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Lesson Transcript

Namaste and welcome to HindiPod101.com, the easiest, smartest and the quickest way of learning Hindi online. My name is Anuj Khunran and I am back with yet another Hindi lesson for you all. In today’s lesson, we are going to discuss about 10 Food Items Which Are Primarily Eaten Across the Country.
So let’s begin.
1. चिकन करी (cikaN karii) is "chicken curry"
Our next food item is चिकन करी (cikaN karii) which is also called as “chicken curry.”
आम तौर पर लोग चिकन करी के साथ नान पसंद करते हैं। (aam Taur par log cikaN karii ke Saath NaaN paSaND karTe haiN.) "I like to eat chicken curry along with naan."
चिकन करी (cikaN karii) is "chicken curry"
2. गाजर का हलवा (gaajar kaa haLvaa) "carrot halwa"
गाजर का हलवा (gaajar kaa haLvaa) which is "carrot halwa"
गाजर का हलवा गाजर से बना एक पकवान है। (gaajar kaa halvaa gaajar Se baNaa ek pakvaaN hai.) "Carrot halwa is a delicious food item which is also a sweet."
3. डोसा (doSaa) "dosa"
डोसा (doSaa) which is also called as "dosa" in English.
चावल को पीसकर डोसा बनता है। (caavaL ko piiSkar doSaa baNTaa hai.) "Dosa is made of rice powder."
4. चावल (caaval) which means "rice (cooked)"
So our next word is चावल (caaval) which is "rice (cooked)"
ज़्यादातर लोग बंगाल में मछली और चावल खाते हैं। (zyaDaTar log bangaal mein machhlii aur chawal khaaTe hain.) "Almost everyone in Bengal eats rice along with fish."
5. नान (NaaN) "naan"
नान (NaaN) which is also called as "naan" in English.
मुझे नान खाना अच्छा लगता है परंतु मैं वह बनाना नही जानती हूँ। (muJHe naan KHaana aCHHaa lagTa hai paranTu main vah banana nahi jaanTii hun.) "I love eating naan, but I don't know how to make it."
6. परांठा (paraanthaa) "paratha"
Moving onto our next food item which is परांठा (paraanthaa) which is also known as "paratha" in English.
परांठा उत्तर भारतीय नाश्ते का एक हिस्सा है। (paraaNthaa uTTar bhaaraTiiya NaasTe kaa ek hiSSaa hai.) "Parantha is a part of breakfast in North India."
7. पापड़ (paapad) "papad"
Moving onto the next food word which is पापड़ (paapad) "papad"
पापड़ (paapad) is also called as "papad" in English.
पापड़ टाकोस की तरह ही पर उनसे थोड़े ज़्यादा मसालेदार होते हैं। (paapad taakoS kii Tarah hii par uNSe thode zyaaDaa maSaaleDaar hoTe haiN.) "Papads are just like tacos but they are bit spicier than tacos."
8. बिरयानी (birayaaNii) "biryani"
Moving onto next word which is बिरयानी (birayaaNii) which is also called as "biryani" in English. Basically this is a dish of rice, a spicy version of rice.
हैदराबाद शहर बिरयानी के लिए बहुत प्रसिद्ध है। (haiiDaraabaaD sahar biryaaNii ke liye bahuT praSiDdh hai.) "Hyderabad is known for its biryani."
9. रोटी (rotii) "roti or wheat bread"
उत्तर भारत में ज़्यादातर लोग गेहूँ से बनी रोटी रोज़ खाते हैं। (uTTar bhaaraT mein zyaaDaaTar Log gehuun Se baNii rotii roz khaaTe hain.) "Almost everyone in North India eats Roti in their food."
10. The next food item is सब्ज़ी (Sabzii) which is a "vegetable dish"
सब्ज़ी (Sabzii) which means "vegetable dish"
भारत में त्योहारों के दौरान केवल शाकाहारी खाना परोसा जाता है। (bhaaraT meiN TyohaaroN ke DauraaN keval saakaahaarii khaaNaa paroSaa jaTaa hai.) "During Hindu festivals, almost everyone just eats vegetable dishes."
So that’s all from today’s lesson. I hope you learned some new words. I know this was some kind of delicious lesson but yes, these are the most commonly used, almost commonly eaten items in India. I’ll be back with more video lessons. Till then, take care. Goodbye. Namaste!