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Lesson Transcript

Namaste. Welcome to hindipod101.com, the easiest, smartest and the quickest way to learn Hindi online. My name is Anuj Khurana and I am back with yet another Hindi lesson with new Hindi words. Today, we are going to discuss about ten phrases, ten sentences which you can use to amaze a native speaker.
So let’s begin.
1. धन्यवाद, लेकिन मैं वास्तव में एक देशी वक्ता नहीं हूँ। (DHaNyavaaD, lekiN main vaaSTav mein ek Desii vakTaa Nahiin huun.) “Thank you, but actually I am not a native speaker.”
2. मैं दस साल से हिंदी सीख रहा हूँ। (main DaS Saal Se hiNDii Siikh rahaa huun.) “I’ve been learning Hindi for 10 years now.”
3. मैं तीन साल में एक देशी वक्ता की तरह हिन्दी में बोल सकुंगा। (main TiiN Sal mein ek Desii vakTaa kii Tarah hiNDii mein bol SakuNgaa.) I will be able to speak Hindi like a native speaker in three years.
Well, that’s quite a good speed if you can speak like a native speaker in three years. Nothing like that.
4. मैं अपने आप हिन्दी सीख रहा हूँ। (main apNe aap hiNDii Siikh rahaa huun.) “I'm learning Hindi by my own.”
Well, you have hindipod101.com, you can learn Hindi quite quickly from there too.
5. मैं उपशीर्षकों के बिना हिंदी फिल्में देख सकता हुँ। (main upsiirsakon ke biNaa hiNDii filmen Dekh SakTaa huun.) “I can watch a Hindi film without the subtitles.”
But I am sure you all must be aware of Bollywood. These films are a lot of drama and lot of romance and if you’re good at Hindi, you can enjoy Bollywood films.
6. आप ने जो कहा मैं पूरा समझ गया। (aap Ne jo kahaa main puuraa Samajh gayaa.) “I’ve understood everything you have said.”
7. मैं लगभग 50 नये हिंदी शब्द एक दिन में याद कर सकता हुँ। (main lagbhag pancaaS Naye hiNDii sabD ek DiN mein yaaD kar SakTaa huun.) “I can learn 50 new Hindi words in a day.”
Well, trust me, if you can do so, you can quickly become a fluent Hindi speaker.
8. हिन्दी के अलावा, मैं कुछ और भाषाओं में भी बात कर सकता हुँ। (hiNDii ke alaavaa, main kuch aur bhaasaaon mein bhii baaT kar SakTaa huun.) “I can speak several other languages apart from Hindi.”
Well, if you can do so, trust me, you are very talented because I can just speak Hindi and English.
9. मैं खुद हिंदी पढ़-लिख लेता हूँ। (main khuD hiNDii parh-likh leTaa huun.) “I can write and read Hindi on my own.”
Our next sentence is, मैं खुद हिंदी पढ़-लिख लेता हूँ। “I can write and read Hindi on my own.”
10. मैं कभी कभी हिंदी में कविता लिखता हूँ। (main kabhii kabhii hiNDii mein kaviTaa likhTaa huun.) “At times, I write Hindi poems.”
Well, if you’re doing that, it’s just amazing. If you’re learning a language and writing poems in that, nothing better than that.
मैं कभी कभी हिंदी में कविता लिखता हूँ। (main kabhii kabhii hiNDii mein kaviTaa likhTaa huun.) “At times, I write Hindi poems.”
Well, that’s all from today’s lesson. I hope you enjoyed our video lesson. If you have any kind of suggestions, any kind of feedback, you can type them in the comments section. I will be back with more Hindi lessons. Till then, stay tuned. Goodbye.


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Hi Helen Bullimore,

Thank you for your feedback. We will definitely keep it in mind when developing our lessons. Let us know if you have any questions.



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It would be really helpful to see what the words are in the actual order they appear to assist in learning words and also the start of making sense of the written words. For example.. my name Helen is. Just a thought sonetines i am struggling to actually know what the words are as I know in English they are out of order.