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Hello Listener,

School season’s back! No, wait, stop! No need to buy big textbooks, do homework or set your alarm for 6AM. None of that’s necessary here. The school season is merely a perfect time to start fresh and learn Hindi at HindiPod101. At your own pace, as fast – or as slow – as you want with effective lessons that we guide you through. That’s it. And of course, you can take advantage of 26% savings to learn for less, and get free features and apps.

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3. Free Feature Alert: The Hindi Word of the Day
It takes nothing to learn one Hindi word a day. And if you’re dedicated, one of two things will happen. One: your vocabulary will build up over time without any hard work. Two: you’ll realize you can master A LOT more Hindi in a day…and you’ll get even better. That’s the power of starting small. Subscribe to the Hindi Word of the Day and learn Hindi effortlessly. Get a daily word along with its translation and sample sentences delivered to your inbox!

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To your fluency,

Team HindiPod101

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