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Lesson Transcript

namasTe. meraa naam Preranaa hai. Hi everybody! I’m Prerana.
Welcome to HindiPod101.com’s “Tiin minat mein hinDi siikhiye.” The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Hindi.
In the last lesson, we learned some words used when apologizing in Hindi, including maaf kiijiye and kshamaa kiijiye. In this lesson we are going to learn numbers in Hindi.
Yes, numbers! sankhyaaen ! From one to ten. And you are going to learn them in only three minutes, Tiin minat!
Are you ready? Let’s start!
[slowly] ek
[slowly] Do
[slowly] Tii-in
[slowly] cha-ar
[slowly] pa-anch
[slowly] che-
[slowly] sa-aT
[slowly] aa-th
[slowly] na-u
[slowly] Das
Okay, now repeat after me. I'll say the numbers and give you time to repeat each one.
1. ek
2. Do
3. Tiin
4. chaar
5. paanch
6. che
7. saaT
8. aath
9. nau
10. Das
Great job!
What is before ek? Do you know? It’s of course, zero which in Hindi is
[slowly] shun-ya
You don’t have any more excuses! You can give your friends your cell phone number in Hindi!
Let’s try together.
We’ll use the phrase meraa fon nambar ...hai, which means “my number is:”
[slowly] me-raa fon nam-bar ...hai
meraa fon nambar
nau, shunya, Do, paanch, paanch, saaT, Do, Do chaar, aath
[H screen]
Can you read it by yourself?
Now it’s time for Prerana’s Insights.
Did you know that in Hindi, numbers have their own Devanagari script? Yes, that’s right, they don’t look like the numbers we’re used to seeing in the western world. But actually, they are quite similar because the western numeral system is the modified version of the Hindu numeral system. So with just a little more effort, you can not only say the numbers in Hindi, you’ll be able to read them as well!
Do you know the Hindi word for a hundred? In the next lesson we are going to learn the numbers from ten to one hundred in Hindi. Your task now is to practice the numbers we studied in this lesson, from ek to Das!!
Shukriyaa aur fir milenge.


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Thursday at 07:48 PM
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Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your positive feedback.

Here are some more resources for improving your Hindi skills:


And also apps for learning on the go:


In case you have any doubts, please let us know.


Team HindiPod101.com

Stephen Thomas Henderson Jr.
Thursday at 02:32 PM
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I have always had a fascination with the Hindi language. Therefore, I am looking forward to the 3 minute tutorials and other language support verticles.

By the way, I basically discovered your site via YouTube.



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Monday at 11:13 AM
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Hi Moses,

Thank you! We are glad that you find it enjoyablel!

There are 25 videos for Hindi In 3--Minutes, but apart from these there are other beginner video series, and audio lesson and comprehension series, that you can also use to learn more. Hope you find those useful too!



Team HindiPod101.com

Moses Mohammed
Monday at 07:13 AM
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I enjoy your simplify way of teaching a language of love. I recommend it to beginners like myself.

Thanks, Best Regards


Ps my wife ask if there is more than twenty five lessons.

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Tuesday at 08:40 AM
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Hello Ana Sofia,

Thank you for the comment. We are glad you find Hindi a beautiful languaga:heart::heart:

Sorry for the mismatch in Video and Lesson Notes. 4 is chaar, 5 is paanch and 6 is chee in Romanization.

We will correct the Lesson Notes too.

Wish you good luck for Hindi studies!




Ana Sofia
Sunday at 05:10 AM
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First of all congratulations, Hindi is a really beautiful language.

I'm Portuguese and for me Hindi is a bit difficult but it sound so so good.

I just wanted to let you know that in the lesson notes some numbers are written different from the video, that way I don't know what is the correct way to write them.

Can you please tell me how to write 4, 5, and 6?

bahut dhanyavaaD.

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Monday at 05:24 PM
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Hello maneesha,

Thank you for your feedback! Great to know that:wink:



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Wednesday at 10:35 PM
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really helpful

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Thursday at 06:22 PM
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Hello Anupama,

Happy to help, anytime!



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Thursday at 11:55 AM
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Hi Neha,

Thanks for your help!