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Lesson Transcript

namasTe. meraa naam Preranaa hai. Hi everybody! I’m Prerana.
Welcome to HindiPod101.com’s “Tiin minat mein hinDi siikhiye.” The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Hindi.
In the last lesson we learned the phrase iskaa Daam kyaa hai? “How much is it?” In this lesson let’s see how we could answer that question by counting rupees in Hindi. In India the currency is the INDIAN RUPEE. But we pronounce it differently in Hindi. We call it rupayaa
Let’s try to say prices in Hindi. Start by trying to say "26 rupees"
chabbiis rupae
[slowly] chab-biis rupae
This is really straighforward. First, we say the number, followed by rupae. There’s only one simple catch. For all the numbers except one, you use the plural form rupees, which is rupae.
[slowly] ru-pa-e
For one, you use the singular form rupee, which is rupayaa
[slowly] rupayaa
So, “1 Rupee” in Hindi is ek rupayaa
[slowly] ek ru-pa-yaa
The Indian Rupee is divided into 100 paise, but coin denominations under 50 paise have been officially withdrawn. Let’s learn to use paise.
“87 rupees and 50 paise” is
saTTaasii rupae aur pachaas paise
[slowly] saT-Taa-sii ru-pa-e aur pa-chaas pai-se
Ready for another example?
“44 rupees and 50 paise”
chauvaaliis rupae aur pachaas paise
[slowly] chau-vaa-liis ru-pa-e aur pa-chaas pai-se
That takes a lot of effort to say, doesn’t it! You can shorten it by not saying “and” which is aur.
chauvaaliis rupae aur pachaas paise
“44 rupees 50 paise”
Now it’s time for Prerana’s Insights.
Often times, you will hear people saying paise instead of rupae. This doesn’t mean that they are referring to the literal paise which is one one-hundredth of a rupee. Although this might sound confusing, it simply is another way of referring to money.
You should ask your friends in India if they want to go shopping with you to practice these phrases! But first you’ll have to check if they have other plans or not. Do you know how to ask that in Hindi? If not, I’ll see you in the next lesson of “Tiin minat mein hinDi seekhiye.”
shukriyaa aur fir milenge!