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Lesson Transcript

What’s up, everyone? Welcome back to hindipod101.com, the easiest, smartest, and the quickest way of learning Hindi online. My name is Anuj Khurana and I am back with yet another Hindi lesson for you all.
So today, we are going to discuss about 10 top language learning goals for the year. So let’s begin.
मैं एक दिन में दो पाठ पढ़कर HindiPod101.com की सर्वाइवल फ्रेज़स की सीरीस को पूरा ख़त्म कर दूँगा । (main ek diN mein Do paath padhkar HindiPod101.com kii survival phrases kii series ko pooraa khaTm kar DooNgaa) “I will finish off survival phrases series of hindipod101.com by listening to two lessons in a day.”
में दस पृष्ठों को एक दिन में पढ़ने के दवारा एक हिन्दी की किताब को पूरा पढ़ दूँगा| (Mein dus prshto ko ek din mein padhne ke dawara ek hindi ki kitab ko poora padh dunga.) “I will finish off reading a Hindi book by reading 10 pages in a day.”
Well, that’s going to be quite interesting if you are learning Hindi and side-by-side, you are reading books. Nothing better than that.
में अपनी हिन्दी की परीक्षा उत्तीर्ण करूँगा| (Mein apni hindi ki pariksha uttirn karunga.) “I will pass my Hindi exam.”
Well, all the best for that. Keep learning new languages and keep moving ahead.
में एक हिंदी फिल्म को रोजाना देख कर उससे पूरी तरह से समझ जाऊँगा। (mein ek hindi film ko rojana dekh kar usse poori tarah se samajh jaoonga.) “I will understand a Hindi film completely by watching it daily.”
Well, let me tell you. Bollywood films, Hindi films are so much of drama, so much of romance, so much of thrill. You will not get bored at all. And suggestions for you all. You can also watch them with subtitles. I always do that with foreign language. It will help you learning new phrases, new expressions and new sentences.
मैं अपने हिन्दी भाषी दोस्तों को हिन्दी में तीन मिनिट का परिचय भाषण दूँगा। (main apNe hiNDii bhaasii DosTo ko HiNDii mein TiiN miNit kaa pariichay bhaashaN dooNgaa.) “I will give an introductory speech of myself in Hindi for three minutes to my native Hindi friends.”
मैं 5 हिंदी गानों को याद करूंगा । (mein 5 hindi gaano ko yaad karoonga.) “I will memorize five Hindi songs.”
Well, that’s an interesting way of learning Hindi. You can read the lyrics and you can listen to the song again and again and eventually you will memorize the song.
मैं अपने हिन्दी भाषी दोस्तों को हिन्दी में दस पोस्टकार्ड लिखूंगा। (main apNe hiNDii bhaasii DosTo ko HiNDii mein DaS postcard likhuuNgaa.) “I will send 10 postcards in Hindi to my native Hindi friends.”
मैं HindiPod101.com पर फ्लशकार्ड्स के माध्यम से 350 शब्दों को याद करने का काम खत्म कर दूंगा। (mein hindipod101.com par flashkards ke madhyam se 350 shabdo ko yaad karne ka kaam khatam kar doonga.) “I will memorize 350 new words with the help of flashcards on hindipod101.com”
You all can also do that. You can also memorize 350 new Hindi words by using flashcards.
मैं तीन साल में एक देशी वक्ता की तरह हिन्दी में बोल सकुंगा। (main TiiN Sal mein ek Desii vakTaa kii Tarah hiNDii mein bol SakuNgaa.) “I will speak to Hindi native speakers several times a week.
Again, by doing that, you will increase your vocabulary. You will become fluent and you will become more confident in Hindi.
मैं रोजाना 5 शब्दों को याद करके150 शब्दों में माहिर हासिल करूंगा। (mein rojana 5 shabdo ko yaad karke 150 shabdo mein mahir hasil karonga.) “I will learn 150 new words by learning five new words a day.”
Again, a very good way of learning words. Maybe you are not learning too many words in a day but five words a day is quite good.
Well, that’s all from today’s video. We hope you have learned a lot of new ways of learning Hindi, improving your Hindi and becoming confident in Hindi. I will be back with more Hindi lessons. Till then, stay tuned. Take care. Goodbye.