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How to Speak Hindi

Learning how to speak Hindi is a great idea these days. Even if you’re not going to the nation of India anytime soon, you’ll find it spoken in a variety of other nations nearby India. You’ll also find it to be a very useful language for business in today’s world. Having a good Hindi vocabulary is only the start; actually speaking the language is another thing entirely.

You’ll have to learn to speak Hindi from lessons and from real life experience. In Hindi lessons, you’ll learn new words, proper grammar, how to read and write and the other basics of language. In real life, you’ll learn how people actually use this language in everyday speech. Sometimes, it may prove to be much different than the academy Hindi that you learn in lessons.

Hindi phrases are sometimes well-known enough that you may be familiar with them already. For instance “Namaste”, which means Hello, is a popular phrase in English. Hindi itself borrows from other languages and, if you speak Arabic or Sanskrit, you’ll hear borrowed words quite a bit. There are people, however, who object to this and, when you’re learning how to speak Hindi, it’s a good idea to speak as close to academy language as you can. Leave slang and colorful expressions—and borrowed words—to the locals.

Hindi is typically spoken rather quickly. Hindi accents also have a distinctive smoothness to them that sometimes makes the words sound simpler than they are. You may, for instance, find out that a word—when transliterated into English—has a long string of vowels in it that come out as one, pure sound from a speaker. Learning how to pronounce the very subtle—but very important—differences in inflection is one of the hardest parts of learning how to speak Hindi.

Hindi is an interesting and fun language to learn, but expect it to be a bit of a challenge. Learning how to speak Hindi is not like learning how to speak a Romantic or Germanic language. It’s a completely different language and you’ll have to stretch your mind to accommodate a whole new way of thinking linguistically. You can do it, however. HindiPod101 has plenty of tools that can help you learn this fascinating language effectively and as easily as possible.