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Lesson Transcript

Namaste and welcome to HindiPod101.com, the easiest, smartest and the most fun way of learning Hindi online.
My name is Anuj Khurana and in today’s lesson, we are going to discuss 10 Must Know Words Which Are Related to Maths.
So let’s begin.
1. गणित
गणित मेरा पसंदीदा विषय है|
(ganiT meraa pasaNdiidaa visay hai.)
“Maths is my favorite subject.”
2. एक चौथाई
(ek cauthaaii)
“A quarter”
एक चौथाई
(ek cauthaaii) which means,
“A quarter”
सौ का एक चौथाई पच्चीस होता है।
(Sau kaa ek cauTHaaii pacciiS hoTaa hai.)
“Quarter of a hundred is twenty-five.”
3. Our next word is,
पैन आधा टूट गया है|
(paeN aaDHaa tuut gayaa hai.)
“The pen is half broken.”
4. Our next word is,
सौ का पचास प्रतिशत पचास होता है|
(Sauk aa pacaaS praTisaT pacaaS hoTaa hai.)
“Fifty percent of hundred is fifty.”
5. Our next word is,
Which means, “even”
आठ एक सम नंबर का उदाहरण है|
(aath ek Sam Nambar ka uDaahran hai.)
“Eight is an example of an even number.”
6. Our next word is,
सात एक विषम नंबर का उदाहरण है|
(SaaT ek visam Nambar kaa uDaaharan hai.)
“Seven is an example of an odd number.”
7. Our next word is
जमा करना
(jamaa karNaa)
“To add”
दो जमा दो चार होता है।
(Do jamaa Do caar hoTaa hai.)
“Two plus two is four.”
8. घटाना
“To subtract”
आठ में से अगर एक घटाएँगे तो सात आएगा।
(aath mein Se agar ek ghataayeNge Toh SaaT aayegaa.)
“If you subtract one from eight, then the result will be seven.”
9. Our next word is,
गुना करना
(gunaa karNaa)
Which means, “to multiply”
तीन गुना तीन नौ होता है|
(TiiN guNaa TiiN Nau hoTaa hai.)
“Three times three is nine.”
10. Our next word is,
विभाजन करना
(vibhaajaN karNaa)
Which means, “to divide”
दस को अगर पांचसे विभाजित करेंगे तो परिणाम दो आएगा|
(Das ko agar Paanch Se vibhaajiT Karenge tho Parinaam do aayega.)
“If you divide ten by five, then, the result will be two.”
Well, that’s all from today’s lesson. I hope you have learned some interesting words which are related to Maths. If you liked our video, please subscribe to our videos. Till then, stay tuned. Goodbye. Namaste.


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Which word or phrase do you like the most?

Sunday at 7:50 pm
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Hi Manji,

Thanks for your post!

You are welcome!

Keep learning!


Team HindiPod101.com

Thursday at 4:18 pm
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Sunday at 11:06 am
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Hi Manji,

Thanks for your post!

Here are a few corrections for your Hindi sentence:

एक जमा एक करके ही पैसा बढ़ता है।


ek jamaa ek karake hii paiSaa badhaTaa hai.

All the best!


Team HindiPod101.com

Saturday at 5:51 pm
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एक जाम एक तो पैसा गया है।

One add one is how money grows.