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Lesson Transcript

Namaste and welcome to HindiPod101.com, the easiest, smartest and the quickest way of learning Hindi online. I am Anuj Khurana and today, we are going to discuss about Must-Know Expressions to Agree or Disagree with Someone. So let’s start.
1. मैं इस बात से सहमत हूँ। (main is baat se sahmat hoon.) "I agree."
मैं सहमत हूँ। (main sahmat hoon.) "I agree."
2. ख़ैर, मुझे पक्का विश्वास नहीं है। (khair, mujhe pakkaa visvaaS Nahiin hai.) "Well, I’m not sure."
All right. So the next expression or word can be
3. बेशक़ (besak) "Of course."
4. मुझे ऐसा लगता है। (mujhe aiSaa LagaTaa hai.) "I think so."
So it can be like, मुझे ऐसा लगता है कि आप ठीक कह रहे हैं। (mujhe aiSaa LagaTaa hai ki aap thiik kah rahe hain.) “I think so, what you are saying is right.”
5. मैं यह कहने ही वाला था। (main yah kahaNe hii vaaLaa THaa.) "I was about to say this."
6. हां जी, आप ठीक कह रहे हैं। (haan jii, aap thiik kah rahe hain.) "Yes, you’re right."
7. आप गलत हैं! (aap gaLaT hain!) "You’re wrong!"
8. मुझे नहीं लगता। (mujhe Nahiin LagaTaa.) "I don't think so. "
9. शायद (sayaD) "Maybe."
शायद आप ठीक कह रहे हैं। (sayaD aap thiik kah rahe hain.) “Maybe you are right.”
10. So next sentence is,
मैं इस बात से सहमत नहीं हूं। (main iS baaT Se SahamaT Nahiin huun.) "I do not agree."
So, these are the expressions which you can use to disagree or agree to someone.
I hope you learned these expressions and they can be helpful for you in the coming future. If you have any kind of suggestions, any feedback, please leave them in the comments section and I’ll be back with more videos. Till then, Namaste, shukriya, take care.


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Monday at 06:30 PM
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Tuesday at 11:14 AM
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Hi Ellysia,

Thanks for your post!

That's excellent!

Just a few corrections:

"Tum kaiSii ho" (not "hai")

"main bahuT acchii huun" ("acchii" if you are female. "huun" is required at the end.)

"main bahuT acchii Nahiin huun, uDaaS huun." (you can skip "main" in conversations though)

Keep learning!


Team HindiPod101.com

Saturday at 01:48 PM
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Sister: Tum kaisee hai, bahan?

Me: Main bahut achaa, shukriyaa! Aur tum?

Sister: Nahiin bahut achaa, main Udaas.

Me: Kyon??

Sister: mujhe nahiin pata.

DId I do all of this right? Pretty proud of it! 😁

Wednesday at 06:34 PM
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Hi Helen,

Thanks for your feedback.

Your point is noted and will be taken into consideration. If you face any issues, please do refer to the written transcript. It can be quite helpful.

If you have any questions, feel free to let us know.

All the best!


Team HindiPod101.com

Helen Bullimore
Wednesday at 06:04 AM
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Anuj you speak so fast. It seems certain words become 'squashed' together and almost become one although they are written as separate words. How does one know which words to join up? I can hardly hear the separation at times.