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Slay the Chats with the Most Popular Hindi Texting Slang!

English slang words like LOL (laughing out loud), WTF (what the f**k), BRB (be right back), or NVM (nevermind) are quite popular in online chatting. And yet many of these can leave folks scratching their heads.

If you’re new to the realm of online texting, you may not know things such as IKR meaning or DSL meaning in slang language. The abbreviation IKR means, “I know, right.” What does DSL stand for? Well, it means, “Don’t stay long.”

Popular Texting Slang

Just like every other country, the land of India also has its own list of popular local slang. As a beginner in the Hindi language, you may want to start with learning slang language meanings in Hindi. This way, you can really get the most out of your time on Hindi social media!

So, let’s start the journey of Hindi learning. Talking about the slang language, in Hindi, it’s basically referred to as कठबोली (kathaboLii) or बोलचाल की आम भाषा (boLacaaL kii aam bhaasaa).

Now that you know a little about some of the hottest phrases, we’ll be talking about various other Hindi text abbreviations and Hindi slang phrases in detail, and hopefully answering some of your questions, such as “What does STP mean in Hindi?”

Let’s get started on your journey to learning all the Hindi internet slangs you’ll need!

Table of Contents

  1. Why is Slang Important?
  2. Slang in India
  3. Lesser-used Hindi Texting Slangs
  4. Hot and Popular Hindi Slangs
  5. Famous English Slang and their Hindi Meanings
  6. Bring Swag to Your Hindi Chats with HindiPod101

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1. Why is Slang Important?

Have you ever wandered around and enjoyed different street foods? It’s addictive, right! There’s a tinge of spices and flavors, and a fun element that goes missing even in the fine expensive restaurants.

So it is with slang.

  • Slang has a familiar essence which connects two hearts at a whole new level of friendship.
  • It’s not merely about speaking in an informal way. Slangs remind us of our shared cultural roots.
  • You express more with fewer words. All you need to do is learn them by heart.
  • These words are like fun codes between friends.
  • Given that online texting has become such a popular means of conversation, slang does save us a lot of time.
  • If you don’t know the local slangs, half of the fun is gone already!

We’ve already told you what IKR is in texting. But do you also know what TK means in texting? Well, depending on the conversation, it may mean anything: “to come,” “tickling,” “throwing knife,” and the list goes on.

As you can probably see, Hindi text language may be a difficult world to navigate, but it’s well worth it in the end!

2. Slang in India

The real internet slang meaning in Hindi is इंटरनेट पर बतियाने की भाषा या आम भाषा (iNtaraNet par baTiyaaNe kii bhaasaa yaa aam bhaasaa). Now, keep in mind that India is a land of many states, each with its own languages and dialects.

Despite this, social media and global connectivity have brought everyone together from various cultural backgrounds. Thus, it only makes sense to realize that Hindi is not untouched by its sister languages.

The resultant collection of Hindi slang words used online is mostly a seamless cultural blend of the entire homeland. Thanks to Bollywood and the internet, Hindi slang is not confined only to Hindi words anymore.

As the younger generation is very into text messaging and informal talks, the mixed slangs have become more popular than ever. For instance, Marathi/Mumbaiya words from the state of Maharashtra and the dialect of Delhi make up a huge part of Hindi slang.

Internet Slang in India

If you’re a pro at texting in English and also wish to spread your wings in Hindi text talk, you’ve arrived at the right place. At HindiPod101, you can learn quickly and practice anywhere anytime with our easy-to-use apps. For more ideas and better learning, you’re welcome to visit our blog.

HindiPod101 will give you a sneak peek into the 100 most commonly used Hindi words, which could ultimately help you learn these Hindi acronyms and abbreviations. If you’re a beginner, here’s another tip: The pronunciation for Hindi words is done verbatim. That means we speak exactly as we write in Hindi.

And now, we’ll begin with some of the lesser-used texting slangs and text message abbreviations in Hindi.

3. Lesser-used Hindi Texting Slangs

Here are a few Hindi messaging slang and Hindi chat acronyms that are lesser-known in the texting world and can be used to flaunt your chatting swag among friends:

  • Biz: Biz stands for “business” or any current activity that someone’s engaged in. What does Biz translate to in Hindi? चक्कर / मामला (cakkar / maamaLaa).
  • WSH: This is an acronym that stands for “Weird Shit Happens.” For the English slang WSH, the Hindi meaning is लंका लग गयी (Lankaa Lag gayii).
  • TFQ/TFK: Both of these are the shortened/abbreviated version of the standard WTF (What the Fuck). The abbreviations use two syllables whereas the acronym has three syllables. Wondering about TFQ meaning in Hindi or what TFK means in Hindi? Well, both of them translate to क्या बकवास है (kyaa bakavaaS hai).
  • Slang Used When Angry

  • ToF: ToF is a common expression used for saying, “Tons of Fun.” What does ToF mean in Hindi? You can safely use the term मौज-मस्ती (mauj-maSTii) for it.
  • CT: If you’ve been wondering what CT means in texting, here’s the answer. CT can stand for a variety of terms, with these being the most common: “Cute,” “Can’t talk,” “Come together,” and “Coffee time.”
  • OKLM: This isn’t a proper English acronym, but a French phonetic word for Au calme. In English, the OKLM meaning is “Being quiet” and in Hindi, it translates to शांत / चुप (SaanT/ cup).
  • SVP: Another French phrase, s’il vous plait (SVP) means “If you please.” For SVP, the Hindi abbreviation is कृपया कर के (kripayaaa kar ke).
  • PTDR: PTDR stands for pété de rire. It’s yet another French term, and is equivalent to the acronym LOL. But what does PTDR mean in Hindi? It translates to हँसी से लोट-पोट हो जाना (hanSii se Lot-pot ho jaaNaa).
  • SMH: The text abbreviation SMH stands for “shaking/scratching my head.” In Hindi, folks would say it something like, सिर खुजाना (Sir khujaaNaa).

4. Hot and Popular Hindi Slangs

There are several Hindi slang lists that you may find useful, depending on the mood and situation. A couple of examples include Hindi slang shayari and Hindi slang songs. We’ve shared some of the Hindi online slang categories below—some of these can even be used in daily speech!

Note: Make sure you’re practicing the right verb forms in Hindi while texting these phrases.

1- Slang for Praising

  • क्या बात है! (kyaa baaT hai!)

  • This slang term in Hindi essentially means “Wow,” “Amazing,” or “Awesome.”
  • Usually, Indians use this expression when they see a great Facebook post or really like a picture you posted.
  • However, the phrase isn’t limited to online chats. It’s also fairly common in face-to-face conversations.
  • Example: क्या बात है! सुंदर तस्वीर! (kyaa baaT hai! SunDar TaSveer!)
    Translation: “Wow! Beautiful picture!”

Some other slangs with similar meanings are listed below. You can simply replace क्या बात है! with any of these in Hindi text/speak in daily life.

  • अरे वाह! (are vaah!)
  • मस्त (maST)
  • धाँसू (dhaanSuu)
  • ज़बरदस्त (zabaraDaST)
  • झकास (jhakaaS)

2- Slang for Disappointing Situations

  • अरे यार! (are yaar!)

  • Meaning: “Oh, man!”
  • The appropriate English phrase for this disappointed mood would be “Oh, man!”
  • It’s used to express how you feel during unexpected situations: disappointment, a sense of bad luck, regret, or boredom.
  • Both men and women use this phrase frequently.
  • Example: अरे यार! मेरी बस छूट गयी (are yaar! merii baS chuut gayii)
    Translation: “Oh, man! I missed my bus.”

Some other slang words/phrases with similar meaning are:

  • दिमाग़ की दही (Dimaaġ kii Dahii)

    Meaning: To bother/irritate/trouble/confuse/frustrate.
    Example: उसने अपनी बकबक से मेरे दिमाग़ की दही कर दी (uSaNe apaNi bakabak Se mere Dimaag kii Dahii kar Dii)
    Translation: “He irritated me with his incessant talking.”

  • झंड करना (jhand karaNaa)

    Meaning: To ruin a plan.
    Example: तुम ने सारा प्लान झंड कर दिया (Tum Ne Saaraa pLaaN jhand kar diyaa)
    Translation: “You ruined the whole plan.”

  • बवाल मचाना (bavaaL macaaNaa)

    Meaning: Making a scene.
    Example: अधिकारी ने वहां बड़ा बवाल मचाया (aDHikaarii Ne vahaan badaa bavaaL macaayaa)
    Translation: “The officer made a big scene there.”

  • गोली देना (goLii DeNaa)

    Meaning: To deceive/to make a fool/to let down.
    Example: कल मेरे दोस्त ने मुझे गोली दे दी (kaL mere DoST ne mujhe goLii De Dii)
    Translation: “Yesterday, my friend stood me up.”

  • पकाऊ (pakaauu)

    Meaning: Boring.
    Example: मूवी बहुत पकाऊ थी (muuvii bahuT pakaauu THii)
    Translation: “The movie was quite boring.”

Slang Used When Bored

3- Slang Based on Personality

We come across all types of people and have a slang for each of their peculiar characteristics. You’ll easily find them in several Hindi slang quotes as well.

  • नौटंकी (Nautankii)

  • Meaning: Drama Queen/Drama King.
  • This term is a perfect Hindi substitute for “Drama Queen/Drama King.”
  • This slang is used for any person who throws a lot of tantrums and shows off.
  • It’s a gender-neutral word/slang.
  • We’ve used it as an adjective here but it can also be used as a verb in other sentences.
  • Example: रिया पूरी नौटंकी है (riyaa puurii Nautankii hai)
    Translation: “Riya is a complete drama queen.”

Some other slang words with similar meanings are:

  • शाणा (saanaa)

  • Meaning: Over-smart/Smart-ass.
  • Example: बहुत शाणा बनने की कोशिश मत करो (bahuT saanaa baNaNe kii kosis maT karo)
    Translation: “Don’t try to be a smart-ass.”

Trying to be a Smart-ass

  • ढक्कन (DHakkaN)

  • Meaning: Dumbass
  • Example: तुम बिल्कुल ढक्कन हो क्या? (Tum biLkuL DHakkaN ho kyaa?)
    Translation: “Are you a total dumbass?”
  • गधा (gaDHaa)

  • Same as ढक्कन (DHakkaN).

4- Slang Related to Arguments

These are the slangs mainly used in situations of conflict and in arguments.

  • फ़र्ज़ी बात (farzii baaT)

  • Meaning: Bullshit.
  • The appropriate English phrase for this slang would be “Bullshit,” or “Load of crap.”
  • It’s used to argue with someone who’s just bluffing and boasting in order to fool you.
  • Both men and women use this phrase frequently.
  • Example: प्लीज़, तुम फ़र्ज़ी बात मत करो (pLiiz, Tum farzii baaT maT karo)
    Translation: “Please, don’t give me this bullshit.”
  • बकवास (bakavaaS)

  • Meaning: Nonsense/Crap.
  • Example: मुझे ये बकवास पसंद नहीं (mujhe ye bakavaaS paSaND Nahiin)
    Translation: “I don’t like this nonsense.”
  • मच-मच करना (mac-mac karaNaa)

  • Meaning: To keep arguing.
  • Example: दुकानदार मच-मच करता जा रहा था (DukaaNaDaar mac-mac karaTaa jaa rahaa THaa)
    Translation: “The shopkeeper kept arguing.”
  • Slang Used While Arguing

  • जुगाड़ (jugaad)

  • Meaning: Hack/Fix/Tricky Solution.
  • Example: हमें इस मुश्किल का जुगाड़ निकालना पड़ेगा (hamen iS muskiL kaa jugaad NikaaLaNaa padegaa)
    Translation: “We will have to find a hack for this problem.”
  • लोचा (Locaa)

  • Meaning: Trouble/Hitch/Something Wrong.
  • Example: एक लोचा हो गया है (ek Locaa ho gayaa hai)
    Translation: “Something went wrong.”
  • वाट लगना (vaat lagaNaa)

  • Meaning: To be in a problem/trouble/mess.
  • Example: मेरी टीचर की वाट लग गयी (merii tiicar kii vaat lag gayii)
    Translation: “My teacher is in trouble.”

5- Other Slangs

  • We have a few common Hindi slang words for girls but using them is considered quite offensive. People look down on their usage, so it’s better to avoid them. However, you can surely take a look at some of these words and use them among your close friends.

    These are the following:

    • कुड़ी (kudii) [Meaning: A young girl]
    • पटाखा (pataakhaa) [Meaning: An attractive female]
    • छोरी (chorii) [Meaning: Girl]

5. Famous English Slang and their Hindi Meanings

Indians use a lot of English colloquialisms in chats and online texting. Understanding these slangs and their Hindi meanings will expand your knowledge of Hindi text language. Wherever it’s possible, you’ll also find out the common Hindi version of the English slang!

  • LOL

  • LOL tops the Hindi slang dictionary.
  • In English, it means “Laughing Out Loud.” But what is the Hindi equivalent of LOL?
  • LOL in Hindi means हँसी से लोट-पोट हो जाना (hanSii se Lot-pot ho jaaNaa).
  • While chatting with any Hindi speaker, you can use this Hindi expression.
  • SUP

  • A Hindi texting translator may not catch every slang.
  • For instance, we all know that SUP is used for “What’s Up” but there’s no correct automated Hindi translation for it.
  • In India, the Hindi slang for it is, क्या हाल-चाल (kyaa haaL-caaL)
  • TQ

  • To congratulate someone, we often depend on the slang TQ.
  • In formal language, it’s an expression for “Thank you.”
  • Whereas in Hindi, we say शुक्रिया /धन्यवाद (sukriyaa / DHaNyavaaD).
  • CC

  • The slang CC is quite common on Facebook.
  • Basically, it stands for “Cute Couple.”
  • CC in Hindi texting can be replaced with प्यारी जोड़ी (pyaarii jodii).
  • How to Call Someone Cute in Hindi

  • BRB

  • Another popular phrase used in texts is BRB.
  • The literal translation for it is “Be Right Back.”
  • However, if you translate BRB in Hindi, it’s written as अभी आता हूँ / आती हूँ (abhii aaTaa huun / aaTii huun).
  • Some Other Slangs:

  • NP (No Problem)
    Hindi Translation: कोई बात नहीं (koii baaT Nahiin)
  • IDK (I Don’t Know)
    Hindi Translation: पता नहीं (paTaa Nahiin)
  • OMG (Oh My God)
    Hindi Translation: हे भगवान (he bhagavaaN)
  • NVM (Never Mind)
    Hindi Translation: कोई नहीं (koii Nahiin)
  • TC (Take Care)
    Hindi Translation: ख़याल रखो (khayaaL rakho)

Now that you’ve brushed up on so many Hindi chat slangs, are you excited to flaunt them in the next chat with your friends? We bet you are! Keep visiting our website HindiPod101 and become a pro with us.

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