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Monday at 6:30 pm
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Hello listeners! Enjoying the hot spicy food in India?

Monday at 8:54 pm
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Hi Rem,

You can try saying:

मसालेदार खाना, ज़्यादा तीखी चटनी के साथ (maSaaleDaar khaanaa, zyaaDaa Tiikhii catanii ke Saath)

Its meaning would be: Spicy food, with extra hot sauce

Hope this helps!



Team HindiPod101.com

Monday at 4:07 am
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How would I say "Indian spicy with extra hot sauce"?

बहुत तीखा (Bahut Tiikhaa (Very Spicy)) just does not cut it.

Monday at 2:52 pm
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Namaste Anthony ji,

Great try!

Only in the last sentence, replace 'poochhne ne liye nahi aaya' with 'poochhna nahi aaya'.

I'm surprised you could not get spicy food without asking for it:smile:



Team HindiPod101.com

Wednesday at 5:03 pm
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जब मैं भारत गया मुझे तीखा खाना नहीं मिला।

When I went to India I couldn't find spicy food.

मैं ने तीखा खाना खाना चाहा लेकिन मुझे नहीं मिला, क्योंकि शायद मुझे तिखा खाना पूछने के लिये नहीं आया।

I wanted to eat spicy food but I couldn't find it maybe because I didn't know how to ask for spicy food.