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Lesson Transcript

What’s up everyone? Welcome back to HindiPod101.com, the easiest, smartest and quickest way to learn Hindi online.
My name is Anuj Khurana and I am back with yet another lesson of new words so that you can learn and increase your Hindi vocabulary.
So today, we are going to discuss about 10 Ideas of Gifts You Should Know in Hindi. So let’s start.
1. इत्र
(iTra) which means,
महिला अपने ऊपर इत्र लगा रही हैं
(mahilaa apaNe upar iTra lagaa rahii hai.)
“That woman is putting on perfume.”
2. किताब
Which means “a book”
यह किताब आप के लिए है|
(yah kiTaab aap ke liye hai.)
“This book is for you.”
3. दुनिया का नक्षा
(Duniyaa kaa naksaa)
“world map”
दुनिया का नक्षा
(Duniyaa kaa naksaa)
Which means, “world map”
यात्रा के दौरान दुनिया का नक्शा बहुत काम आता है।
(yaaTraa ke DauraaN DuNiyaa kaa Naksaa bahuT kaam aaTaa hai.)
“During our travels, the world map comes very handy.”
4. Camera
(kaemraa) is,
कैमरा in Hindi too.
Yes, the next word is Camera and again in Hindi, there is no such word for Camera. So it is pronounced as कैमरा (kaemraa) in Hindi as well.
मैंने अपने लिए एक नया कैमरा खरीदा।
(maiNe apNe liye ek Nayaa kaemaraa khariiDaa.)
“I bought a new camera for myself.”
5. Same goes for Smartphone.
It’s known as स्मार्ट फोन
(smaart foN)
“Smartphone” in Hindi.
And yet again, there is no specific word for Smartphone as well and we use स्मार्ट फोन (smaart foN) only in Hindi also.
आजकल हर किसी के पास एक स्मार्टफोन है।
(aajkal har kiSii ke paaS ek SmaartfoN hai.)
“Today, everyone is using a smartphone.”
6. गेम कंसोल
(gaym kaNsol)
“game console”
So our next word is,
गेम कंसोल
(gaym kaNsol)
“game console”
Again, there is no such specific word for game console in Hindi.
So we use गेम कंसोल (gaym kaNsol) only in Hindi as well.
मैंने अपने दोस्त को एक नया गेम कंसोल गिफ्ट किया।
(maiNe apNe DoST ko ek Nayaa gem kaNSol gift kiyaa.)
“I’ve gifted a new gaming console to my friend.”
7. शब्दकोष
(sabDkos) which means,
मेरे पास एक हिंदी-फ्रेंच शब्दकोष है|
(mere paaS ek hiNDi-freNc sabDkos hai.)
“I have a Hindi-French dictionary with me.”
8. भारत के लिए एक उड़ान
(bhaaraT ke liye ek udaaN)
“a flight to India”
भारत के लिए उड़ान
(bhaaraT ke liye udaaN)
Which means, “a flight to India”
मेरे दोस्त ने भारत के लिए उड़ान भरी ।
(mere DoST Ne bhaaraT ke liye uṅaaN bharii.)
“My friend has taken a flight to India.”
9. घड़ी
Which means, “a watch”
आज मेरी घड़ी चलना बंद हो गयी।
(aaj merii ghaṅii calaNaa baND ho gayii.)
“Today, my watch has stopped working.”
10. हार
Which means, “a necklace”
उस औरत ने एक बहुत ही खूबसूरत हार पहना हुआ है
(uS auraT Ne ek bahuT hii khuubaSuuraT haar pehaNaa huaa hai.)
“That woman is wearing a very beautiful necklace.”
So that’s all from today’s lesson. I hope you have learned a lot of new Hindi words in today’s lesson. Till then, goodbye. Take care.

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