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Hindi Accents

Hindi accents are very distinctive. The provinces in India that speak Hindi usually have a lot of English speakers, as well, so it’s actually easy to get to know the Hindi accent. The Hindi alphabet is famously complex regarding how it differentiates between subtle shifts in pronunciation from one letter to another. You’ll see this demonstrated when you’re learning Hindi pronunciation, but you’ll also get to hear it when you listen to Hindi speakers speak English.

The phonology of Hindi is a bit different than it is in English, and it’s more complex. Hindi accents are influenced by many different languages and the most distinctive elements tend to be exhibited in how Hindi speakers use vowels. Sometimes, you can hear this when they speak English. Diphthong vowels—meaning they have a sort of double sound—usually come out as one sound—called a monophthong, when Hindi speakers speak them.

Pronouncing Hindi is impossible if you don’t learn the accent. When you’re going through your Hindi dictionary trying out new words, record yourself saying them and bring them to your lessons or listen to how they sound spoken by a native speaker. There will usually be huge differences between a non-native speaker and a native speaker at first, but you’ll be able to bridge that gap as you learn how to speak Hindi better.

Regional differences are also present in Hindi accents, just as they are in American accents or European accents. It might take some time and practice before you’re proficient enough with the language to understand it as spoken by people from different regions of the nation. The best bet is to concentrate on pronouncing Hindi as instructed in your learning materials and to worry about regional accents later.

Hindi accents are really quite beautiful when you become familiar with them. They have a smooth, pitched sound that makes them pleasant to listen to. This language is sometimes spoken very quickly and, when it is, you may notice that the sound of the words shifts a bit here and there. This is something that you’ll become familiar with over time, but do pay attention to how words are accented differently in different situations. Before you know it, you’ll be pronouncing Hindi like a pro and you’ll be understood no matter where you happen to go in India. It’s an incredible language and it’s even more interesting when you understand it right down to the level of the accent!