल मंदिर दिल्ली में है।
(kamaL maNDir DiLLi meiN hai)
“Lotus temple is in Delhi.”
4. So the next place is,
कोवलम में बहुत सारे समुद्र तट है|
(kovalam men bahuT Saare SamuDr Tat hain.)
“There are many beaches in Kovalam.”
5. Next place is,
Which is “Khajuraho” in English.
खजुराहो मध्यप्रदेश में एक मशहूर पर्यटन स्थल है।
(khajuraaho madhya praDes meiN ek mashuur paryataN Sthal hai.)
“Khajuraho is a famous tourist attraction in Madhya Pradesh.”
6. Next place is,
Which is also known as “Jaipur” in English.
जयपुर पिंक सिटी के नाम से मशहूर है।
(jayapur pink Sitii ke Naam se mashuur hai.)
“Jaipur is famous as Pink City.”
7. Next place is,
डल झील
(dal jhiiL)
“Dal Lake”
डल झील कश्मीर में है।
(daL jhiiL kasmiir men hai.)
“Dal Lake is in Kashmir.”
8. Next tourist attraction is,
जिम कार्बेट राष्ट्रीय अभ्यारण्य
(jim kaurbet raastriiya abhyaaranya)
Which is “Jim Corbett National Park”
जिम कॉर्बेट राष्ट्रीय अभ्यारण्य में बहुत सारे बाघ मिलते हैं।
(jim kaurbet raastriiy abhyaarany men bahuT Saare baagh miLaTe haiN.)
“You’ll find a lot of tigers in Jim Corbett National Park.”
9. ताज महल
(Taaj mahal)
It’s “Taj Mahal” in English too.
मुझे इस साल ताज महल पक्का जाना है।
(mujhe iS SaaL Taaj mahaL pakkaa jaaNaa hai.)
“I will definitely go to Taj Mahal this year.”
10. Next place is,
दार्जीलिंग अपनी चाय के लिए मशहूर है।
(DaarjiiliNg apNii cai ke liye mashuur hai.)
“Darjeeling is famous for its tea.”
I’ll be back with more such videos. Till then, stay tuned. Take care of yourself. Goodbye. Namaste!


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Hi Ellysia,

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Yes, indeed and this list only includes about 1% 😄

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Wow, I didn't know there were so many places to visit in India! I only ever really knew of tigers (like my second favourite animal in the world) and the Taj Mahal, which I hear is breathtaking.

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Hi Manji,

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Hi Manji,

Thanks for your post!

Here are a few ways to make the sentence more natural!

मैं ताजमहल देखना पसंद करूंगा।

main Taaj mahaL DekhaNaa paSaND karuungaa.

All the best!


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मुझे ताज महल देखने जाना पसंद है।

I would like to go to see the Taj Mahal.