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Learn Hindi on YouTube: Hindi Channels We Think You’ll Love


We’ve all been guilty of spending hours and hours on social media, especially YouTube. 

Don’t worry, we’re not going to preach to you on how to quit these social media loops. Instead, we’ll introduce you to the best YouTube Indian channels that are sure to boost your Hindi learning.

You heard that right! Ever thought of turning your weakness into your strength? That’s what this lesson is about. After all, who said unorthodox study methods don’t work? 🙂


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  1. Why Learn Hindi with the HindiPod101 YouTube Channel?
  2. Our Customized Bouquet of Hindi YouTube Channels
  3. Join “Learn Hindi with” and Speak Like a Native

1. Why Learn Hindi with the HindiPod101 YouTube Channel?

Alright. Before moving on to our Hindi YouTube channels list, we want to remind you that the HindiPod101 YouTube channel is the best one for studying Hindi, especially when you’re first starting out. Why?

A Girl Studying

Say Goodbye to the Boring Study Methods

Relax, we’ll spill all the beans!

Here are some impressive reasons you should check out the HindiPod101 YouTube Channel:

  • We have more than 180k subscribers! You’re welcome to join the family. 🙂

  • Our videos are designed for all types of learners, from beginners to intermediate and advanced students.

  • All of our videos are highly interactive and fun. Say goodbye to boring traditional lessons.

  • Not only that, but we also teach you various tips and strategies to sharpen your memory and make your Hindi learning more effective.

  • Once you subscribe, our portal of unlimited video lesson materials opens for you. Yay!!

  • Our audio and video content are world-class. We promise that you’ll start getting the drift of Hindi from the very first lesson.

  • You can create your own personal playlist and begin your Hindi learning journey.
Man and Woman Making Vlog

Have Fun with Your Hindi Learning

Before you start watching any Hindi language YouTube videos, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the most popular Hindi words for talking about YouTube and our free 100 Hindi words list

2. Our Customized Bouquet of Hindi YouTube Channels

We’ll talk more about our channel later, but for now, let’s take a pause here and think. How about we explore the various video genres and splash more colors onto your Hindi learning regime? 🙂

Everyone is passionate about something. It may be traveling, exploring, creating something from scratch, cooking, music, or maybe just having a good laugh and reliving childhood memories while watching those ageless animations.

What we’re trying to say is that you can watch what you love and learn Hindi at the same time. You know, fill two needs with one deed!

An Indian Woman

Learn about Indian Culture

Below, we’ve categorized videos into the most popular YouTube channel topics; some categories have more than one channel. All you have to do is pick the best Hindi learning YouTube channel for you and get started.

1 – The Art of Cooking

There’s nobody on earth who doesn’t love food. Even if cooking isn’t your cup of tea, we’re guessing that eating a sumptuous meal is!

Our first category is related to Indian food and recipes. On YouTube, Hindi recipe channels abound—but there’s one that we think outshines the others. 

Channel NameFoodFood
LevelBasic to Advanced
YouTube Channel Link
Sample Video Link
5 Bonus Words
  • भोजन (bhojaN) = “Food”
  • खाना (khaaNaa) = “To eat”
  • मसाला (maSaaLaa) = “Spice”
  • पकाना (pakaaNaa) = “To cook”
  • सब्ज़ी (Sabzii) = “Vegetable”

This channel has countless videos under various sub-categories, each with its own chef. Watching this channel will teach you about basic Indian flavors and spices, as well as how to prepare all sorts of veg and non-veg dishes. All of the chefs mostly talk in Hindi, but they occasionally use some English words as well.

Hindi Cuisine

Cook with Hindi Chefs

What’s more, you’ll gradually become more familiar with the Hindi words for Indian fruits and vegetables. Many of the episodes are based on the different regional foods of India, for instance, the cuisine of Kashmiri, Gujarati, or Rajasthani.

While there are no subtitles, they do show the ingredient names in English on the screen, which is a great relief. Sound fair? Give this channel a try and I’m sure you’ll love it for its simplicity and ethnic flavor.

2 – Traveling 

What’s better than soaking your soul in the fresh air, exploring unknown territories

If you consider yourself an adventurous soul, “Mountain Trekker” could be your best YouTube channel for learning Hindi.

Channel NameMountain Trekker
CategoryTraveling and Adventure
LevelBasic to Advanced
YouTube Channel Link
Sample Video Link 
5 Bonus Words
  • घूमना (ghuumaNaa) = “To travel” / “To wander”
  • पहाड़ (pahaad) = “Mountains”
  • नदी (NaDii) = “River”
  • घाटी (ghaatii) = “Valley”
  • बारिश (baaris) = “Rain”

A Traveller

Browse Through Popular Hindi Travel Channels

The creator of this channel is Varun Vagish, the guy next door who steals your heart with his charming laugh and simplicity. But that’s not all. Varun has also received the prestigious ‘National Tourism Award’ by the Indian Government for his contributions to tourism.

An explorer at heart, he has covered almost the entirety of India and is now traveling to many countries like Russia, Thailand, and Bali. The most special thing about his episodes is that he shows us how to travel on a budget, speaking only in Hindi and using sign language. Watch him break the myth of needing loads of money to travel the world.

3 – Current Affairs and Unbiased Opinions

In this world of paid media, nepotism, flattery, and commercialization, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s a facade. Journalism is at its lowest in India these days. The whistleblowers and truth-tellers are doing their jobs, risking their lives.

When it comes to the various controversies, the people in power are leaving no stone unturned to confuse the common public. In such critical situations, it’s not only hard but also unfair to list just one bold and daring news channel while leaving out the other.

Here are two of the best places to find Hindi YouTube news videos.

Channel NameThe Wire
CategoryCurrent news, critical opinions, and reportage
LevelIntermediate to Advanced
YouTube Channel Link
Sample Video Link
5 Bonus Words
  • राजनीति (raajaNiiTi) = “Politics”
  • घोटाले (ghotaaLe) = “Scams”
  • ख़बर (khabar) = “News”
  • राय (raay) = “Opinions” / “Views”
  • दंगे (Dange) = “Riots”

Channel NameDhruv Rathee
CategoryCreating awareness on social, political, and environmental issues of India
LevelIntermediate to Advanced
YouTube Channel Link
Sample Video Link
5 Bonus Words
  • माहौल (maahauL) = “Atmosphere”
  • जागरूकता (jaagaruukaTaa) = “Awareness”
  • समाज (Samaaj) = “Society”
  • पता लगाना (paTaa LagaaNaa) = “To find out”
  • मुद्दा (muDDaa) = “Issue”

Both “The Wire” and the “Dhruv Rathee” channels have become so popular among youth—not only in India, but globally—for their fierce facts and questions, and for trying their best to foil every attempt at creating a disturbance in society.

Man Watching Video

Watch Your Favorite Genre in Hindi

Please, check out both channels. Their usage of simple Hindi words will not only improve your language over time, but also keep you updated with what’s happening around the world in its most naked form.

4 – Documentary

Lots of kids and adults love to watch Animal Planet and other documentary channels. Imagine: A bowl of popcorn in your hands, snuggling on the couch, and watching some thrilling and amazing things on the screen. Nothing could beat that.

Channel NameWorld Documentary HD
CategoryAnimal Planet and Other Videos
LevelIntermediate to Advanced
YouTube Channel Link
Sample Video Link
5 Bonus Words
  • जानवर (jaaNavar) = “Animal”
  • शिकार (sikaar) = “Prey”
  • जंगल (jangaL) = “Jungle”
  • माँस (maanS) = “Meat” / “Flesh”
  • घास (ghaaS) = “Grass”

Colorful Bird

For the Animal-and Nature-Lovers

Everybody learns faster when the content they’re taking in matches their interests. If you want to learn Hindi without feeling bored, the “Hindi World Documentary HD” channel could change things for you. Have a go and experience all the thrill nature has to offer, from the Amazon rainforests to the chilly weather in Alaska.

5 – Yoga and Fitness

Yoga has gained international fame, and for so many good reasons. First of all, yoga does not put a strain on your body. Instead, it relaxes and enhances one’s flexibility. The whole phenomenon relies on the simple process of inhaling and exhaling.

Here’s our pick for the best Hindi YouTube channel for yogis. 

Channel NameYoga with Shaheeda
YouTube Channel Link
Sample Video Link
5 Bonus Words
  • साँस / श्वास (SaanS / svaaS) = “Breath”
  • शरीर (sariir) = “Body”
  • हाथ (haaTH) = “Hands”
  • पैर (pair) = “Legs”
  • ध्यान लगाना (DHyaaN LagaaNaa) = “To meditate”

On the “Yoga with Shaheeda” channel, Shaheeda teaches you various yoga positions and forms using flawless and easily understandable Hindi words and gestures.

Woman Doing Yoga

How about Learning Yoga in Hindi

Apart from that, her episodes are also categorized by experience level. For instance, there are different videos for beginners, intermediate yoga learners, and advanced practitioners.

We also think this is one of the best YouTube channels to learn Hindi because Shaheeda makes videos based on different health issues, such as migraines, sleeplessness, obesity, etc. Before starting yoga, she also gently explains the benefits of every gesture, which really inspires and convinces the audience to follow her steps.

6 – Beauty and Skincare

Want to learn Hindi online? YouTube skincare and beauty channels will help you achieve your goal and take your beauty game up a notch. For centuries, skincare has been of the utmost priority for both women and men.

Most of us have neither the budget nor the desire to waste hundreds of dollars on those expensive cosmetics. That’s why using natural and homemade skincare recipes has become so popular these days.

Channel NameBeauty9 homepage
CategoryLatest Makeup and Beauty Videos
LevelBeginner to Advanced
YouTube Channel Link
Sample Video Link 
5 Bonus Words
  • त्वचा (Tvacaa) = “Skin”
  • चेहरा (ceharaa) = “Face”
  • आँखें (aankhen) = “Eyes”
  • नाख़ून (NaakhuuN) = “Nails”
  • बाल (baaL) = “Hair”

With just a few easy Hindi words for cosmetics, you’ll learn so much about simple, natural, and quick ways to improve your skin quality. But the channel has much more to offer. They teach you how to do makeup from scratch, even if you’re just a beginner.

Daughter Putting Make-up on Her Daddy

Ohh! It’s time to put on some makeup!:)

This channel covers different types of makeup for various occasions, such as bridal, parties, engagement, or everyday looks for girls in college. Apart from that, you’ll also find some of the best budget-friendly cosmetic products without hurting your pocket. 🙂

7 – Kids’ Animation

Finally, a channel that takes you right back to your childhood… An era when things were simple. No gadgets. When simple innocent tricks could make us laugh or scare us half to death. 

Channel NameToonKids Hindi
CategoryAnimated Short Stories
YouTube Channel Link
Sample Video Link
5 Bonus Words
  • बच्चे (bacce) = “Kids”
  • नाराज़ (Naaraaz) = “Upset” / “Angry”
  • खेलना (kheLaNaa) = “To play”
  • रोना (roNaa) = “To cry”
  • दोस्ती (DoSTii) = “Friendship”

Do you want to travel back to that world again? Then, welcome to the “ToonKids Hindi” YouTube channel, the best place to watch a good cartoon in Hindi. YouTube videos on this channel include animated short stories and long episodes that contain moral values for kids but never fail to entertain adults as well! 

8 – Arts and Crafts

Creativity knows no bounds. If you see creativity in everything that comes your way, arts and crafts is the most obvious genre to steal your attention.

Things Use for Painting

Learn Your Favorite Skill & Improve Your Hindi

Channel NameCraft with Aayu Pihu
CategoryArts and Crafts at Home
YouTube Channel Link
Sample Video Link
5 Bonus Words
  • काग़ज़ (kaagaz) = “Paper”
  • गोंद (gonD) = “Glue”
  • रंग (rang) = “Color”
  • चिपकाना (cipakaaNaa) = “To paste”
  • काटना (kaataNaa) = “To cut”

We must admit, creating something artistic from scratch or from simple everyday materials gives us an immense satisfaction that words can’t express. On “Craft with Aayu Pihu,” you’ll learn how to make easy-breezy craft materials without making a hole in your pocket. 🙂

9 – Independent Movies

This one is a serious category. 

As we all know, Indian society is a little conservative. But barriers are being broken and forbidden issues are being publicly talked about. In addition, the independent filmmakers—people who have the potential to create something extraordinary, but lack the budget—have finally found a platform to showcase their artistic expressions on the “Large Short Films” YouTube channel.

Channel NameLarge Short Films
CategoryAward-winning, original, and inspiring short films
LevelIntermediate to Advanced
YouTube Channel Link
Sample Video Link
5 Bonus Words
  • औरत (auraT) = “Woman”
  • आदमी (aaDamii) = “Man”
  • समाज (Samaaj) = “Society”
  • कहानी (kahaaNii) = “Story”
  • परिवार (parivaar) = “Family”

Each episode has a different short story, typically about adult issues: extramarital affairs, repression of females in Indian society, obsession for female virginity before marriage, etc.

It’s not just the topics that appeal to the audience, though; it’s the way these short films have been treated. There’s no drama. The films are realistic. People can actually relate to them. And that’s the channel’s USP.

Directors Cut Board

Watch the unconditional movies in Hindi

Filmmakers nobody knew ‘til yesterday are being praised and awarded for their efforts in bringing bold but necessary issues into the limelight. India desperately needed such a channel, and you can find all the finest actors imbuing life into these stories.

10 – The HindiPod101 YouTube Channel

Last but not least, let’s talk business now. 

One can’t learn and master Hindi by just watching some YouTube channels. Of course, they are a bonus. But in the end, you need a teacher, a trainer who can not only guide you but also share the step-by-step strategies that will help you learn better and smarter.

Of all the Hindi learning YouTube channels, HindiPod101 is the best place to make your Hindi-learning dreams come true! 

Channel NameLearn Hindi with
CategoryEdutainment, Hindi Learning
LevelAll Levels
YouTube Channel Link
Sample Video Link 
5 Bonus Words
  • सीखना (SiikhaNaa) = “To learn”
  • पढ़ना (padhaNaa) = “To read”
  • सुनना (SuNaNaa) = “To listen”
  • लिखना (LikhaNaa) = “To write”
  • बोलना (boLaNaa) = “To speak”

3. Join “Learn Hindi with” and Speak Like a Native

So, let’s take a quick look at what our “Learn Hindi with” YouTube channel has got to offer you.

  • Our videos are easy and fun.

  • The content and video quality is superb!

  • You can pick what you want to learn. We have videos on almost everything, from words for dating to nailing that job interview.

  • By watching our videos, you also learn the exact pronunciation of the Hindi words.

  • If you want to start with the Hindi alphabet/script or how to count, we’ve got your back.

  • You can browse through all of our videos and find out what serves you the best.
YouTube Logo

Using YouTube for Hindi Learning

Create a playlist of your favorite videos and keep learning, even when you’re on the go. 

So, what are you waiting for? Visit us, watch our videos, and leave us some feedback in the comments below. We’d love to receive some love from your side, and to hear any suggestions you may have! 

And before you go: Sign up and get a free lifetime account with You can also subscribe to our channel and get notifications every time a new video is uploaded.

Happy Hindi learning! 

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