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Topics I'd like to see...

Been dying to hear us do a lesson over something that we haven't covered yet? Share your suggestions here!
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Topics I'd like to see...

Postby dmawunker8495 » July 27th, 2011 1:18 pm

No doubt some of these (if not all!) are in the queue, but as someone living in India & learning Hindi, here are some things I think would be useful to see covered sooner, rather than later:

*communicating with (taxi) drivers - left, right, next to/nearby, where is...?, how much...?

*booking train tickets - window/aisle, ticket, berth, making requests (to the chaiwallahs and paniwallahs and so on on the train)

*hotels - asking to see rooms, about facilities (hot water? fans?), costs

*giving commands - could be a classroom setting, family, beggars, etc. I have found जाओ / jao (the informal command 'go!') works miracles with the somewhat tactile beggars we have up here, since they don't expect the white-skinned lady to know a word of Hindi.

*(fabric) shopping - how much, colours, cheap/expensive, I want ...; do you have ...; materials (silk, cotton, linen), etc. Vocab like this has been useful - as basic as mine is - for getting some nice shopping done outside of the tourist traps (Benarisi silk saris in Sarnath for 1/4 the price of getting them at a shop off the ghats in Benarisi proper, as an example - just required more Hindi!; also in Saharanpur's bazaar).

*food shopping - probably best as a video lesson; fruit & veg (basics & some of the 'odder' things, like new ginger, jackfruit, litchee, bitter gourd)

*work - what do you do, where do you do it? professions, locations (doctor/hospital; politician/office; taxi driver/everywhere; rshi/temple, etc)

*family - I would especially love a full list of all the relationship ties (चाचा, चाची and so on), since Indian families are nice and big and can be complicated!

*wedding etiquette - wedding words; single, engaged, married/not married; what Indian weddings are like. Probably also good as a video lesson.

*accepting/declining invitations - parties, weddings, etc. Good indirect Indian ways of saying 'no' beyond just जी नहीं which is so terribly western-direct. :)

New in Town
Posts: 6
Joined: July 4th, 2011 11:40 am

A couple more...

Postby dmawunker8495 » August 30th, 2011 11:40 am

*congratulatory phrases (useful for just about everything, everyday. Rickshaw driver has a new grandkid? Congratulations! A friend or friend's kid is graduating high school and got into a good uni? Congratulations! Wedding in the offing? You get the idea...)

*wildlife - from the more 'domestic' dogs, cats, donkeys, camels ... to things like elephants, tigers, monkeys, spiders, scorpions, leeches...

*health concerns - upset stomach, headache, fever, cold, dizzy, vomiting, etc. A combination of those could be dehydration, sunstroke, food poisoning... important for travellers and locals alike. ;)
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