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Hindi Vocabulary Words

Building a substantial Hindi vocabulary may take quite a bit of time. This language is not related to European languages in any significant regard, so you’ll have to learn a lot of new linguistic skills. Of course, those skills will give you plenty of reason to celebrate your accomplishments, so the work is well worth it.

A Hindi dictionary is one of the first things you’ll need to build up your Hindi vocabulary. Find one that’s appropriate for your level. For instance, don’t go out and get one that gives you Hindi words written in Hindi type. It will take a long time to learn how to read this and, because of that, you’ll want to start with a dictionary that has words transliterated into English.

Hindi phrases are best learned from a book that has them assembled for you rather than pieced together word by word from a dictionary. Hindi vocabulary choices will change depending upon the context of the situation in which you’re using any given phrase. Even though you may have pieced together a string of words that you think mean a specific thing, you may be mistaken and, perhaps, embarrassingly so.

Hindi accents vary greatly from region to region. This means that words may come out sounding a lot different than you’d guess by looking at them on paper. Be sure you take into account the different accents in this vast nation. The Hindi alphabet is very precise, as well, so Hindi speakers tend to have a lot of very subtle differences between how they pronounce one vowel and the next that may not be immediately apparent to a non-native speaker.

When you’re learning how to speak Hindi, you’ll find that there are always surprises in store. This language is one of such depth and complexity that you’ll have to stretch your abilities to speak and understand it. Your Hindi vocabulary will increase rapidly, however, and you should find yourself learning quickly once you find your comfort zone.

HindiPod101 offers great tools for building your Hindi vocabulary. You should find that using these tools will help you to understand the actual proper usage of the words you learn, in addition to their specific meanings. It takes a long time for people to learn this language but it’s also one of the most useful languages to learn, given the sheer number of people who speak it!