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Lesson Transcript

Culture Class: Holidays in India Lesson 24 - Eid-ul-Adha
Hello, and welcome to the Culture Class- Holidays in India Series at HindiPod101.com. In this series, we’re exploring the traditions behind Hindi holidays and observances. I’m Eric, and you're listening to Season 1, Lesson 24, Eid-ul-Adha. In Hindi, it’s called Bakr-id.
In this lesson, we’ll discuss the festival of Eid-ul-Adha, which is known as Bakr-id in India. It falls exactly two months after Ramazan.
Now, before we get into more detail, do you know the answer to this question-
What dish made of rice is closely associated with this day?
If you don't already know, you’ll find out a bit later. Keep listening.
The dates of Eid are based on the Muslim calendar, or Hizri, the dates of which vary in relation to the Gregorian calendar. Eid ul-Adha always falls exactly two months after Ramzan Eid, and is also referred to as Eid-e-Kurbaan or "the Eid of Sacrifice", because of the fact that animals are sacrificed on this day. The story behind the festival is linked to the Prophet Abraham, though most traditions are the same as that of Ramzan Eid, including prayer, hosting feasts, distributing sweets among relatives and friends, and sharing greetings.
Bakr-id is a celebration of the extreme devotion of Abraham towards God. According to the tale, in order to test his faith, God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, or Betaa, in His name. Abraham agreed to make this ultimate sacrifice without hesitation. God was extremely pleased with this demonstration of devotion, and allowed Abraham to sacrifice a goat or Bakri in place of his son. Today, Muslims all over the world commemorate this day by sacrificing goats.
Muslims sacrifice goats in the name of God on Bakr-id and distribute a third of the meat to friends and relatives, another third to the poor, and keep the rest for themselves. Across India, this festival is celebrated with great religious fervor, especially in the city of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh. Markets are hives of activity at this time, and sell special sweets and dishes. This day is also considered to be the day the Quran was completed, driving many Muslims to embark on the Haj, the Holy Muslim pilgrimage, on this day.
The Quran outlines a number of special edicts regarding this day. For example, the goat must be fed and kept very well prior to the sacrifice. Also, only those families that have wealth equivalent or superior to 400 grams of gold, or Sona, should make the sacrifice, allowing the poor to avoid the financial burden of sacrificing a valuable goat.
Now it's time to answer our quiz question-
What dish made of rice is closely associated with this day?
The answer is Biryani, a dish made out of rice, spices and goat meat. Many shops and homes specially make Biryani in celebration of Bakr-id.
How did you like this lesson? Did you learn something interesting?
Is Eid ul-Adha celebrated in your country?
Leave us a comment telling us at HindiPod101.com!
And we’ll see you in the next lesson!

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Is Eid ul-Adha celebrated in your country?