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The Best Hindi Podcasts for a Seamless Learning Experience


Listening to Hindi podcasts is a great way to get familiar with the Hindi language, no matter your current skill level or learning goals. Today at HindiPod101.com, we will introduce you to some of the best podcasts in Hindi, handpicked from a variety of genres.

Do you happen to like Bollywood music or Indian cuisine? Maybe you love to hear stories or consider yourself a passionate fighter for equal rights! Well, whatever the case may be, we’ve got you covered. Brace yourself as we dig deeper into the world of Hindi podcasts that are not only informative but fun as well.

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  1. Benefits of Using Podcasts to Learn Hindi
  2. The Best Hindi Podcasts to Check Out
  3. Tricks to Help You Learn Hindi More Effectively with Podcasts
  4. Listen to the HindiPod101 podcast and improve your Hindi.

1. Benefits of Using Podcasts to Learn Hindi

Podcasts have become quite popular among today’s younger generations. Honestly, they’re a wonderful means of staying in touch with the trends and topics that interest you—they can even help you learn a new language at the same time! As a language learner, the thing you’ll love most about adding Hindi-language podcasts to your study routine is that they demand so little from you. 

Here are some of the wonderful reasons you should supplement your studies with Hindi podcasts: 

1 – Your time, your place.

Podcasts are audio files. This means you can listen to them while commuting, doing chores, or even just resting. You don’t have to worry about watching a video or missing an expression on the screen. You’re the one making the decisions. Podcasts allow you the freedom and flexibility to learn as it suits you.

Shiraito Falls in Japan

Learn about travel destinations.

2 – Pick your favorite!

Your options are not limited to Hindi learning podcasts. There are plenty of highly entertaining podcasts in Hindi that are geared toward intermediate learners, more advanced students, and (of course) native speakers. This means you can pick a genre of your choice, relish the content, and simultaneously learn Hindi and broaden your knowledge on a specific topic. Another reason to say goodbye to boring lessons and tiring exercises!

3 – They’re economical.

Most podcasts are free, while others require only a small subscription fee. This guarantees that adding Hindi podcasts to your learning routine will be easy on your pockets. Just download and enjoy! Even if you can’t afford the expensive language learning courses, Hindi podcasts can help you polish your language skills in an effortless and affordable way.

4 – They’re user-friendly.

Last but not least, podcasts are designed to be highly user-friendly. For instance, you can set the playback speed according to your preferences. Users can even refer to the transcripts (if provided) to follow along with less hassle. 

2. The Best Hindi Podcasts to Check Out

The internet is flooded with all kinds of podcasts covering a variety of themes. When it comes to language learning, especially as a beginner, the key is to choose a Hindi podcast that’s easy for you to grasp and helps you take baby steps. It’s important to understand your knowledge level and to pick a podcast that aligns well with it. Something too easy or too difficult would hardly be of use. 

Ready to see our list of the top Hindi podcasts? Since your main purpose is to develop a better command of Hindi, we thought we’d start with podcasts dedicated to teaching the language. Then, we’ll show you a few more that cover a broader range of topics.

A Movie Theater with Neon Lights

What’s your favorite Bollywood movie?

1 – HindiPod101.com

Theme: Hindi Language Teaching

Difficulty Level: Beginner to Advanced

When you’re trying to learn a language, it’s crucial that you also gain a solid understanding of the country where it’s spoken and its rich cultural roots. In this regard, the HindiPod101 podcast does a wholesome job. We provide lessons for all kinds of learners at every level, covering everything from body language and greetings to effective learning strategies. To gain access to all of the top-tier content we offer, create your free lifetime account today on HindiPod101.com. 

2 – Learn Hindi with LinguaBoost

Theme: Hindi Language Teaching

Difficulty Level: Beginner to Advanced

If you want to focus on the basics and pick up some conversational phrases in Hindi, this podcast is just the one for you. You can preview the lessons for free, and if you like what you hear, you can also buy and download the complete volumes and PDF lessons on the LinguaBoost website

3 – Akashavani Hindi News (आकाशवाणी)

Theme: Hindi News Podcast

Difficulty Level: Intermediate to Advanced

The Hindi news podcast Akashavani Hindi News is broadcasted by Prasar Bharati, which is India’s highly reputed public service broadcaster. It covers the news on the national and international levels. Given that the hosts speak with stunning clarity, it would be easy for any learner to catch and comprehend the exact words being used. What’s more, you’ll also get to learn about current issues in India.

A Music Group Performing in a Casual Setting

Dive into the world of music podcasts!

4 – Navbharat Gold

Theme: Infotainment Podcast

Difficulty Level: Intermediate to Advanced

A creation of Times Group, Navabharat Gold is not confined to any specific genre. Instead, one could call it a bouquet of different genres and themes. Considering that it covers topics such as current news, health, relationships, spirituality, and sports, it’s not hard to see why it is considered one of the top Indian podcasts! Its variety of content is sure to catch your attention. 

5 – Somewaad (Hindi) (सम्वाद)

Theme: Infotainment / Self-improvement 

Difficulty Level: Intermediate to Advanced

A wonderful podcast to create effortless Hindi listening skills. Somewaad(Hindi) touches upon all types of issues: maintaining good health and hygiene, dealing with the pandemic, coping with personal loss, discussing beautiful poems, and much more. Overall, the podcast is easy and fun to listen to!

A Family of Four Sitting Down to Eat Pasta and Salad for Dinner

Family and Relationships

6 – Lehren Diaries (लहरें डायरीज़)

Theme: Movie Podcast 

Difficulty Level: Advanced

If Bollywood news and interviews appeal to your taste, then you’d certainly enjoy listening to Lehren Diaries. This podcast flaunts celebrity talks, Bollywood controversies, memorable moments while making a movie, and even spicy gossip. The quality of the conversations makes it easy to grasp, and Bollywood fans the world over are sure to find its content interesting. 

7 –  बीबीसी एक मुलाक़ात (BBC Ek Mulaaqaat)

Theme: Interviews with Bollywood Celebrities

Difficulty Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Another podcast dedicated to news and the latest talk about what’s new in Bollywood. You can enjoy listening to candid conversations with the B-town celebrities, where actors talk about their personal life, a hit project they stumbled upon (or missed) by chance, their routines, and other things going on in Bollywood. 

8 – Kahaani Suno (कहानी सुनो)

Theme: Stories Podcast 

Difficulty Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Finally, something to feed your literary soul. It’s no secret how rich Indian literature is! So, if you wish to experience the depth of the critically acclaimed writers of India, this podcast will not disappoint you. Have a go and enjoy the stories that have been ruling millions of hearts for decades!

A Man Sauteing Vegetables in the Kitchen

Bring out the chef in you with cooking podcasts.

9 – Baalgatha (बालगाथा)

Theme: Kids’ Stories Podcast 

Difficulty Level: Beginner to Advanced

Childhood is when we hear our very first stories. There’s something special, something dreamy and pious, about kids’ stories. Not only do they have moral lessons, but it’s amazing to see the deep values of life put into such simple word structures. And this is what makes the podcast Baalgatha a great option for beginners and more advanced Hindi learners alike! 

10 – Old is Gold

Theme: Music Podcast 

Difficulty Level: Advanced

The classic Bollywood songs from the 70s and 80s are nothing but melody. Meaningful lyrics, beautiful and tender expressions of romance, soulful music. There’s a reason why these old songs are called timeless melodies. The voices of popular singers from that era are like honey to the ears. Listening to these songs is one of the best things that could happen to you!

11 – The Tastes of India

Theme: Cooking Podcast 

Difficulty Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Are you new to cooking but would love to enjoy some Indian recipes at home? Well, this weekly bilingual podcast is mainly for people who are either too busy to cook or complete newbies who have never entered the kitchen before. The good news is that all the recipes shared here are tasty, simple, and quick to make. On top of that, the podcast also shares interesting health tips.

A Businesswoman Surrounded by Sketches of Lightbulbs

12 – Riches Await – Personal Finance (Hindi)

Theme: Business Podcast

Difficulty Level: Advanced

Covering both the basics and the more in-depth concepts of how financial planning works, the Riches Await – Personal Finance (Hindi) podcast is a complete package. The language used is easy to understand, and needless to say, the content will clear up many of your doubts regarding money. In the end, it’s a worthwhile Hindi podcast—even for those who have limited knowledge about personal financing!

13 – Helping Maza’s Podcast

Theme: Motivational Podcast

Difficulty Level: Intermediate to Advanced

This motivational Hindi podcast will help keep you positive. There are so many lessons available, such as how to keep yourself busy and how to become self-dependent. Please note that the podcast uses a mixture of Hindi and English words, which is representative of the Hinglish that most of the population in India speaks today.

3. Tricks to Help You Learn Hindi More Effectively with Podcasts

You have to do a little work to get the most out of a Hindi podcast, but luckily, some podcasts have features that can help you out! Curious to know more? Let’s find out some smart ways to utilize Hindi podcasts more effectively as a language learner. 

1 – Select something you love!

Whether you’re eager to learn the most common words in Hindi or the most common ways to greet people in India, there’s a podcast for every situation and need. There’s ample information out there about India, its food, its culture, its festivals, and more. All you have to do is pick a podcast that interests you. 

2 – Stay consistent.

Discipline and consistency are crucial for effective learning. Fix a daily time for listening to your favorite podcast. We recommend trying this even if you have trouble managing time because of your hectic schedule! Listen to the audio lessons while commuting to the office, doing the dishes, cleaning, or even enjoying a cup of tea.

3 – Even baby steps are good.

It’s okay if you find yourself more comfortable listening to podcasts designed for kids due to their use of beginner-level words and their slower pace. And let’s face it: Stories are so interesting and fun. They bring back childhood memories and engage the mind. 

4 – Use various features.

If you’re tuning in to the HindiPod101 podcast, you can take advantage of numerous features: 

  • Transcripts 
  • Flashcards
  • Downloadable content
  • Adjustable playback speed
  • Much more

Make sure to take full advantage of the tools and resources available to you! 

4. Listen to the HindiPod101 podcast and improve your Hindi.

Wow, so many amazing podcasts in one lesson! We really enjoyed sharing them with you. Did you enjoy it as well? Which of the podcasts from the list above sounds the most interesting to you, and why? Do let us know in the comments. We’re excited to hear your views.

A Man Walking Beside a Busy Street while Listening to a Podcast

Learning Hindi with Podcasts

Did you know that we have a full-fledged lesson library and a grammar bank for you? Well, to try out more features like these, sign up at HindiPod101.com and explore our numerous Hindi resources for free.

If you have any trouble accessing our content or website, feel free to reach out to us. You can also browse our FAQ section just in case. 

Happy learning!

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Our 2021 Guide on How to Learn Hindi Fast!


Many aspiring students long to know the estimated duration of their Hindi learning—and this makes perfect sense! Without a well-defined deadline, one could easily derail from the language learning path. It would be like traveling to an undisclosed destination with no idea of when you would reach it. 

If you’re like most aspiring Hindi language learners, you probably have this important question on your mind: How long does it take to learn Hindi? 

In this article, we will… 

  • …give you an outline of how long it takes to reach each level of Hindi. 
  • …offer you some tips on how to learn Hindi fast.
  • …provide you with some motivational facts to keep you going strong. 

It’s natural to be curious, and you might also be wondering how difficult it is to learn the Hindi language. You can check out the following article to discover the hardest (and easiest) parts of the language: Is Hindi Hard to Learn? Our Verdict. 

Now, are you ready to unpack the topic at hand?

A Boy Frustrated with His Homework

Cracking the Hindi Learning Code

Log in to Download Your Free Cheat Sheet - Beginner Vocabulary in Hindi Table of Contents
  1. Why Should You Know How Long it Takes to Learn Hindi?
  2. How Long Does it Take to Achieve Beginner Level?
  3. How Long Does it Take to Achieve Intermediate Level?
  4. How Long Does it Take to Achieve Advanced Level?
  5. Motivational Facts
  6. How to Use HindiPod101.com to the Fullest

1. Why Should You Know How Long it Takes to Learn Hindi?

It’s important to get a fair idea of how long it will take to learn Hindi because this will help you set a realistic language learning goal and develop a suitable strategy. Once you have an approximate duration in mind, you’re ready to assign the required time and energy in a balanced manner. This way, you can work toward your goals without feeling crushed

Before moving forward, we’d like to remind you that, according to the ILTS TLP Hindi proficiency test, there are three levels of Hindi proficiency: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each level requires a different time commitment from the student. Read on to learn more about what each level looks like and how to reach them effectively. 

2. How Long Does it Take to Achieve Beginner Level?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, such as your study methods and how much time you spend actively learning.

If you’re consistently in touch with native speakers, watch Hindi movies and shows, and listen to Hindi podcasts every day, then you’ll be able to pick up the basics within 3-4 months

Clueless where to begin? Our blog is a great place to get ideas! See our posts on: 

As a beginner, it’s a good idea to start by learning the Devanagari script used for reading and writing, some popular Hindi greetings, and common Hindi words that are used on a daily basis. Once you have a solid foundation in those areas, slowly begin to focus on the pronunciation, diacritics, and conjugations, as these are quite unique and crucial to the Hindi language.

A Group of Two Men and Two Women Chatting with Drinks

Practicing with the Native Friends

Here are a few simple Hindi words and phrases for beginners:

  • नमस्ते। (NamaSTe.) = “Hello.”
  • कैसी हैं आप? (kaiSii hain aap?) = “How are you?” [to a female]
  • कैसे हैं आप? (kaiSe hain aap?) = “How are you?” [to a male]
  • मैं ठीक हूँ। (main thiik huun.) = “I am fine.”
  • धन्यवाद। (DHaNyavaaD.) = “Thank you.”
  • आपका नाम क्या है? (aapakaa Naam kyaa hai?) = “What is your name?”
  • मेरा नाम ___ है। (meraa Naam ___ hai.) = “My name is ____.”

Although it normally takes one a few months to master the key Hindi phrases, you don’t have to wait that long! How, you ask? By working on your reading skills and listening skills right away, you can increase your pace and pick up the basics faster than other people.

Someone Moving a Chess Piece

Having the Right Strategy is Important!

Helpful Links

There’s a lot of ground to cover at this stage of your Hindi learning! To give you a headstart on the basic phrases you should know, HindiPod101.com has comprehensive lessons on the following topics:

We also provide our students with spaced repetition flashcards. Reviewing them once in a while is a wonderful way to easily memorize new words and retain them for longer.

In addition to picking up new vocabulary, you should focus on learning the basic rules of Hindi grammar and syntax. For example, did you know that Hindi uses a different sentence structure than English does? Hindi is an SOV language, while English is an SVO language.  

Each of our beginner lessons features a dialogue by native speakers, a vocabulary list of relevant words and phrases, and lesson notes to summarize the main points. You can also download a PDF of the lesson transcript to keep it handy! We recommend you start with our Absolute Beginner Pathway, which covers everything you should know before pressing onward toward the intermediate level. 

3. How Long Does it Take to Achieve Intermediate Level?

According to the U.S. Foreign Service Institute (FSI), English speakers can reach an intermediate level of Hindi in 3 months, given that they study consistently for an hour each day. But if you wish to take your Hindi learning more lightly and at a slower pace, 6-8 months could do the job!

Once you achieve this level, you’ll be able to…

  • …have fluent informal conversations. 
  • …pronounce unfamiliar sounds correctly. 
  • …follow Hindi conjugation rules in a flawless manner.
A Weekly Timesheet with Some Cells Filled In

Daily Speaking is the Key!

Helpful Links

The journey from beginner to intermediate is long, with lots of progress made along the way. Wondering how to learn Hindi effectively at this point? HindiPod101.com has you covered! 

As mentioned, you should be able to hold informal conversations at this level. This includes things like… 

Pronunciation is another huge factor at this point. Did you know that many of the sounds in Hindi are completely new to English speakers? The good news is that, within 6 months, most students are ready to flaunt their improved pronunciation skills

Before you reach the intermediate level, you should also be quite familiar with the different parts of speech in Hindi:

4. How Long Does it Take to Achieve Advanced Level?

You’ve made a ton of progress by now, but there’s still a ways to go. How long does it take to learn Hindi fluently? For most learners, this process takes about 1100 hours (or about 3 years) of consistent study—but the payoff is worth it! 

Once you reach the advanced level, you’ll be able to make formal conversation and understand many different colloquial expressions. You’ll be more than capable of using Hindi in a variety of day-to-day situations! 

Helpful Links

Reaching the advanced level means that you not only know the language, but that you understand how to apply it in the context of Indian culture. This means having a good working knowledge of…

A Man Studying in a Library

Think Beyond the Books

5. Motivational Facts

Learning the Hindi language isn’t easy, but there are plenty of reasons to stick with it anyway. Here are some motivational facts to keep you going strong! 

  • Not everyone in India speaks Hindi correctly. India is a land of several languages and countless dialects. It’s possible to meet Indian people who know not a single word of Hindi.

    At the same time, there are those who speak (or are trying to learn) Hindi as a second or third language. Their mother tongue is likely an Indian regional language such as Telugu, Tamil, or Kannada, and English is their second language.

    So, chillax if you’re still a beginner at Hindi; you can find many Indians who have less command over Hindi than you do!
  • Having an accent is acceptable. Indian people are quite supportive when it comes to foreigners having an accent or struggling with the right pronunciation. If it’s any consolation, there are some local folks who have an accent in English as well as in Hindi. And we’re totally okay with that!

  • It gets better and easier with time. The more time you spend learning and practicing Hindi, the more fluent you’ll get at it. If you enjoy watching movies and listening to songs, use those hobbies to learn Hindi. Pick any artist or movie genre of your choice in Hindi and focus on the words and pronunciation.

    Running out of time? Plug in your earphones while you work out, do the dishes, or walk to that nearby park. Daily activities like these are golden opportunities to learn Hindi. You can use the time to listen to simple Hindi podcasts, songs, or the daily news.
  • How quickly you learn depends a lot on your background and mother tongue. What if you’re not a native English speaker? Hindi shares a lot of sounds with and has loanwords from languages like Russian, Arabic, Persian, and even French. Language learners from those particular countries have an edge when it comes to unfamiliar sounds in Hindi.

  • We use lots of English words in daily spoken Hindi. To give you just a sample, you’ll find the following words used in the Hindi language: “bus” / “train” / “hospital” / “nurse” / “doctor” / “time” / “bread” / “coffee” / “computer.” This is quite helpful because you can easily bank upon these English words to communicate, even if you don’t know the Hindi words for them.

  • We speak as we write. There’s no hidden pronunciation rules or guesswork. Unlike English, where the pronunciation of a given letter or letter combination varies greatly from one word to another, Hindi is predictable and straightforward. You can’t explain why “rough” cannot be spoken as “plough,” or “cut” as “put”? Well, you don’t have to struggle with these inexplicable rules in Hindi. The phonetics-based Devanagari script used in Hindi makes sure that each word is spoken exactly as it’s written.

6. How to Use HindiPod101.com to the Fullest

If you’ve decided to learn Hindi, HindiPod101.com is ready to offer you the best online study materials to make your journey that much smoother.

Did you know that there are 15 ways to study Hindi free at HindiPod101.com! No? Then features like our Grammar Bank are sure to sweep you off your feet. Just type in any keyword/topic you wish to study, and the Grammar Bank will display the whole list of related lessons.

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How to Learn Hindi in Your Car?

Stuck in traffic? Losing time in your car? Have you ever felt that in all this wasted time, you could have watched the 750 episodes of One Piece, finished the last Super Mario ten times, or even better…you could have learned Hindi? Between family, friends and work, in addition to this time-consuming commute, it can become difficult to find time to properly learn Hindi.

How to Learn Hindi in Your Car? Learn language in car

Fortunately, every problem has a solution, and what could be a better solution than turning that commute time into learning time? Stop passing the time mindlessly listening to the radio and try some of our best tips for mastering Hindi in your car!


Click Here To Start Learning Hindi Right Now!

You can learn Hindi in your car, hands free
While driving, it’s important that you keep your focus on the road, so this is why our top tips won’t require you to use your hands!

Listening to Hindi audio content in the car is a good way to learn
This is because it is a fun and efficient way to learn. With HindiPod101.com podcasts, you will be able to discover Hindi culture through topics about everyday life. Instead of the radio, listen to a Hindi podcast adapted to your level, from Absolute Beginner to Advanced, and you will make progress sooner that you would expect!


You can listen to Hindi music in the car
Did you know that you can learn Hindi by singing while driving? Listen to songs from anime or Hindi idols and try to identify some words you learned.

Challenge yourself! Use the Hindi you’ve studied up to this point and see how much you understand! Making the jump to real-life Hindi is a scary one, but friendly children’s songs are a great place to start!


Click Here To Sign Up For A FREE Lifetime Account!

You can learn alone in your car
When you’re driving alone, you can be as loud as you want – there is nothing better for remembering your Hindi lessons than repeating loudly, again and again. Next time you see a driver who seems to be talking alone, you will know he or she is just learning Hindi!


You can learn through repetition with your passengers
If there are passengers in the car, it can be more stimulating to learn together. You can set a role play with Hindi dialogues. With HindiPod101.com, you can download all the lessons transcript including the dialogues, as a PDF. Print it out and have some fun speaking in Hindi!

One of the passengers can answer the quiz available on each of our lessons, while another can correct that person. Listening to someone at a more advanced level of Hindi or a better accent is positive and helps you improve.

You can learn Hindi offline
Do you have a poor connection or are unable to use the Internet? It’s not a problem for learning Hindi! Before you start your commute, use our App to download the lessons you want to study and the podcast you want to listen to in your car, and you will be able to enjoy your lessons offline. Entering a tunnel won’t be a problem anymore. What a pleasure to listen to audio content without having the host freezing every 5 seconds!


Click here to download the App and learn offline!

You can learn every day at your own pace
One of the best approaches for learning a language is little by little and often. It’s not efficient to take in a huge amount of information at one time. What you need is to study on a regular basis – a little bit of Hindi every day. You commute several days a week, and that is all time you can take advantage of!

You have the freedom to choose the lessons and podcasts you want to focus on, at your own rhythm. You may want to do a little revision or discover how to talk about a new topic. And if you’re wondering what to learn next, you can use the new Learning Paths, which is our customized pathway feature that gives you a step-by-step way to learn Hindi without getting lost!


Click here to access Learning Paths at HindiPod101!

If you don’t have a car and commute by another method, these tips are still valid! Learning Hindi is no longer limited to the classroom or your house; there are so many benefits to learning in your car or elsewhere. Reaching a conversational level will take you less time than you could ever have imagined! Don’t forget to sign up for your Free Lifetime Account and enjoy our content!