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Hindi Lessons

If you’re planning on taking Hindi lessons, you’re in for a quite a challenge. You’re also in for one of the most exciting linguistic studies you could imagine. The language is ancient and shares an alphabet with Sanskrit. The most common form of Hindi is Standard Hindi, which is also referred to as Modern Hindi. Make sure the Hindi dictionaryyou use for study is of the right type!

Hindi lessons are sure to open up a huge new world to you. This is one of the official languages of India, one of the most populous nations in the world. In addition to making it possible for you to speak with other Hindi speakers, this language is mutually intelligible with some other languages in the region.

Some Hindi vocabulary employs Sanskrit words. There are complex relationships between many Sanskrit and Hindi words and, because of that, learning this language avails you of an opportunity to learn about how the many language groups in India have interacted and exchanged parts of their cultures. There are some words in Hindi that were borrowed from nearby language groups. For instance, Arabic words sometimes pop up in Hindi, as do English words. These are controversial within the language, however. Some Hindi speakers frown on using borrowed words and some do not.

Hindi accents are also integral to the language. If you’ve met someone from one of the provinces of India where Hindi is the dominant language, you’re probably familiar with the cadence and pitch of this accent. You’ll have to learn to emulate it as part of your Hindi lessons. Learning pronunciation means learning accents and, in so doing, you’ll be able to speak to more people and be understood much better.

Taking Hindi lessons will make any trip to India much more fun. Even if you’re not going to one of the provinces where it is the dominant language, you should be able to find someone who speaks it. There are likely to be plenty of people who may not speak it but who understand it enough to communicate with you. The language will be challenging—particularly in its written form—but you’ll also be delving into something truly ancient and wondrous when you do take on this language as a course of study. Hindi may be complex but, when you learn it, you’ll most certainly have a right to feel like you’ve accomplished something worthwhile.