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Lesson Transcript

Greetings, everyone. Welcome back to hindipod101.com, the easiest, smartest and quickest way to learn Hindi online. My name is Anuj Khurana and I am back with yet another lesson to learn more new Hindi words. So today, we are going to discuss 20 words you will need for the beach. So let’s start.
Our first word is धूप का चश्मा (DHup kaa casmaa) which means “Sunglasses” यह धूप का चश्मा नया है| (yaha dhoop kaa chashmaa nayaa hai.) “These are my new sunglasses.”
Moving on to the next word which is समुद्रतट (SamuDraTat) which means “Beach” जब उजला दिन होता है तब समुद्रतट पर भीड़ होती है| (jab ujla Din hoTa hai Tab samudraTat par BHeed hoTi hai.) “I love going to the beach.”
So our next word is तैराकी (Tairaakii) which means “Swimming” तैराकी एक अच्छा व्यायाम है। (Tairaakii ek acchaa vyaayaam hai.) “Swimming is a very good exercise.”
सूरज/सूर्य (Suuraj/Surya) which means “Sun” हिंदू सूरज भगवान को पूजते है। (hindu sooraj bhagwan ko poojte hai.) “Hindus worship sun god.”
Our next words are ताड़ का वृक्ष (Taad kaa vriksha) which means “Palm trees” केरल में पाम पेड़ एक आम दृश्य हैं। (keral meiN paam paed ek aam Drisya haiN.) “Palm trees are a common sight in Kerala.”
Our next word is सीप (seep) which means “Seashell” शंखों को सजावट के लिए उपयोग किया जाता है। (saNkhoN ko Sajaavat ke liye upyog kiyaa jaaTaa hai.) “Seashells are collected for decoration.”
Moving on to the next word which is “Swimming Suit” which is also known as स्विमिंग सूट (SwimiNg Suut) in Hindi. स्विमिंग सूट तैराकी के लिए आवश्यक है। (sviming suut Tairaakii ke liye aavsyak hai.) “A swimming suit is a must for swimming.”
Moving on to the next word which is महासागर (mahaaSaagar) which means “Ocean” शार्क मछली महासागर में तैर रही है| (shaark machhalee mahasaagar mei tair rahi hai.) “The sharks are swimming in the ocean.”
Our next word is “Lifeguard” which is also known as लाईफगार्ड (laaifgaard) in Hindi. लाइफगार्ड समुद्र तट पर नज़र रखते हैं। (laaifgaard SamuDra Tat par nazar rakhte haiN.) “Lifeguards are stationed at beach for the protection of people.” लाईफगार्ड (laaifgaard) in Hindi, Lifeguard in English.
Our next word is “Jet Ski” which is again same in Hindi जेट स्की (jet skii). जेट स्की समुद्र तट पर करने वाली मनोरंजक गतिविधियों में से एक है। (jet skii SamuDra Tat par karNe vaalii maNoraNjak gaTiividhiyoN meiN se ek hai.) “Out of many fun activities at beach, Jet Skiing is one of them.” So जेट स्की (jet skii) in Hindi, Jet Skiing in English also.
समुद्र तट तौलिया (samudra Tat Tauliya) which means a “beach towel”. समुद्र तट पर तौलिया होना बहुत ज़रूरी है। (Samudra Tat par Tauliyaa hoNaa bahuT zaruurii hai.) “It is a must for you to have a beach towel.”
Our next word is समुद्रतट पर लगी कुर्सी (samuDra Tat par lagii kursii) which is a “beach chair” समुद्र तट पर आराम करने के लिए मेरे पास अपनी खुद की कुर्सी है। (SamuDra Tat par aaraam karNe ke liye mere paaS apNii khuD kii kurSii hai.) “I have my own beach chair.”
Our next word is “Ice cream” which is also known as आइस क्रीम (aaiSkriim) in Hindi. मुझे आइसक्रीम खाना बहुट पसंद है। (mujhe aaiSkriim khaaNaa bahuT paSaND hai.) “I love eating ice cream.”
Our next word is रेत का महल (raet kaa mahal) which means “Sandcastle” बच्चों को रेत के महल बनाना बहुट पसंद है। (baccoN ko raeT ke mahal baNaaNaa bahuT paSaND hai.) “Kids like to make sandcastle.”
Our next word is ज्वार (jwaar) which means tide. दोपहर के समय समुद्र में ज्वार रहता है। (Dopahar ke Samay SamuDra meiN jvaar rehTaa hai.) “It is a high tide time during afternoon in the sea.”
Moving on to the next word which is धूप से तपन (DHuup Se TapaN) which means “Tan” in English. उसे धूप में तपना बहुत पसंद है। (uSe dhuup meiN TapNaa bahuT paSaND hai.) “She likes getting tanned in the sun.”
Our next word is “Snorkelling” which means स्नॉर्कलिंग (SNaurkaling) in Hindi too. समुद्र तट पर स्नौर्कालिंग एक लोकप्रिय गतिविधि है। (SamuDra Tat par SNaurkaling ek lokapriya gaTiividhii hai.) “Snorkelling is a very famous activity.” स्नॉर्कलिंग (SNaurkaling) in Hindi, snorkelling in English too.
Our next word is चप्पल (cappal) which means Flip flops. गर्मियों में चप्पलें बहुत सुखदाई होती हैं । (garmiiyoN meiN cappaleiN bahuT Sukhdaayii hoTii haiN.) “In summer, flip flops are very comfortable.”
“Sunscreen” is known as सनस्क्रीन (SaNSkriiN) in Hindi. Our next word is Sunscreen which is again सनस्क्रीन (SaNSkriiN) in Hindi also. गर्मीयों में संस्क्रिन बहुत ज़रूरी है। (garmiiyoN meiN SaNSkriiN bahuT zaruurii hai.) “Sunscreens are must in summer.” So सनस्क्रीन (SaNSkriiN) in Hindi, Sunscreen in English too.
Our next word is समुद्र (SamuDra) which means “Sea” उसे समुद्र से बहुत डर लगता है। (uSe SamuDra Se bahuT darr lagTaa hai.) “He is very afraid of sea.”
So that’s all from this lesson and these are the words which are most commonly used whenever you are going to a beach. I hope you learned all these words. I know most of the words are same in English as well as in Hindi. I will be coming back with more Hindi lessons. Till then, stay tuned. Take care of yourself. Goodbye.


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