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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everybody! I’m Anuj from HindiPod101.com. In this lesson, you'll learn some important phrases about Christmas in India and some valuable cultural tips.
In Hindi, "Christmas" is called...
[slowly] क्रिसमस
Christmas is a surprisingly big holiday in India.
You can see poinsettia trees decorated around the holiday season, and families sing carols together. You can find the statues of baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary dressed in Indian-style garments too.
On क्रिसमस or "Christmas Day," people in India greet each other by saying मेरी क्रिसमस!
(slow) मेरी क्रिसमस!
It means "Merry Christmas!
When you meet someone on Christmas day, be sure to greet them with this phrase.
Indian people also celebrate the holiday with special events and customs. The most popular food to eat during Christmas is...
(slow) कुस्वार
It refers to "a set of Christmas goodies.
The selection ranges from delicious fruit cake to rose cakes and deep-fried doughs. Christmas cooking starts early and the family members make the sweets together.
Let's wrap up this lesson by recapping what you've learned. Listen to the words and repeat after me.
* beep
"Merry Christmas"
मेरी क्रिसमस!
* beep
मेरी क्रिसमस!"
"a set of Christmas goodies"
* beep
"Well done! [pause] Here's a fun fact! Which tree is used in traditional Christmas decorations in India?
In India, people use the Poinsettia plants as Christmas trees. These trees are also known as the "Christmas Plant."
You just learned how people in India celebrate "Christmas" and some important facts about the holiday.
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I'll see you next time. Shukriyaa aur phir milenge.

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