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Lesson Transcript

Manasi: Namaste hindipod101.com mein swagat hai
Maya: Hi everyone and welcome back to hindipod101.com. All about lesson 12. Top Five Classroom Phrases in Hindi.
Manasi: [Namaste] Hi, this is Manasi here. In this lesson, you will learn the top five phrases which you will hear in a classroom.
Maya:These are phrases that a teacher often uses. You will get a head start by already knowing these phrases. Now without further adieu, let’s listen to the first phrase. Please repeat.

Lesson focus

Manasi: [kripya dohraye]
Maya:So when you are in a classroom, hopefully you will be doing a lot of speaking.
Manasi: The teacher will probably make you repeat many words and phrases right?
Maya:Right. So first, we will introduce the phrase, please repeat.
Manasi: For this one, we have [kripya dohraye]. It literally means please repeat.
Maya:So teacher might say a phrase or a word and ask you to repeat after them. Can you say that phrase again?
Manasi: [kripya dohraye]
Maya: [kripya dohraye] Please repeat. Now let’s listen to the next phrase. Please look this way.
Manasi: [kripya iddhar dekhiye]
Maya:It sounds a lot like the phrase we just went over.
Manasi: That’s right [kripya] means please. Therefore when you ask someone to do something, the tone would be softer if you add [kripya] in front of the phrase.
Maya:Oh I see. So can we hear it again?
Manasi: Sure [kripya idhar dekhiye]
Maya:[kripya idhar dekhiye] Please look this way.
Manasi: For example, if the teacher points out to the whiteboard, he or she might say, [kripya idhar dekhiye]
Maya:This means please look this way.
Maya:The next phrase is another request. Please read.
Manasi: [kripya padhiye] If the teacher wants you to practice reading some word, phrase or passage, you can expect to hear this [kripya padhiye]
Maya:What if the teacher wants you to write something? What will he say?
Manasi: That will be our next phrase.
Maya:Please write.
Manasi: [kripya likhiye]
Maya:The next phrase we will introduce is a question. Do you understand?
Manasi: [kya aap ko samajh mein aaya?]
Maya:Teachers want to make sure that their students are keeping up with everything. So they will often ask if everyone understands, right?
Manasi: Right. [kya aap ko samajh mein aaya?] [Samajh] is a verb that means to understand.
Maya:And [kya] indicates a question. It’s like a question mark.
Manasi: You might also hear [theek hai kya?] or just [theek hai?]
Maya:And this literally means, is it okay or is everything okay.
Manasi: This one is used pretty often as well. It is less formal.
Maya:In other situations, it would probably be translated as are you okay but in a classroom, it can be used to confirm whether or not someone understands something. Can we hear that phrase again?
Manasi: [Theek hai?] or [Theek hai kya?]
Maya:Is everything okay. So let’s recap what we learned in this lesson. Can we hear all of those phrases again one more time?
Manasi: No problem.
Maya:Please repeat.
Manasi: [kripya dohraye]
Maya:Please look this way.
Manasi: [kripya idhar dekhiye]
Maya:Please read
Manasi: [kripya padhiye]
Maya:Please write.
Manasi: [kripya likhiye]
Maya:Do you understand?
Manasi: [kya aap ko samajh mein aaya?]
Maya:There you have it, all five phrases for the classroom.
Manasi: Premium members, get all the lessons or just the lesson you want with my feed.
Maya:My feed is a powerful tool that delivers lessons and materials you want right to your computer.
Manasi: Choose your level and the lessons you want at hindipod101.com
Maya:A personalized profile created and you can download all the lessons with a click of the button.
Manasi: This is a great way to customize your lesson learning experience.
Maya:So that you can just focus on mastering Hindi.


Manasi: Go to hindipod101.com to set up your customized my feed today.
Maya:See you next time.
Manasi: [fir milenge] Goodbye.


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