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Lesson Transcript

What’s up, everyone? This is Anuj Khurana from hindipod101.com, which is the easiest, smartest and the quickest way of learning Hindi online. Today, we are going to discuss 10 compliments you always want to hear from others. So let’s begin.
तुम सुंदर हो। (Tum SuNDar ho.) “You are handsome.”
Who would not like to hear such kind of compliment? Well, I love such kind of compliments. I am sure everyone does.
आप बाहर से जितने सुन्दर हैं, उससे और भी ज़्यादा अंदर से हैं। (aap baahar Se jiTNe SuNDar hain, aur bhii zyaaDaa aNDar Se hain) “From inside, you are even more beautiful than what you are from outside.”
Another compliment which everyone wants to hear is, तुम एक शानदार दोस्त हो। (Tum ek saaNaDaar DoST ho.) “You are a wonderful friend.”
Another compliment which everyone wants to hear is, आपका रेज़्यूमे प्रभावशाली है। (aapakaa rezyuume prabhaavasaaLii hai.) “Your resume is impressive.”
Another compliment can be शाबाश! (saabaas!) “Great job.”
शाबाश आपने बहुत अच्छा काम किया! (saabaas aapaNe bahuT acchaa kaam kiyaa!) “Wonderful, you did a great job.”
शाबाश! (saabaas!) “Great job!”
Another one is, आपकी पसंद अच्छी है। (aapakii paSaND acchii hai.) “You have a good taste.”
So this one is really amazing.
आपकी मुस्कान बहुत अच्छी है। (aapakii muSkaaN bahuT acchii hai.) “Your smile is beautiful.”
And by god’s grace, I get to hear this a lot because of my dimples.
तुम बहुत सुंदर लग रही हो। (Tum bahuT SuNDar Lag rahii ho.) “You are looking beautiful.”
Okay. So always remember, this is what you have to say to every girl. Okay, remember this. And yes, this has to come from within. Okay.
तुम बहुत सुंदर लग रही हो। (Tum bahuT SuNDar Lag rahii ho.) “You are looking beautiful.”
Okay. I am not sure if everyone wants to hear this but from inside, we want.
तुुम मेरे हीरो हो। (Tum mere hiiro ho.) “You are my hero.”
Yes, this is one compliment everyone wants to listen.
वह जैकेट आप पर जच रहा है। (vah jaiket aap par jac rahaa hai) “This jacket is looking wonderful on you.”
Okay. So this was about all the compliments which everyone would love to get from others and this is also the end of this lesson. If you have any sort of queries, any compliments you want to pass on, please write them in the comments section. I will be back with more such lessons. Till then, goodbye, take care. Namaste!