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2. How to Say You're Welcome in Hindi

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Posting in Hindi? Leave a translation. It's good practice and helps others.


Namaste Shreeyesh ji,

We’re glad you like our lessons and we hope you learn Hindi soon!

Watching bollywood movies would help you practice what you’ve learnt.. So enjoy!


avatar Shreeyesh

Aloha Neha and the Team,

Even for a Gujarati living in Hawaii, this is excellent way to learn Hindi the correct way rather than learning from bollywood movies.

Shreeyesh :thumbsup:


Hello Linda,

Great to know that you’re enjoying our website!
Please stay tuned!

Thank you!

avatar Linda

As a real beginner, I cannot tell you how easy learning this is. The tools are exceptional. With the repetition, I am able to make connections and understand more quickly….Thank you

avatar rancho36504

oh, शुक्रिया Neha. मैं समझता हूँ [oh, thanks Neha. I understand]


Hello Rancho,

You’re always welcome! :mrgreen:

About the romanization for में, if we write it as “men”, it might be pronounced as “men” in English. However, “mein” would be read more accurately as में in Hindi.

Also, there is no connection as such between the US State Hawaii and the Indian word for “airport” which is हवाई अड्डा :shock:

And yes शुभ लाभ means “good luck”

Happy learning!!


avatar rancho36504

thanks Neha for your patient explanations. Hopefully these answers will help others also.

Why is में mein with an “i” and not men? Where is the “i” in that Devanagari?

I’m still wondering if there is a connection between the US State Hawaii and the Indian word for airport…wondering about the origin of the Indian word for airport.

Ok, and just to confirm, शुभ लाभ is what you say midpodcasts for good luck, right?

“To type अड्डा , you could type “adda” on google transliteration site”

…thanks for that…but I have a Devanagari keyboard [well a QWERTY keyboard set to Devanagari in keyboard settings] and want to know how to type the two ड ’s on top of each other. Can you tell me how to type that? …like you have in the first vocab example sentence. Many thanks :)


Hello Rancho,

Here’s something about फिर मिलेंगे. फिर means “again” and मिलेंगे means “will meet”. So फिर मिलेंगे means something like “will meet again” or “hope to meet you again”

Also, हवाई अड्डा means “airport”. To type अड्डा , you could type “adda” on google transliteration site.

का is used to denote possession and relationship, worth and measure, source, origin, cause. ka agrees with the gender and number of the noun as
follows. So aapka means “your” . And aapka swaagat hai means “You are welcome”

If you have any other question, please feel free to ask.

fir milenge!


Hello Rancho,

Sincere apologies for the delay in replying to your queries.

You are right about आपकी यात्रा मंगलमय हो. It is used for wishing someone a happy journey.

mein is just like “In” in English. The postposition mein is used to denote location or presence of something in or within. The Devanagari for mein is में
So when we say - Namaste, mein svaagat hai, We mean “Welcome to”


avatar rancho36504

Ah, found the answer to one of my questions above in a subsequent lesson. Looks like the word for good luck you say in all the podcasts before the review is:

शुभ लाभ ..shubh laabh

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