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Lesson Transcript

Manasi: [Namaste hindipod101.com mein swagat hai]
Maya: Hi everyone and welcome to hindipod101.com, all about lesson 11. Useful Tools for Learning Hindi.
Manasi: Hello everybody, this is Manasi here. Namaste!
Maya: In this lesson, we have a great list of tools to help your Hindi studies.
Manasi: Yes we do.
Maya: These are tools that when put altogether are going to do wonders for your Hindi.
Manasi: And some of them will definitely save you a lot of time.
Maya: And what’s even better is that they are all free, free of charge and easily found on the internet.
Manasi: What could be better!

Lesson focus

Maya: Okay so let’s start with Google images. Google images is amazing.
Manasi: Now it probably wasn’t originally intended for language learning.
Maya: But it sure works great for it. Imagine seeing a word you don’t understand and just like typing it and being able to see a picture of it.
Manasi: Yes you can see all images there.
Maya: Let’s say you see or hear the word
Manasi: [murgi]
Maya: Just type that word in and you will see a picture of a
Manasi: Chicken but it’s not just limited to basic vocabulary. You can use it to find pictures for all aspects of daily life and society in the Hindi speaking world.
Maya: Google image search makes it possible. We learned every new thing at first sight by just looking at it.
Manasi: And you can find this link and all of the links we will mention in the accompanying PDF. So be sure to check it out.
Maya: But what if a learner wants to use a more conventional dictionary?
Manasi: Well they can and this tool is so good that it actually comes next on our list.
Maya: It is the hindienglishdictionary.org
Manasi: Hindienglishdictionary.org is an online multilingual dictionary that translates English to Hindi, Japanese to Hindi, German to Hindi and French to Hindi.
Maya: You can use this awesome dictionary all for free.
Manasi: Yes so definitely try this dictionary out.
Maya: You can also find a Hindi virtual keyboard.
Manasi: That means you can also write Hindi.
Maya: Don’t forget to put it on your bookmarks. You will probably be using it quite often.
Manasi: And next one is learn Hindi by watching videos on YouTube.
Maya: You can watch Hindi videos any time online. Simply search for Hindi lessons and lists from beginner level to advanced level and it will be in front of you.
Manasi: Another great thing about it is that there are several other kinds of Hindi videos. For example, Indian game shows, comedy shows and you can make your own customized list.
Maya: That’s correct. So do give it a try.
Manasi: And next, we have
Maya: Musicindiaonline.com
Manasi: This website is for people who want to learn Hindi through music.
Maya: Exactly. You can learn Hindi songs with categories such as old/classics or new Bollywood movie songs.
Manasi: I think this is so cool because learning through music is a fun and interesting way to learn Hindi.
Maya: Exactly. You can learn songs from all categories and genres.
Manasi: I think this is so cool because learning through music is a fun and interesting way to learn Hindi.
Maya: Yes I love music. What about you Maya?
Manasi: I love music too. Well last but not least is
Maya: Watching aajtak.intoday.in online
Manasi: Yes this is the online video site for one of India’s biggest news outlets.
Maya: I highly recommend you practice your Hindi listening because from this site, you will hear many kinds of accents from all walks of life.
Manasi: That’s great.
Maya: Absolutely. You choose to watch videos related to current affairs from this website.
Manasi: Now when you are studying a language, what’s really important for improving?
Maya: Practice.
Manasi: That’s right. So we hope you will take the advantage of these great tools and all they have to offer.
Maya: We’ve tried them and we know how good they are. So that’s why we are passing them on to you.
Manasi: Remember that the links for all these sites and programs can be found in the accompanying PDF file.
Maya: Let us know what you think about them too.
Manasi: If you have some other resources you would like to share, you can always stop by hindipod101.com and share them with the community. Not enough time,
Maya: Are you very busy?
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Maya: Subscribe on iTunes.
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Manasi: Save time. Spend more time studying.
Maya: Never worry about missing another lesson again.
Manasi: Go to iTunes, search with a phrase hindipod101.com and click subscribe.


Manasi: Until next time, [fir milenge] goodbye.
Maya: Goodbye.