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Hindu Holidays: Celebrating the Onam Festival in India

Onam Festival in India

The Onam Festival is a ten-day-long celebration in Kerala that welcomes the return of its previous king Mahabali. Tradition holds that Mahabali was both generous and kind, and today, he visits his former kingdom each year during Onam.

This is one of India’s grandest festivals, with many unique traditions that reflect the culture and history of this country.

In this article, you’ll learn all about Onam—at HindiPod101.com, we hope to make every aspect of your learning journey both fun and informative! So let’s get started.

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1. What is Onam?

Onam is a popular and essential festival for the people of Kerala.

According to the holiday’s legend, the kind and generous former king of Kerala, named Mahabali, visits his people during this massive festival each year. Mahabali is known for giving up all of his kingdoms to Lord Vishu, who visited him in the form of a dwarf named Vaman, and he, himself went to the underworld.

Thus, the people of Kerala seek to celebrate the visitation of such a wonderful and generous king.

2. When is Onam?

10-Day Holiday

Kerala celebrates the Onam Festival during the first month of the Malayalam calendar. As such, the date of Onam varies each year on the Gregorian calendar. For your convenience, we’ve composed a list of this holiday’s date for the next ten years.

  • 2019: September 11
  • 2020: August 31
  • 2021: August 21
  • 2022: September 8
  • 2023: August 29
  • 2024: September 15
  • 2025: September 5
  • 2026: August 26
  • 2027: September 12
  • 2028: September 1

3. Onam Celebrations & Traditions

People Eating a Big Lunch

This festival is celebrated for ten days, and the tenth day is called Thiruonam, which is very important.

During this festival, people bring colorful flowers from gardens and market places, and decorate the courtyard of their houses. Women make beautiful flower designs (rangoli) in the courtyard and decorate with lamps.

The special feature of this flower design is that it’s round in shape, and for each of the ten days of the Onam festival, another round circle of flowers is added. These flower designs are called Pukkolam

Women perform a special dance called Keikottikkali around this circle of flowers, while singing melodius, rhythmic songs.

The most enchanting event of this festival? Most certainly the Snake Boat Race called called Vallamkali or “water race.”

These boats are shaped like a snake and are rowed by about forty to one hundred paddlers. Like the dancers, the boatmen sing rhythmic songs, and paddle to the rhythms. This event gains much enthusiasm and excitement from the audience!

4. Onam Sadya & Payasam

Now for everyone’s favorite topic: traditional food!

On Onam, as well as many other important holidays and events in India, people eat something called sadya. Essentially, this is a vegetarian meal that consists of multiple dishes, which is plated on a banana leaf. People eat sadya with their right hand, while sitting on mats.

Payasam (also called Kheer), is a special rice pudding. Typically, it’s made with boiled milk, sugar, and some type of grain; its flavor is then enhanced dried fruit or nuts.

5. Vocabulary You Should Know for Onam

Flower Floor Decoration

Here’s some vocabulary you should know for Onam in India!

  • ओणम (oNam) — Onam
  • दस दिन तक चलना (Das Din Tak chalna) — Last for ten days
  • पूकलम (Pookalam) — Flower floor decoration
  • नौका दौड़ (nauka daud) — Boat Race
  • दावत (DaavaT) — Banquet lunch
  • घर वापसी (ghar vaapassi) — Homecoming
  • पायसम (paayasam) — Payasam
  • नए कपड़े (naye kapde) — New clothes
  • महान सम्राट (mahaan samraat) — Great king
  • सम्राट महाबली (samraat bahaabali) — Emperor Mahabali

To hear each of these Hindi vocabulary words pronounced, check out our Onam vocabulary list! Here, you’ll also find relevant images alongside each word to help you better remember what they mean. 🙂

How HindiPod101 Can Help You Learn About Hindu Culture

We hope you enjoyed learning about the Onam Festival with us! Which of the celebrations we talked about sounds the most interesting to you, and why? We look forward to hearing what you have to say!

To continue learning about Hindi culture and the language, explore HindiPod101.com. We provide an array of fun and effective learning tools for every learner, at every level:

  • Insightful blog posts on an array of cultural and language-related topics
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We hope you’ll give your Hindu friends nice Onam wishes and a “Happy Onam!” (हैप्पी ओणम!).

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Body Language and Popular Gestures’ Meaning in Hindi


The art of body language is a powerful tool for decoding someone’s state of mind. In fact, gestures form a whopping 55% of total communication made by a person. Undeniably, it’s the most important type of nonverbal communication among human beings, which makes it important to learn gestures’ meaning in Hindi, as well as those in other languages and cultures.

Every country in the world has its own typical set of body language. In fact, a certain gesture in one country may give off a completely different meaning in another country. That’s what makes the whole genre of nonverbal communication so unique. In this article, we’ll be going over Hindi body language tips and more, because gestures when speaking in Hindi are of great importance. Start with a bonus, and download your FREE cheat sheet – How to Improve Your Hindi Skills! (Logged-In Member Only)

Table of Contents

  1. Importance of Indian Gestures: An Overview
  2. Understanding Indian Culture
  3. Common Gestures in Indian Society
  4. Study Indian Gestures and Phrases with HindiPod101.com

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1. Importance of Indian Gestures: An Overview

Talking about gestures, Indian culture has a very diverse and rich history. Indians are quite emotional and expressive. That’s why body language in India comprises of many hand gestures and head nodding during a conversation.

The literal Hindi meaning of “gesture” is ‘हाव-भाव’ (haav-bhaav), whereas “body language,” meaning in Hindi is ‘शारीरिक हाव-भाव’ (saariirik haav-bhaav). Having trouble pronouncing these words? Start with our free lesson on basic Hindi pronunciation tips.

With different Hindi gestures, people also express their sense of basic emotions, such as respect, joy, wonder, sadness, or disappointment. Relying on various gestures in India for emotional expression is so much a part of our culture that we do it all the time without even noticing it. For example, in India, body language is a great way to find out whether someone is really into the conversation or not. The fact may surprise you, but in India, gestures and greetings are mostly followed by a variety of typical Hindi words.

And now that you’ve learned gestures’ meaning in Hindi, we invite you to visit our HindiPod101.com blog to learn more about Indian culture and diversity.

You can also check out a number of body language books in Hindi to get a glimpse into Indian non-verbal communication.

2. Understanding Indian Culture

Before we delve into the subject of body language in Hindi, here are some unspoken yet common etiquette rules to keep in mind when meeting with the native people socially:

Using Right Hand While Cooking and Eating

  • Hugging and Touching: As traditional values still hold a high place in Indian society, hugging and touching between opposite genders in public isn’t taken very well.
  • Shoes and Footwear: You might also see people taking off their shoes before entering houses or the kitchen area.
    Wearing footwear to any religious place is strictly a no-no. Whether you’re visiting a temple, mosque, or gurudwara, remember to take off your shoes before entering.
  • Eating Meals: It sounds like too much, but when visiting the country, eat your meals with your right hand. Using the left hand for meals is frowned upon, without exception.
    Wondering about Indian food already? Check out the lip-smacking delicacies from Indian Cuisine.
  • Clothing: Lastly, people are also sensitive about what you wear and how you dress. However, this may not be the case when you’re in certain metropolitan cities.
    But in small towns and streets, you’ll be more comfortable in an attire that properly covers your body and is not very revealing.

As you can see, there are some specifics you should understand about gesture meanings in Hindi. Read more on the Do’s & Don’ts in Indian society to make your stay easier and more culturally appropriate.

3. Common Gestures in Indian Society

Indian hand gestures

In India, gestures reflect the state of mind. The moment you take your first step in this country, be ready to get pampered with lots of warmth and personal attention. Indian people leave no stone unturned when it comes to welcoming their guests.

While Indians expect their local gestures and phrases to be nothing less than a mind-wrenching riddle for a person who’s from a totally different part of the world, wouldn’t it be great to win their hearts with just a little bit of homework on your part?

And what better way to impress them than by showing your love with an Indian greeting gesture?

We’ll also teach you about some funny Indian gestures and what qualifies as rude hand gestures in India. Most gestures are okay to use in public as they show your positive involvement and respect. There are many body gesture meanings in Hindi, so we’ll do our best to cover these.

However, it’s better to avoid some forms of body language that may offend the other person. Even the native people stay clear of them.

So, let’s decode the most popular gestures and rules in the art of body language that India practices in its everyday life. Here are the most common body language gestures in Hindi!

1- Positive Gestures

Positive gestures are exchanged for sharing joy, positive vibes, and respect. All the positive gestures described below are completely okay to use in a public place.

1.) Joining Hands for Namaste

Namaste or Namaskar

The first gesture we’re going to talk about is how to greet in Hindi. It’s also one of the most common hand gestures in Hindi.

  • It’s called नमस्ते (NamaSTe) or नमस्कार (NamaSkaar).
  • Whenever you meet an elder person or someone of the opposite gender, this is the perfect way to greet them.
  • While saying नमस्ते (NamaSTe), join the palms of your hands, in such a way that they’re placed near your chest, then slightly bow your head with a gentle smile on your face.
Quick Tip

This gesture isn’t required when you’re meeting someone of your own age and gender. You can use a quick “hello” for them, as well as for kids.

Also keep in mind that in Hindu religion, the same hand gesture is used while praying to God.

2.) Touching the Feet of Elders

Elderly people who are either close relatives, or parents/grandparents of your friends and spouse, are usually addressed by touching their feet.

  • It’s a symbol of your deep respect toward them, and is yet another way to express your gratitude for older people, where a simple नमस्ते (NamaSTe) wouldn’t suffice.
  • The same gesture is also used to ask for their blessings.
  • When meeting aged folks, stand at a comfortable distance.
  • Slowly bend your upper body and touch their feet. While doing so, you should say प्रणाम (pranaam).
Quick Tip

The ideal way to do this is by using both hands. However, people aren’t that particular about it nowadays and this gesture can be seen using just one hand as well.

But one thing’s for sure: touching the feet is a sure shot way to melt their hearts!

3.) Blessing the Young Ones by Placing Your Palm on Their Head

Naturally, this comes as an immediate response to the gesture described above.

  • The elders are supposed to lovingly touch the young ones by placing their palm on their head. By placing their palm, they intend to bless you with positive vibes as well as wish you joy.
  • Usually, elderly people can be heard saying, जीते रहो (jiiTe raho) to males and जीती रहो (jiiTii raho) to females. The phrase means “have a long and satisfying life.”
Quick Tip

If someone younger is touching your feet, you should respond by doing this gesture.

In case you’re the one who’s touching the feet, wait for a second to allow them enough time so that they can bless you.

4.) Hugging

Hugging Gesture

The hugging gesture is practiced by Indians as a tender display of affection. This is one of the most affectionate body language signs in Hindi.

  • People hug their friends and cousins, those in the same age group, and those of the same gender.
  • The elders shower their love by hugging their kids and grandchildren.
  • Festivals like Holi and Eid are especially celebrated by hugging each other.
Quick Tip

While hugging, you can casually say, कैसे हो (kaiSe ho) to men and कैसी हो (kaiSii ho) to women.

Irrespective of the occasion and Indian traditions, we suggest that you don’t share a hug with the opposite sex.

5.) Saying “Wow” Using One Hand

The Gesture for “Superb” or “Wow”

In Hindi, hand gestures translate to हाथ के इशारे (haaTH ke isaare).

  • The one we’re talking about now is a hand gesture that says “Wow!” or “Superb.”
  • Hindi translations for these words are वाह! (vaah!) or ज़बरदस्त (zabaraDaST).
  • The gesture is made by touching the tips of the index finger and the thumb so that it forms a circle.
Quick Tip

It’s a casual sign which serves the purpose of complimenting someone out of affection, and is usually exchanged between friends and couples.

The “Wow” sign is also used for praising someone’s picture on social media.

6.) Thumbs-Up

The Thumbs-Up Sign

  • This is a cool sign that confirms an approval, such as “We’re all set!” It’s also used to wish luck.
  • It’s shared between classmates, often before exams, any competition, or a performance, in order to drive away nervousness.
  • In short, with a “Thumbs-Up” sign, you’re saying “It’s going to be great!”
  • The Hindi translation for the phrase is सब बढ़िया होगा (Sab badhiyaa hogaa).

7.) Subtle Nodding Along

Nodding Along When Listening to Others

  • This is a non-verbal communication that’s really effective. It’s a delicate way of assuring the speaker that you’re listening intently.
  • Nodding the head also stands as a symbol of your warmth and empathy toward the other person. You should also maintain eye contact (but not too much!) to establish trust. Eye contact meaning in Hindi can vary, but in this case it will be much appreciated.
  • In such situations, you could always use Hindi phrases like, सही बात है (Sahii baaT hai) to say “That’s right” or expressions such as “Hmm” (हम्म [hmm]).
Quick Tip

This gesture is more powerful when it comes naturally to you. Indians are emotionally sensitive and thus their judgement depends quite a lot on nonverbal gestures.

If you have a rather cold or stern body language, they might interpret it as disinterest in the conversation. It’s good to keep warm facial expressions in Hindi conversation.

8.) Joining Palms Sideways When Prasad is Given

Joining Palms Sideways

Joining palms is a hand gesture that’s displayed in particular situations only.

  • With open palms facing upward, join them sideways.
  • The palms should be gently curved so that anything offered doesn’t fall out of your hands.
  • Your head should be slightly tilted forward.
Quick Tip

This gesture is a common sight in temples and places of worship. People use this hand gesture while accepting sacred offerings (usually something sweet) after the worshipping is over.

The sacred offering is known as प्रसाद (praSaaD).

It’s not advised to perform the gesture during normal meals.

2- Negative Gestures

Negative gestures are used in extreme conditions, but they’re better to stay away from in a public place.

1.) Showing the Slap Gesture

  • The slap gesture is given with a tilted but straight and open palm.
  • In India, parents often use this gesture to warn their mischievous kids, and adults use the slap gesture to threaten each other during a serious verbal fight.
  • It’s more common to come up between two strangers as opposed to family members, as the gesture is too harsh to be practiced by adults within the family.
  • It’s better to avoid using it at all costs.

2.) Little Finger for Taking a Pee

Showing the Little Finger to Take a Pee

  • Though not specifically Indian, raising a little finger means you urgently need to take a leak.
  • Kids are most likely to use this with their parents to avoid embarrassment, especially in a public place or in front of guests, though adults also use it in their friend circle.
  • Men use this gesture more than women.
  • However, this gesture isn’t considered very polite. So skip it in the office or in front of your female friends.

3.) Side-to-Side Head Shaking for a “No”

Saying “No” with a Head Shake

  • Indians aren’t offended by a “No.” Still, they could do with a slightly softer tone.
  • Body language that involves clear hand movements and side-to-side head nodding is considered quite harsh.
  • If possible, don’t be too direct in disagreeing with or rejecting an offer. Instead, go for gentler words that indicate your negation in a respectful way.
  • Indians can quickly catch your “no” even when that word hasn’t even been uttered.

4.) Hands on Waist When Talking to Elders

Hands on Waist

Another posture that’s better to stay clear of is the “hands on waist” gesture.

  • In plain words, it’s only offensive during an argument with your elders. In other cases, it’s quite a normal gesture.
  • To be honest, a lot depends on the nature of the conversation. For instance, when talking to a friend or colleague about a neutral or pleasant topic, putting your hands on your waist indicates a sense of jolliness and frankness. It also shows that you’re enjoying the talk.

4. Study Indian Gestures and Phrases with HindiPod101.com

HindiPod101.com is a great platform to help you understand the rich and varied cultural habits of India, including the Hindi body language tips we went over in this article. Now, you can easily gain more command over the Hindi language while learning about different body gestures displayed in India and their meanings. Further, there’s also much to learn about Indian cuisine, festivals, and many survival phrases to be used in India.

For a foreigner, using these words may not come as easily as you would think. To understand Indian body language, Hindi knowledge becomes an inevitable prerequisite.

And for that, HindiPod101.com is here to help you with everything you need, from getting familiar with Hindi alphabets to free tutorials on Hindi grammar.

Having acquired a command over the simple words and phrases used in Hindi language, things will become less complicated from there on.

For a more effective and enjoyable experience with us, allow us to introduce you to the remarkable top 10 language learning strategies. Not only that, but you’ll also love to try these 15 easy ways to access HindiPod101 for free!

Need any help? Visit our help center for easy access to HindiPod101.com. Start with a bonus, and download your FREE cheat sheet – How to Improve Your Hindi Skills! (Logged-In Member Only)

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Slay the Chats with the Most Popular Hindi Texting Slang!

English slang words like LOL (laughing out loud), WTF (what the f**k), BRB (be right back), or NVM (nevermind) are quite popular in online chatting. And yet many of these can leave folks scratching their heads.

If you’re new to the realm of online texting, you may not know things such as IKR meaning or DSL meaning in slang language. The abbreviation IKR means, “I know, right.” What does DSL stand for? Well, it means, “Don’t stay long.”

Popular Texting Slang

Just like every other country, the land of India also has its own list of popular local slang. As a beginner in the Hindi language, you may want to start with learning slang language meanings in Hindi. This way, you can really get the most out of your time on Hindi social media!

So, let’s start the journey of Hindi learning. Talking about the slang language, in Hindi, it’s basically referred to as कठबोली (kathaboLii) or बोलचाल की आम भाषा (boLacaaL kii aam bhaasaa).

Now that you know a little about some of the hottest phrases, we’ll be talking about various other Hindi text abbreviations and Hindi slang phrases in detail, and hopefully answering some of your questions, such as “What does STP mean in Hindi?”

Let’s get started on your journey to learning all the Hindi internet slangs you’ll need!

Table of Contents

  1. Why is Slang Important?
  2. Slang in India
  3. Lesser-used Hindi Texting Slangs
  4. Hot and Popular Hindi Slangs
  5. Famous English Slang and their Hindi Meanings
  6. Bring Swag to Your Hindi Chats with HindiPod101

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1. Why is Slang Important?

Have you ever wandered around and enjoyed different street foods? It’s addictive, right! There’s a tinge of spices and flavors, and a fun element that goes missing even in the fine expensive restaurants.

So it is with slang.

  • Slang has a familiar essence which connects two hearts at a whole new level of friendship.
  • It’s not merely about speaking in an informal way. Slangs remind us of our shared cultural roots.
  • You express more with fewer words. All you need to do is learn them by heart.
  • These words are like fun codes between friends.
  • Given that online texting has become such a popular means of conversation, slang does save us a lot of time.
  • If you don’t know the local slangs, half of the fun is gone already!

We’ve already told you what IKR is in texting. But do you also know what TK means in texting? Well, depending on the conversation, it may mean anything: “to come,” “tickling,” “throwing knife,” and the list goes on.

As you can probably see, Hindi text language may be a difficult world to navigate, but it’s well worth it in the end!

2. Slang in India

The real internet slang meaning in Hindi is इंटरनेट पर बतियाने की भाषा या आम भाषा (iNtaraNet par baTiyaaNe kii bhaasaa yaa aam bhaasaa). Now, keep in mind that India is a land of many states, each with its own languages and dialects.

Despite this, social media and global connectivity have brought everyone together from various cultural backgrounds. Thus, it only makes sense to realize that Hindi is not untouched by its sister languages.

The resultant collection of Hindi slang words used online is mostly a seamless cultural blend of the entire homeland. Thanks to Bollywood and the internet, Hindi slang is not confined only to Hindi words anymore.

As the younger generation is very into text messaging and informal talks, the mixed slangs have become more popular than ever. For instance, Marathi/Mumbaiya words from the state of Maharashtra and the dialect of Delhi make up a huge part of Hindi slang.

Internet Slang in India

If you’re a pro at texting in English and also wish to spread your wings in Hindi text talk, you’ve arrived at the right place. At HindiPod101, you can learn quickly and practice anywhere anytime with our easy-to-use apps. For more ideas and better learning, you’re welcome to visit our blog.

HindiPod101 will give you a sneak peek into the 100 most commonly used Hindi words, which could ultimately help you learn these Hindi acronyms and abbreviations. If you’re a beginner, here’s another tip: The pronunciation for Hindi words is done verbatim. That means we speak exactly as we write in Hindi.

And now, we’ll begin with some of the lesser-used texting slangs and text message abbreviations in Hindi.

3. Lesser-used Hindi Texting Slangs

Here are a few Hindi messaging slang and Hindi chat acronyms that are lesser-known in the texting world and can be used to flaunt your chatting swag among friends:

  • Biz: Biz stands for “business” or any current activity that someone’s engaged in. What does Biz translate to in Hindi? चक्कर / मामला (cakkar / maamaLaa).
  • WSH: This is an acronym that stands for “Weird Shit Happens.” For the English slang WSH, the Hindi meaning is लंका लग गयी (Lankaa Lag gayii).
  • TFQ/TFK: Both of these are the shortened/abbreviated version of the standard WTF (What the Fuck). The abbreviations use two syllables whereas the acronym has three syllables. Wondering about TFQ meaning in Hindi or what TFK means in Hindi? Well, both of them translate to क्या बकवास है (kyaa bakavaaS hai).
  • Slang Used When Angry

  • ToF: ToF is a common expression used for saying, “Tons of Fun.” What does ToF mean in Hindi? You can safely use the term मौज-मस्ती (mauj-maSTii) for it.
  • CT: If you’ve been wondering what CT means in texting, here’s the answer. CT can stand for a variety of terms, with these being the most common: “Cute,” “Can’t talk,” “Come together,” and “Coffee time.”
  • OKLM: This isn’t a proper English acronym, but a French phonetic word for Au calme. In English, the OKLM meaning is “Being quiet” and in Hindi, it translates to शांत / चुप (SaanT/ cup).
  • SVP: Another French phrase, s’il vous plait (SVP) means “If you please.” For SVP, the Hindi abbreviation is कृपया कर के (kripayaaa kar ke).
  • PTDR: PTDR stands for pété de rire. It’s yet another French term, and is equivalent to the acronym LOL. But what does PTDR mean in Hindi? It translates to हँसी से लोट-पोट हो जाना (hanSii se Lot-pot ho jaaNaa).
  • SMH: The text abbreviation SMH stands for “shaking/scratching my head.” In Hindi, folks would say it something like, सिर खुजाना (Sir khujaaNaa).

4. Hot and Popular Hindi Slangs

There are several Hindi slang lists that you may find useful, depending on the mood and situation. A couple of examples include Hindi slang shayari and Hindi slang songs. We’ve shared some of the Hindi online slang categories below—some of these can even be used in daily speech!

Note: Make sure you’re practicing the right verb forms in Hindi while texting these phrases.

1- Slang for Praising

  • क्या बात है! (kyaa baaT hai!)

  • This slang term in Hindi essentially means “Wow,” “Amazing,” or “Awesome.”
  • Usually, Indians use this expression when they see a great Facebook post or really like a picture you posted.
  • However, the phrase isn’t limited to online chats. It’s also fairly common in face-to-face conversations.
  • Example: क्या बात है! सुंदर तस्वीर! (kyaa baaT hai! SunDar TaSveer!)
    Translation: “Wow! Beautiful picture!”

Some other slangs with similar meanings are listed below. You can simply replace क्या बात है! with any of these in Hindi text/speak in daily life.

  • अरे वाह! (are vaah!)
  • मस्त (maST)
  • धाँसू (dhaanSuu)
  • ज़बरदस्त (zabaraDaST)
  • झकास (jhakaaS)

2- Slang for Disappointing Situations

  • अरे यार! (are yaar!)

  • Meaning: “Oh, man!”
  • The appropriate English phrase for this disappointed mood would be “Oh, man!”
  • It’s used to express how you feel during unexpected situations: disappointment, a sense of bad luck, regret, or boredom.
  • Both men and women use this phrase frequently.
  • Example: अरे यार! मेरी बस छूट गयी (are yaar! merii baS chuut gayii)
    Translation: “Oh, man! I missed my bus.”

Some other slang words/phrases with similar meaning are:

  • दिमाग़ की दही (Dimaaġ kii Dahii)

    Meaning: To bother/irritate/trouble/confuse/frustrate.
    Example: उसने अपनी बकबक से मेरे दिमाग़ की दही कर दी (uSaNe apaNi bakabak Se mere Dimaag kii Dahii kar Dii)
    Translation: “He irritated me with his incessant talking.”

  • झंड करना (jhand karaNaa)

    Meaning: To ruin a plan.
    Example: तुम ने सारा प्लान झंड कर दिया (Tum Ne Saaraa pLaaN jhand kar diyaa)
    Translation: “You ruined the whole plan.”

  • बवाल मचाना (bavaaL macaaNaa)

    Meaning: Making a scene.
    Example: अधिकारी ने वहां बड़ा बवाल मचाया (aDHikaarii Ne vahaan badaa bavaaL macaayaa)
    Translation: “The officer made a big scene there.”

  • गोली देना (goLii DeNaa)

    Meaning: To deceive/to make a fool/to let down.
    Example: कल मेरे दोस्त ने मुझे गोली दे दी (kaL mere DoST ne mujhe goLii De Dii)
    Translation: “Yesterday, my friend stood me up.”

  • पकाऊ (pakaauu)

    Meaning: Boring.
    Example: मूवी बहुत पकाऊ थी (muuvii bahuT pakaauu THii)
    Translation: “The movie was quite boring.”

Slang Used When Bored

3- Slang Based on Personality

We come across all types of people and have a slang for each of their peculiar characteristics. You’ll easily find them in several Hindi slang quotes as well.

  • नौटंकी (Nautankii)

  • Meaning: Drama Queen/Drama King.
  • This term is a perfect Hindi substitute for “Drama Queen/Drama King.”
  • This slang is used for any person who throws a lot of tantrums and shows off.
  • It’s a gender-neutral word/slang.
  • We’ve used it as an adjective here but it can also be used as a verb in other sentences.
  • Example: रिया पूरी नौटंकी है (riyaa puurii Nautankii hai)
    Translation: “Riya is a complete drama queen.”

Some other slang words with similar meanings are:

  • शाणा (saanaa)

  • Meaning: Over-smart/Smart-ass.
  • Example: बहुत शाणा बनने की कोशिश मत करो (bahuT saanaa baNaNe kii kosis maT karo)
    Translation: “Don’t try to be a smart-ass.”

Trying to be a Smart-ass

  • ढक्कन (DHakkaN)

  • Meaning: Dumbass
  • Example: तुम बिल्कुल ढक्कन हो क्या? (Tum biLkuL DHakkaN ho kyaa?)
    Translation: “Are you a total dumbass?”
  • गधा (gaDHaa)

  • Same as ढक्कन (DHakkaN).

4- Slang Related to Arguments

These are the slangs mainly used in situations of conflict and in arguments.

  • फ़र्ज़ी बात (farzii baaT)

  • Meaning: Bullshit.
  • The appropriate English phrase for this slang would be “Bullshit,” or “Load of crap.”
  • It’s used to argue with someone who’s just bluffing and boasting in order to fool you.
  • Both men and women use this phrase frequently.
  • Example: प्लीज़, तुम फ़र्ज़ी बात मत करो (pLiiz, Tum farzii baaT maT karo)
    Translation: “Please, don’t give me this bullshit.”
  • बकवास (bakavaaS)

  • Meaning: Nonsense/Crap.
  • Example: मुझे ये बकवास पसंद नहीं (mujhe ye bakavaaS paSaND Nahiin)
    Translation: “I don’t like this nonsense.”
  • मच-मच करना (mac-mac karaNaa)

  • Meaning: To keep arguing.
  • Example: दुकानदार मच-मच करता जा रहा था (DukaaNaDaar mac-mac karaTaa jaa rahaa THaa)
    Translation: “The shopkeeper kept arguing.”
  • Slang Used While Arguing

  • जुगाड़ (jugaad)

  • Meaning: Hack/Fix/Tricky Solution.
  • Example: हमें इस मुश्किल का जुगाड़ निकालना पड़ेगा (hamen iS muskiL kaa jugaad NikaaLaNaa padegaa)
    Translation: “We will have to find a hack for this problem.”
  • लोचा (Locaa)

  • Meaning: Trouble/Hitch/Something Wrong.
  • Example: एक लोचा हो गया है (ek Locaa ho gayaa hai)
    Translation: “Something went wrong.”
  • वाट लगना (vaat lagaNaa)

  • Meaning: To be in a problem/trouble/mess.
  • Example: मेरी टीचर की वाट लग गयी (merii tiicar kii vaat lag gayii)
    Translation: “My teacher is in trouble.”

5- Other Slangs

  • We have a few common Hindi slang words for girls but using them is considered quite offensive. People look down on their usage, so it’s better to avoid them. However, you can surely take a look at some of these words and use them among your close friends.

    These are the following:

    • कुड़ी (kudii) [Meaning: A young girl]
    • पटाखा (pataakhaa) [Meaning: An attractive female]
    • छोरी (chorii) [Meaning: Girl]

5. Famous English Slang and their Hindi Meanings

Indians use a lot of English colloquialisms in chats and online texting. Understanding these slangs and their Hindi meanings will expand your knowledge of Hindi text language. Wherever it’s possible, you’ll also find out the common Hindi version of the English slang!

  • LOL

  • LOL tops the Hindi slang dictionary.
  • In English, it means “Laughing Out Loud.” But what is the Hindi equivalent of LOL?
  • LOL in Hindi means हँसी से लोट-पोट हो जाना (hanSii se Lot-pot ho jaaNaa).
  • While chatting with any Hindi speaker, you can use this Hindi expression.
  • SUP

  • A Hindi texting translator may not catch every slang.
  • For instance, we all know that SUP is used for “What’s Up” but there’s no correct automated Hindi translation for it.
  • In India, the Hindi slang for it is, क्या हाल-चाल (kyaa haaL-caaL)
  • TQ

  • To congratulate someone, we often depend on the slang TQ.
  • In formal language, it’s an expression for “Thank you.”
  • Whereas in Hindi, we say शुक्रिया /धन्यवाद (sukriyaa / DHaNyavaaD).
  • CC

  • The slang CC is quite common on Facebook.
  • Basically, it stands for “Cute Couple.”
  • CC in Hindi texting can be replaced with प्यारी जोड़ी (pyaarii jodii).
  • How to Call Someone Cute in Hindi

  • BRB

  • Another popular phrase used in texts is BRB.
  • The literal translation for it is “Be Right Back.”
  • However, if you translate BRB in Hindi, it’s written as अभी आता हूँ / आती हूँ (abhii aaTaa huun / aaTii huun).
  • Some Other Slangs:

  • NP (No Problem)
    Hindi Translation: कोई बात नहीं (koii baaT Nahiin)
  • IDK (I Don’t Know)
    Hindi Translation: पता नहीं (paTaa Nahiin)
  • OMG (Oh My God)
    Hindi Translation: हे भगवान (he bhagavaaN)
  • NVM (Never Mind)
    Hindi Translation: कोई नहीं (koii Nahiin)
  • TC (Take Care)
    Hindi Translation: ख़याल रखो (khayaaL rakho)

Now that you’ve brushed up on so many Hindi chat slangs, are you excited to flaunt them in the next chat with your friends? We bet you are! Keep visiting our website HindiPod101 and become a pro with us.

6. Bring Swag to Your Hindi Chats with HindiPod101

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Meanwhile, keep practicing and showing off your newly acquired skills. Let the world watch while you rule the internet with your Hindi slangs!

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14 Unique Phrases & Hindi Words with No English Equivalent

Every language has a flavor of its own and it comes from the colloquial expressions that the native speakers of that language use. For instance, while telling a joke, snapping at someone out of anger, or during a witty banter among friends.

The words, phrases, and way of putting things used in such informal conversations among locals don’t lend themselves to translation. You won’t find a word that does the same job in another language.

This is why, in your efforts to learn Hindi, you’ll often stumble upon quite a few Hindi words with no English equivalent. The elements of humor, sadness, or disappointment are reflected best through the use of native expressions only. These may include popular Hindi idioms, common phrases, or regional slang.

That said, let’s look further at why these untranslatable words in learning Hindi are so important.

Table of Contents

  1. Why the Intactness of Some Local Phrases is Important!
  2. Commonly Used Irreplaceable Phrases in Hindi
  3. Turn Hindi Learning into Child’s Play with HindiPod101

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1. Why the Intactness of Some Local Phrases is Important!

  • The sheer beauty of these expressions lies in the fact that they cannot be exactly deduced into English. Imposing a conversion would most likely distort their essence.
  • To keep that native soul intact, it’s important to learn how to use them in their original forms rather than trying to use them any other way. Here’s a list of English words with Hindi-Urdu origin to show how terms from a source language transfuse into the target language.
  • These beautiful untranslatable Hindi words brew life into our Hindi language and give you an opportunity to talk and sound like a local. Learning them will add fluency to your Hindi and bring you closer to the Indian culture.

Native Expressions to Greet Each Other

  • Locals prefer to use the colloquial words they’ve grown up with. In a way, these local expressions are more than just words to the common folks.
  • You may find most of the Hindi-Urdu words intricate to the ears, while some of these happen to sound a little coarse. But in the end, these phrases leave an unforgettable impression on people.
  • At times, the untranslatable words (Hindi) are so accurately apt, funny, and beautiful that even non-natives fall in love with them. Often, to be able to feel a language in its truest spirit, suffusing in the colloquialisms is necessary.

So, are you ready to set out on this linguistic journey with HindiPod101 and learn some of the best untranslatable Hindi words with us? Here we go!

2. Commonly Used Irreplaceable Phrases in Hindi

This section covers a list of untranslatable Hindi words. You’ll find here a couple of untranslatable Hindi idioms and other Hindi words with no English translation.

1- जिगर का टुकड़ा (jigar kaa tukadaa)

1. Literal Translation

  • “A piece of the liver.”

2. Meaning

  • The most precious person.

3. Example Situation

  • If you’re the sweetest person in the life of your partner or parents, you’re their jigar kaa tukadaa.

4. Usage in a Sentence

  • मेरी बेटी मेरा जिगर का टुकड़ा है।
  • (merii betii meraa jigar ka tukadaa hai.)
  • My daughter is my jigar kaa tukadaa.

5. Additional Notes

  • This is a phrase used to call loved ones out of affection. It’s mostly used by parents for their children.

2- बिंदी (biNDii)

The Red-Colored Bindi Worn by a Woman

1. Literal Translation

  • “A dot.”

2. Meaning

  • Colored dot Hindu women wear on their foreheads.

3. Example Situation

  • You can see Hindu women wearing biNDii’ (the colored dot) in everyday life, at weddings, at temple rituals, etc. They come in almost every color.

4. Usage in a Sentence

  • हिंदू औरतें शादी के बाद बिंदी लगाती हैं।
  • (hiNDuu auraTen saaDii ke baaD biNDii LagaaTii hain.)
  • Hindu women wear biNDii after their marriage.

5. Additional Notes

  • In the exquisite Indian culture, it’s a religious ornamental, colored dot, specifically worn by Hindu and Jain women.

3- उल्लू का पट्ठा (uLLuu kaa patthaa)

1. Literal Translation

  • “Young one of an owl.”

2. Meaning

  • A fool/idiot.

3. Example Situation

  • It’s a slang used to call a person who always does something foolish or who deserves scolding.

4. Usage in a Sentence

  • रोहन को कोई काम ठीक से नहीं आता। वह एकदम उल्लू का पट्ठा है।
  • (rohaN ko koii kaam thiik se nahiin aaTaa. vah ekaDam uLLuu kaa patthaa hai.)
  • Rohan can’t do anything properly. He is a damn uLLuu kaa patthaa.

5. Additional Notes

  • This is a kind of slang people use when they’re frustrated with someone’s stupidity. Although it qualifies as one of the funny untranslatable Hindi words, you’re not supposed to say it in front of that person.

4- दाना-पानी (DaaNaa-paaNii)

1. Literal Translation

  • “Grain and water.”

2. Meaning

  • Earning to compensate for basic amenities or survival.

3. Example Situation

  • It’s another local phrase for the source of fulfilling basic necessities of life such as rations, etc.

4. Usage in a Sentence

  • ज़्यादा झगड़ा करोगे तो तुम्हारा दाना-पानी बंद हो जाएगा।
  • (zyaaDaa jhagadaa karoge To Tumhaaraa DaaNaa-paaNii baND ho jaayegaa.)
  • If you keep quarreling like this, you will lose your DaaNaa-paaNii.

5. Additional Notes

  • This phrase falls in the category of Hindi untranslatable words school of life that points toward the fight for survival amongst the poor and lower middle-class of the Indian society. However, with blurring economic disparities, nowadays it’s used by the upper-class as well.

5- दिन रात एक करना (DiN raaT ek karaNaa)

A Hard-Working Person

1. Literal Translation

  • “To make day and night into one.”

2. Meaning

  • To work very hard.

3. Example Situation

  • When a person is working so hard that he/she loses track of time while achieving a goal.

4. Usage in a Sentence

  • कठिन परीक्षा पास करने के लिए दिन रात एक करना पड़ता है।
  • (kathiN pariiksaa paaS karaNe ke Liye DiN raaT ek karaNaa padaTaa hai.)
  • In order to pass a tough exam, what you need to do is DiN raaT ek karaNaa.

6- लंगर (LaNgar)

1. Literal Translation

  • “Community kitchen.”

2. Meaning

  • Free meal prepared for the masses by Sikhs. Anyone is welcome to join it.

3. Example Situation

  • If you happen to visit a Gurudwara (a religious place of Sikhs), you can see a large group sitting in rows and being served a fresh hot meal for free. It’s called LaNgar. LaNgar can also be organized outside the Gurudwara.

4. Usage in a Sentence

  • स्वर्ण मंदिर में रोज़ लंगर खिलाया जाता है।
  • (Svarn maNDir me roz LaNgar khiLaayaa jaaTaa hai.)
  • The Golden Temple serves LaNgar every day.

5. Additional Notes

  • Other untranslatable Hindi terms with a similar meaning are भंडारा (bhaNdaaraa), पंगत (paNgaT), and भोज (bhoj).

Some of these phrases may sound too difficult to pronounce. But don’t lose heart yet. With these amazing lessons on Hindi pronunciation, you’ll be able to speak in Hindi confidently.

7- माई-बाप (maaii-baap)

1. Literal Translation

  • “Mother-father.”

2. Meaning

  • A person on whom your livelihood depends.

3. Example Situation

  • When your source of income and life is completely in somebody else’s hand, that person is like your maaii-baap.

4. Usage in a Sentence

  • इस दुकान के मालिक ही अब मेरे माई-बाप हैं।
  • (iS DukaaN ke maaLik hii ab mere maaii-baap hain.)
  • The owner of this shop is like maaii-baap to me now.

8- तमाशा (Tamaasaa)

To Make a Fuss about Little Things

1. Literal Translation

  • “Drama/Play.”

2. Meaning

  • To create a scene.

3. Example Situation

  • Small issues are a part of our everyday life. Instead of ignoring them, some people make a Tamaasaa (huge scene) out of it.

4. Usage in a Sentence

  • छोटी-सी बात का तमाशा मत बनाओ।
  • (chotii-Sii baaT ka Tamaasaa maT baNaao.)
  • Don’t make such a Tamaasaa out of a pity thing.

9- चुगलख़ोर (cugaLakhor)

1. Literal Translation

  • “A person who bad-mouths/gossips behind others backs.”

2. Meaning

  • This untranslatable phrase in Hindi is a noun for someone who bad-mouths/gossips behind someone’s back.

3. Example Situation

  • You may have a colleague who talks bad to the boss about every other employee just to gain his trust, or who eavesdrops on conversations and then gossips about it. He/she is a cugaLakhor.

4. Usage in a Sentence

  • शीला पीठ पीछे सबकी बुराई करती रहती है। वह पक्की चुगलख़ोर है।
  • (siiLaa piith piiche sabakii buraaii karaTii rehaTii hai. vah pakkii cugaLakhor hai.)
  • Sheila bad-mouths everyone behind their back. She is really a cugaLakhor.

5. Additional Notes

  • It’s not to be said in front of that particular person.

10- पूजा (puujaa)


1. Literal Translation

  • “Praying to God.”

2. Meaning

  • A term used by Hindus for the act of worshipping their gods.

3. Example Situation

  • Hindus often go to temples or create a small place for their daily puujaa (worshipping) in their homes. It’s also an essential ritual on any auspicious day or before beginning something new.

4. Usage in a Sentence

  • कल दुकान का उद्घाटन है। हम सबको वहाँ पर होने वाली पूजा में ज़रूर चलना है।
  • (kaL DukaaN ka uDghaataN hai. ham sabako vahaan par hoNe vaaLi puujaa men zaruur caLaNaa hai.)
  • Tomorrow is the inauguration ceremony of the shop. All of us must attend the puujaa there.

11- ईद का चाँद (iiD kaa caaND)

1. Literal Translation

  • “Thinnest moon visible on Eid night.”

2. Meaning

  • A person who is rarely seen.

3. Example Situation

  • The Eid moon is quite difficult to see; anyone who’s visible only after being away a long time is compared to that.

4. Usage in a Sentence

  • टीना तो बहुत दिन से दिखाई नहीं दी। वह बिलकुल ईद का चाँद हो गयी है।
  • (tiiNaa To bahuT DiN Se Dikhaaii nahiin Dii. vah biLkuL iiD kaa caaND ho gayii hai.)
  • Teena hasn’t been around for such a long time. She has become iiD kaa caaND.

12- ढाबा (dhaabaa)

Famous Indian Cuisine Served at Dhaabaa

1. Literal Translation

  • “Roadside restaurant.”

2. Meaning

  • A roadside eating place with fresh and relatively cheaper food.

3. Example Situation

  • On a highway or other outer roads, many eateries/dhaabaa can be seen. They’re open most of the time and serve economical food almost anyone can afford.

4. Usage in a Sentence

  • चलो, आज ढाबे पर चाय पीते हैं।
  • (caLo, aaj dhaabe par caay piiTe hain.)
  • Come on! Let’s have tea at a dhaabaa today.

13- मंत्र (maNTr)

1. Literal Translation

  • “Vedic hymn.”

2. Meaning

  • The key to achieving something big.

3. Example Situation

  • For instance, in today’s life, couples fight a lot. But some couples are exceptions. They manage to spend a loving and peaceful life. One might wonder what their maNTr is to such a blissful marital life.

4. Usage in a Sentence

  • आपके सुखी जीवन का मंत्र क्या है?
  • (aapake Sukhii jiivaN kaa maNTr kyaa hai?)
  • What’s the maNTr to your happy life?

5. Additional Notes

  • maNTr is one of the untranslatable Hindi phrases that’s also used in the English language on several occasions.

14- घपला (ghapaLaa)

1. Literal Translation

  • “Fraud.”

2. Meaning

  • Proven scandal or a situation which smells fishy.

3. Example Situation

  • We hear about all the scandals/ghapaLaa caused by politicians.

4. Usage in a Sentence

  • ऑफ़िस में कोई बड़ा घपला हुआ है।
  • (aufiS men koii badaa ghapaLaa huaa hai.)
  • There has been some huge ghapaLaa in the office.

5. Additional Notes

  • ghapaLaa is another one of the untranslatable terms in Hindi that may sometimes sound serious. However, as mentioned in the example, it may not always refer to something serious. Many times, the elders in the family use this phrase at home for the innocent mischiefs of the kids as well.

For those who wish to explore Hindi on a deeper level and are interested in learning some untranslatable sad Hindi words, the World of Shayari (Urdu poetry) will definitely quench your thirst.

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Lord Jagannath Chariot Festival: To Dwarka & Beyond

Lord Jagannath Chariot Festival

Every year a massive festival is celebrated in the middle of summer, or in Hindi Grishm Ritu in eastern India, where the Lord Jagannath is taken on a chariot ride to Dwarka and more pilgrimage sites. In this lesson, we’re talking about the special festival of the Chariot Ride, celebrated for nine days during the Hindu month of Aashad, and the significance of Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra.

Since the Jagannath Festival is one of the most celebrated in India, learning about it will allow you to better understand Hindu culture and religion as a whole. And as any successful language-learner can tell you, this is a vital step in mastering any language!

At HindiPod101.com, we hope to make this learning journey both fun and informative, as you delve into the Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra Puri.

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1. What is the Chariot Festival of Lord Jagannath?

The Chariot Festival involves a journey comprised of three chariots carrying the statues of Lord Jagannath, Subhadra, and Balram, respectively. Lord Jagannath is a human incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

In his life story, when he killed the evil king Kansa and rid the people of his tyranny, the entire city came out to greet Lord Vishnu as he paraded victoriously through town.

This event is commemorated every year with his idol, in Hindi called a Moorti. Each year, three new chariots are made and decorated out of sandalwood for the occasion.

2. When is the Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra?

The date of the Chariot Festival of Lord Jagannath varies each year on the Gregorian calendar, but always takes place in June or July. For your convenience, here’s a list of this holiday’s date for the next ten years.

  • 2019: July 4
  • 2020: June 23
  • 2021: July 11
  • 2022: June 30
  • 2023: June 19
  • 2024: July 7
  • 2025: June 26
  • 2026: July 16
  • 2027: July 5
  • 2028: June 24

3. How is the Chariot Festival Celebrated?

Fireworks Going Off

1- The Chariots & The Char Dham

The biggest celebrations are held in Odisha, where this is considered a huge occasion. In the city of Puri, three chariots leave the Jagannath Temple each year, and devotees pull them to the Gundicha Temple two miles away. The chariots are as follows:

  • The first chariot of Lord Balram is called Taldhwaj, and is decorated in red and blue drapes.
  • The second chariot of Subhadra is called Dwarpdalan and is decorated in red and black fabric.
  • The third one, of Lord Jagannath, is forty-four feet high, stands on sixteen wheels, and is called Nandi Ghosha.

After nine days, the chariots are taken back to the Jagannath Temple via the Mausi Ma Temple. At the Mausi Ma Temple, people eat special Poda Pitha sweets. People play conch shells, temple bells, and the flute along the Yatra, and millions of devotees throng the route to view the idols, yelling Jai Jagannath! meaning “Praising Lord Jagannath!” This tradition was started by King Indradyumna of the Kaling Kingdom, who commissioned construction for the three idols and Lord Jagannath’s temple.

Do you know what the four sites of the Char Dham pilgrimage are? They are as follows:

  • Badrinath
  • Dwarka
  • Puri
  • Rameswaram

2- Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra Story

The arms of the three idols are noticeably incomplete, yet an old legend related to King Indradyumna and his sculptor explains why this is so.

Through divine guidance, the King was guided to employ a certain sculptor. However, the sculptor’s only condition for creating the idols was that no one should come to him, or even knock on his door for twenty-one days. The King agreed, but after hearing no noise coming from the room after fourteen days, the King grew restless and opened the door. Inside, he found the three uncompleted idols, but the sculptor was gone. Taking this as the gods’ will, the King installed the idols in their incomplete form.

4. The Puri Jagannath Temple

What is the Puri Jagannath temple, the starting point of the Chariot Festival, famous for?

Lord Vishnu is a major deity in Hinduism. There are four temples in India in the four directions dedicated to four major deities. The Lord Jagannath temple at Puri is the eastern temple of Lord Vishnu. This is the only temple where Lord Jagannath shares space with Balram and Subhadra.

5. Useful Vocabulary for the Chariot Festival

Food for Deity

Here’s some vocabulary you should know for the Chariot Festival of Lord Jagannath!

  • पर्यटक (paryatak) — tourist
  • मंदिर (maNDir) — temple
  • घोड़ा (ghoDaa) — horse
  • रथ यात्रा (rath yaatraa) — Festival of Lord Jagannath
  • सड़क पर जुलूस निकालना (sadak par juloos nikaalna) — street procession
  • पवित्र स्नान (paviTra snaan) — holy bath
  • देव (Dev) — deity
  • रथ (rath) — chariot
  • लकड़ी (iakdi) — wood
  • चार धाम (Char Dham) — Char Dham
  • पुरी (Puri) — Puri
  • बद्रीनाथ (Badrinath) — Badrinath
  • द्वारका (Dwarka) — Dwarka, India
  • चंदन की लकड़ी (chandan ki lakdi) — sandalwood
  • भगवान ब्रह्मा (Bhagwan Brahma) — Lord Brahma (Lord Brahma sometimes referred to as Vishnu’s “creative aspect”)
  • संसार (sansar) — world
  • त्यौहार (tyohar) — festival
  • ब्रह्माण्ड (brhamaand) — universe
  • यात्रा (yatra) — journey
  • मूर्ति (murti) — idol
  • प्रसाद (prasad) — food offered to a deity

To hear each vocabulary word pronounced, check out our Chariot Festival of Lord Jagannath vocabulary list!


We hope you enjoyed learning about the Chariot Festival of Lord Jagannath with us, and that you took away something valuable from this lesson! Do you remember the answer to the question: “Lord Jagannath is a form of which Hindu god?” Let us know in the comments!

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Know that your hard work in learning Hindi will pay off, and before you know it, you’ll be speaking, reading, and writing Hindi like a native!

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How to Say “My Name is..” in Hindi and Introduce Yourself

In India, people love to socialize. A smile comes in handy and folks don’t mind initiating the conversation and asking your whereabouts. In short, expect a heartwarming welcome if you’re coming to India, and even more so if it’s your first time here. Hindi is a widely spoken language in India and all over the world. In India, using phrases like “I live in..” or “My name is..” in Hindi, can be a real-quick ice-breaker in the first meeting.

Whether you’re here to attend a party or a job interview, or you’re on a business trip, a bare minimum knowledge of Hindi helps you easily gel with others while feeling more connected to the conversation. Being a non-Hindi person, you may wonder how to introduce yourself in Hindi. Worry not! HindiPod101 has got you covered. Initially, just knowing some common Hindi phrases is enough to get you going for a while.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s learn some basics about introducing yourself in Hindi. Following are some examples of how to introduce yourself in Hindi, so let’s get on with our dictionary and information on how to introduce yourself in Hindi, with translations.

Table of Contents

  1. Some Basic Etiquette Tips
  2. Greeting Others
  3. How to Talk About Yourself
  4. How to Talk about Nationality!
  5. Handling a Personal Talk!
  6. About Your Profession and Other Details!
  7. Speak Flawless Hindi with HindiPod101

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1. Some Basic Etiquette Tips

It makes sense to do a little homework before traveling to a new country. Check out these Ten Quick Facts about Hindi to stay ahead. You can also learn more about the Do’s and Don’ts that apply to the Indian culture. Unlike in English, there are separate words for addressing someone, based on their age and other factors.

1- Using the Formal Version of “You”

Whether it’s a formal occasion or an informal one, if you’re about to give your introduction in Hindi, use the word आप (aap) meaning “You” for women and people who are senior to you. In a business meeting or any other formal get-together, it’s better to address your co-workers by the word आप (aap) which is a more formal version of “You.” As the Indian society is becoming more sophisticated with time, people also prefer to address children in the same way.

For more information, you can get as many details as you like about the Hindi language.

2- The Body Language

Indians are sensitive when it comes to body language. Staying too close to a female, touching the other females while talking casually, might make the local folks a little uncomfortable. Even if you’re there with your spouse or partner, PDA is still not that common around here. However, these rules aren’t followed very strictly anymore. From the cultural point of view, the society—especially the younger generation—is opening up really fast.

When in a Public Place, Your Body Language Matters

2. Greeting Others

Curious about pronouncing Hindi words correctly? Sharpen your skills on our Hindi Pronunciation page.

Another way to conversate gracefully is by using the word आप (aap) or “You.” आप (aap) is preferred over तुम (Tum) also meaning “you,” when meeting new people in India. This holds true while addressing the females and the elderly.

If you’re meeting the folks for the first time, the same goes for people who are either your age or younger. आप (aap) or “You” sounds better while talking to them. But it’s not just what you say out loud! Your body language speaks volumes about your enthusiasm.

A smiling face is a great way to tell people that you’re really enjoying their company. Leave an unforgettable impression on others by greeting them with a hand gesture of नमस्ते (NamaSTe) which means “Hello” in Hindi.

The Indian Way of Greeting

Cultural Tips:

  • A language loses its spell if the right gestures are missing!
  • So, the next time you’re in India, instead of “Hello” say नमस्ते (NamaSTe) which also means “Hello,” and wait for the magic to happen.
  • If there’s one thing that melts the Indian heart within a minute, it’s a non-native person saying नमस्ते (NamaSTe) to them. This is the right way to introduce yourself in Hindi.
  • Make sure to bring both of your hands forward and join the palms together, while tilting your head slightly forward.
  • When you’re surrounded by a group of people your own age, a नमस्ते (NamaSTe) might be replaced by a warm handshake. This is more common among males.

3. How to Talk About Yourself

When you talk about yourself, keep in mind the “Gender Rules” described above. It’ll help you introduce yourself in Hindi with more confidence. Let’s look at some of the common self-introduction statements used in Hindi.

  • “Hello, how are you?”
    • नमस्ते, आप कैसे हैं? (NamaSTe, aap kaiSe haĩn?) [While talking to a male.]
    • नमस्ते, आप कैसी हैं? (NamaSTe, aap kaiSii haĩn?) [While talking to a female.]
      • “Hello” — नमस्ते (NamaSTe)
      • “How” — कैसे/ कैसी (kaiSe / kaiSiii)
      • “Are” — हैं (hain)
      • “You” — आप (aap)
  • “Yes, I am fine, thank you.”
    • जी, मैं ठीक हूँ, धन्यवाद। (jii, main thiik huun, DHaNyavaaD.)
      • “Yes” — जी (jii)
      • “I” — मैं (main)
      • “Am” — हूँ (huun)
      • “Fine” — ठीक (thiik)
      • “Thank you” — धन्यवाद (DHaNyavaaD)
  • “My name is John.”
    • मेरा नाम जॉन है।. (meraa Naam jauN hai.)
      • “My” — मेरा (meraa)
      • “Name” — नाम (Naam)
      • “Is” — है (hai)
      • “John” — जॉन (jauN)
  • “Pleasure to meet you.”
    • आप से मिलकर अच्छा लगा।. (aap Se miLakar acchaa Lagaa.)
      • “Pleasure” — अच्छा लगा (acchaa Lagaa)
      • “To” — से (Se)
      • “Meet” — मिलकर (miLakar)
      • “You” — आप (aap)

Talking about your name in Hindi is unavoidable! If you don’t know how to write your name in Hindi, ask our teachers on our Hindi Names page!

Cultural Tip:

  • Your tone matters in India. Anything spoken in a soft tone is quite well-received.
  • Moreover, people here don’t just listen to your voice but also read your body language. For example, if you’re bored or uninterested in the conversation, they can sense it real quick.
  • If you’re sitting alone, they’ll notice it and give you company.
  • They also make sure that you’re comfortable and not feeling left out!

Confidently Introduce Yourself at Social Gatherings

4. How to Talk about Nationality!

Consider it as Level-II of “How to Introduce Yourself in Hindi.” After successfully crossing the initial greetings stage, the conversation may go on like this!

  • “Where do you come from?”
    • आप कहाँ से हैं? (aap kahaan Se hain?)
      • “Where” — कहाँ (kahaan)
      • “Are” — हैं (hain)
      • “You” — आप (aap)
      • “Come from” — से (Se)
  • “I am from Japan.”
    • मैं जापान से हूँ। (main jaapaaN Se huun.)
      • “I” — मैं (main)
      • “Am” — हूँ (huun)
      • “From” — से (Se)
      • “Japan” — जापान (jaapaaN)

Both of the above sentences are gender-neutral. This is the list of countries in the Hindi language.

Cultural Tip:

  • India is a vast country and yet people have all sorts of curiosity and respect for other cultures around the world. This may pave a road for some common questions about your country, especially the staple foods and the weather in your country!
  • When it comes to dressing up, wearing proper formal attire to the occasion is a good idea. Indians are more comfortable if the females are in a dress that covers their legs and shoulders properly.
  • If you’ve never had an Indian meal before, your taste buds are going to explode. The food here is mostly spicy and hot. The cuisine is easier to eat with your hands instead of a knife and fork. Make sure that you use your right hand for eating. Avoid using the left hand at all costs! Also keep in mind that the sweets may taste too sweet to you, but you’re surely going to love it in the end. The food here is addictive!!

Hot and Spicy Indian Food

5. Handling a Personal Talk!

It’s common for the elders to ask you about your marital status and family. Knowing these sentences beforehand can turn out to be quite helpful while introducing yourself in Hindi. Talking about your family in Hindi is an important topic to have covered in your knowledge base!

  • “Are you married?”
    • क्या आप शादीशुदा हैं? (kyaa aap saaDiisuDaa hain?)
      • “Are” — क्या (kyaa) and हैं (hain) [In the interrogative form, it stands for both kyaa and hain.)
      • “You” — आप (aap)
      • “Married” — शादीशुदा (saaDiisuDaa)
  • “Yes, I am married.”
    • जी हाँ, मैं शादीशुदा हूँ।. (jii haan, main saaDiisuDaa huun.)
      • “Yes” — जी, हाँ (jii haan)
      • “I” — मैं (main)
      • “Am” — हूँ (huun)
      • “Married” — शादीशुदा (saaDiisuDaa)
  • “No, I am not married.”
    • जी नहीं, मैं शादीशुदा नहीं हूँ। (jii Nahiin, main saaDiisuDaa Nahiin huun.)
      • “No” — जी नहीं (jii nahiin)
      • “I” — मैं (main)
      • “Am” — हूँ (huun)
      • “Not” — नहीं (Nahiinĩ)
      • “Married” — शादीशुदा (saaDiisuDaa)

Cultural Tip:

  • At first, the kind of questions asked in your first conversation in India may feel a bit intrusive to you. But worry not, it’s just a harmless way of ice-breaking in India!
  • In India, they love to hear about your spouse and kids. Expect a few questions about your kids, their education, your spouse’s profession, etc.
  • If you don’t have kids, they might even ask when you’re going to have one! Don’t be shocked! It’s almost out of love.

Sharing about Your Personal Life

6. About Your Profession and Other Details!

Talking about your profession and hobbies in Hindi can really liven the discussion! Here are some phrases you should know.

    • “Where do you live currently?”
      • फ़िलहाल, आप कहाँ रहते/रहती हैं? (fiLahaaL, aap kahaan rahaTe/rahaTii hain?)
      • “Where” — कहाँ (kahaan)
      • “Do” — हैं (hain)
      • “You” — आप (aap)
      • “Live” — रहते/रहती (rahaTe/Tii)
      • “Currently” — फ़िलहाल (fiLahaaL)
  • “Currently, I am living in Delhi.”
    • फ़िलहाल, मैं दिल्ली में रह रहा/रही हूँ। (fiLahaaL, main DiLLii men rah rahaa/rahii huun)
      • “Currently” — फ़िलहाल (fiLahaaL)
      • “I” — मैं (main)
      • “Am” — हूँ (huun)
      • “Living” — रह रहा/ रही (rah rahaa / rahii)
      • “In” — में (men)
      • “Delhi” — दिल्ली (DiLLii)
  • “What do you do?”
    • आप क्या करते/करती हैं? (aap kyaa karaTe / karaTii hain?)
      • “What” — क्या (kyaa)
      • “Do” — हैं (hain)
      • “You” — आप (aap)
      • “Do” — करते/करती (karaTe / karaTii)
  • “I am a writer.”
    • मैं एक लेखक/लेखिका हूँ।? (main ek Lekhak/Lekhikaa huun?)
      • “I” — मैं (main)
      • “Am” — हूँ (huun)
      • “A” — एक (ek)
      • “Writer” — लेखक/लेखिका (Lekhak / Lekhikaa)
  • “How do you like to spend your free time?”
    • आप अपना ख़ाली वक़्त कैसे बिताना पसंद करते/करती हैं? (aap apaNaa khaaLii vaqT kaiSe biTaaNaa paSaND karaTe / karaTii hain?)
      • “How” — कैसे (kaiSe)
      • “Do” — हैं (hain)
      • “You” — आप (aap)
      • “Like” — पसंद (paSaND)
      • “To spend” — बिताना (biTaaNaa)
      • “Your” — अपना (apaNaa)
      • “Free” — ख़ाली (khaaLii)
      • “Time” — वक़्त (vaqT)
  • “I like to cook food in my free time.”
    • मैं अपने ख़ाली वक़्त में खाना पकाना पसंद करता/करती हूँ. (main apaNe khaaLii vaqT men khaaNaa pakaaNaa paSaND karaTa/karaTii huun.)
      • “I” — मैं (main)
      • “Like” — पसंद (paSaND)
      • “To cook” — पकाना (pakaaNaa)
      • “Food” — खाना (khaaNaa)
      • “In” — में (men)
      • “My” — अपने (apaNe)
      • “Free” — ख़ाली (khaaLii)
      • “Time” — वक़्त (vaqT)

Cultural Tip:

  • At some places, the guests are welcomed with a Tilak (“mark”) on the forehead made with a paste of red sandalwood. The sandalwood is imbibed with cooling properties and is believed to soothe the third eye. Females can also pamper their hands with intricate mehndi (“Henna”) designs.
  • Unlike Church, visiting religious places here requires you to take off your shoes. (Just a gentle reminder!)

We hope you enjoyed this Hindi lesson! And if your thirst for learning is still unquenched, you’re most welcome to explore Hindi on a deeper level.

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What’s more! You also get access to free audio charts, free vocabulary lists, and a free Hindi dictionary. There are flash cards and PDF notes to ease things for you as well.

So, join us and have an amazing Hindi time with us on HindiPod101!

In the meantime, we hope you’ll practice introducing about yourself in the Hindi language using the examples we provided. Good luck!

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Watch Bollywood/ Hindi Movies & Learn Hindi in No Time!

If you’re a true cinema lover, chances are you’ve stumbled upon the magical world of Hindi movies or Hindi films (a.k.a. Bollywood movies) at some point. For those who aren’t familiar with the Indian mainstream cinema, below are a few interesting facts about Indian cinema and Hindi box office movies to better your understanding.

Table of Contents

  1. Interesting Facts About Indian Cinema and Bollywood
  2. Learning Hindi with Bollywood Movies!
  3. Improve Your Hindi with Bollywood’s Most Popular and Timeless Movies
  4. Inspirational Movies
  5. Movies on Sensitive Issues
  6. Entertainment with a Message
  7. Romance
  8. Comedy
  9. Hindi Learning Made Easy with HindiPod101

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1. Interesting Facts About Indian Cinema and Bollywood

  • With a rich and remarkable history of Indian cinema, the country produces Indian movies in more than twenty Indian languages.
  • Interestingly, Indian cinema produces the largest number of movies in the world, even surpassing Hollywood in terms of its annual production.
  • There are three main categories of movies in India. These are Masala movies (Commercial cinema), Art movies (Parallel cinema), and Regional movies (Multilingual cinema).
  • Bollywood is mainly associated with making movies in the Hindi language. These Hindi movies possess a Hindi-Urdu dialect known as Hindustani, one of the Top five Hindi dialects in India.
  • Nowadays, Hindustani is often accompanied by many English words, acquiring the name of a Hinglish dialect.
  • We just can’t imagine a Hindi movie not suffused with lots of songs and dance beats. For most commercial Hindi movies, music is the backbone of their success.

2. Learning Hindi with Movies?

But why are we talking about movies at our learning site HindiPod101? Is it really possible to learn Hindi from Bollywood movies? The answer is yes.

Top verbs

So now you must be wondering how to learn Hindi through movies. You can learn Hindi by movies, but that’s not all. Over the past few decades, films have proven their worth in ways that go far beyond linguistic insights.

3. Why You Should Learn Hindi With Bollywood Movies

In this section, we promise to share with you some of the best Bollywood movies to learn Hindi, ranging from the classic films to new Indian movies.

Along with that, for anyone out there wondering cluelessly, our article will also act as your helping hand, going over how to learn Hindi by watching movies.

The list below includes all good Indian movies with impeccable storylines, flawless scripts, and great overall talent.

So, brace yourself to get swept off your feet with these handpicked Hindi movies you must watch.

By the way, if you’re looking for Hindi movies (2018 ) or Hindi movies (2019), you can always check for Hindi movies online or search for Hindi movies on YouTube. When it comes to Hindi movies, streaming is often a great option.

Movie genres

4. Inspirational Movies

When it comes to the language of Hindi’s best movies, Bollywood has made several remarkable inspirational movies, based on both real-life stories and fiction. The great thing about such films is that they carry the power to touch our lives. We all struggle with various challenges, but sometimes it becomes hard to pull yourself together and keep moving. At such moments, a fine cinema (Indians’ best movies) can provide you with much-needed enthusiasm to get you going.

1- Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013)

Mhaag MiLkhaa Bhaag

  • Hindi Title: भाग मिल्खा भाग
  • Romanization: bhaag miLkhaa bhaag
  • English Title: Run Milkha Run

Milkha is a kid in Punjab, who has seen his family members being massacred during the partition riots between India and Pakistan. Successfully escaping the horrendous atmosphere in the village, he finds his married sister in the refugee camp.

Confused at first, he soon realizes his passion and strength for running and decides to become an athlete. The road to athletics is not so smooth; however, determined Milkha not only grabs a world champion title, but also becomes a sports icon for many. All while dealing with his own emotional challenges and painful childhood memories.

The movie is inspired by the life of the real Olympian athlete, Milkha Singh. The pristine dialogue delivery, inspiring real-life story, and heart-touching depiction of India’s post-independence struggle makes it the best movie for learning Hindi and taking a peek at the village life in India as well.

Famous Quotes:

  • लोग बुरे नहीं होते, हालात बुरे होते हैं।
    Log bure nahiin hoTe, haaLaaT bure hoTe hain.
    “People are not bad, circumstances are bad.”
  • ऊँचाई पर उड़ने वाले पंछी, छोटे-छोटे पेड़ों से दिल नहीं लगाते।
    uuncaaii par udaNe vaaLe paNchii, chote-chote pedon Se DiL nahiin LagaaTe.
    “Birds which aim to fly high don’t get attached to mere trees.”

Useful Words:

  • दौड़ (Daud) Race
  • भाग (bhaag) Run
  • मिट्टी (mittii) Soil
  • पंछी (paNchii) Birds
  • बहन (bahaN) Sister
  • गाँव (gaanv) Village

2- Mary Kom (2014)

Mary Kom

  • Hindi Title: मैरी कॉम
  • Romanization: mairii kaum
  • English Title: Mary Kom

Born in Manipur, a small state in India, Mary Kom is far from being a traditional girl. Even in school, she refuses to tolerate the mischievous boys and indulges in serious fights with them. Belonging to a poor family, her father is a simple farmer who somehow manages the basic necessities but never compromises on the education of his kids.

Mary knows her mental and physical strength very well but is directionless. It’s only when she gets in touch with her soon-to-be boxing coach that her life takes a huge turn and finally attains a bright path.

This is another biopic that shows us the life of a true gem of India, Mary Kom, who literally needs no introduction. Her career shimmers with gold medals and championship titles. She has been the World Amateur Boxing champion for a record six times.

If you’re inclined to watch a new Hindi movie, then Mary Kom will definitely keep you glued to the screen while filling you with great determination.

Famous Quotes:

  • किसी को इतना मत डराओ कि डर ही ख़त्म हो जाए।

    kiSii ko iTaNaa maT daraao ki dar hii khaTm ho jaaye.
    “Don’t scare someone so much that he/she stops feeling the fear.”

Useful Words:

  • लड़की (Ladakii) Girl
  • डर (dar) Fear
  • जीतना (jiiTaNaa) To win
  • जीत (jiiT) Victory
  • खेलना (kheLaNaa) To play

3- Rang De Basanti (2006)

rang De baSaNTii

  • Hindi Title: रंग दे बसंती
  • Romanization: rang De baSaNTii
  • English Title: Color Me Saffron

We could suggest that you watch many of the latest Indian movies with amazing scripts, but nothing can touch the full entertainment value of the film Rang De Basanti. It will make you a die-hard Bollywood fan.

The story is about five college friends and a British girl whose great grandfather had been in the British army when Britain ruled India. Now, after so many years, Sue discovers her great grandfather’s diary and decides to make a film on the freedom fighters of India.

She meets these five youths, but is disappointed with their reluctance and pessimistic views about their own country. Does her disbelief change their hearts? Do these friends realize something about themselves while trying to help Sue?

Find out for yourself by watching Rang De Basanti and many similar Hindi movies on YouTube.

Famous Quotes:

  • कोई भी देश परफ़ेक्ट नहीं होता, उसे बेहतर बनाना पड़ता है।
    koii bhii Des parafekt nahiin hoTaa, uSe behaTar baNaaNaa padaTaa hai.
    “No country is perfect, we ought to make it better.”

Useful Words:

  • देश (Des) Country
  • हम (ham) We
  • आज़ादी (aazaaDii) Freedom
  • लड़ाई (Ladaaii) Fighting

5. Movies on Sensitive Issues

Over the past several years, Bollywood has produced a handful of sensitive Indian movies. 2017 was a prolific year for the audiences craving Indian new movies with rich and meaningful content. Check out some out-of-the-box new Indian movies (2017) and get a taste of sensible entertainment.

But before you get started with a new Hindi movie (2017), we’d also like to throw some light on exceptional Hindi films that are beyond time.

1- Akele Hum Akele Tum (1995)

I am Alone, You are Alone

    Hindi Title: अकेले हम अकेले तुम
    Romanization: akeLe ham akeLe Tum
    English Title: I am Alone, You are Alone.

The 90s era was like a detailed bouquet with all types of flowers tucked into it. Thanks to the internet, it’s possible for us to watch these Indian movies online on various platforms.

Akele Hum Akele Tum revolves around a young couple and their marriage which is falling apart. In the story, the wife (Kiran) leaves her husband (Rohit) and five-year-old son (Sunil). Kiran dreams of becoming a successful singer, but Rohit’s career is going through a low phase. On top of that, he also has to take care of his son.

After a while, Kiran is well-established and files for the custody of her son. By that time, the father and son have already developed a deep bond. The movie portrays the hardships of a desperate father who’s not ready to give up his child at any cost.

The intense emotions genuinely played by all the great actors makes this Hindi movie a must-watch. Enjoy the film Akele Hum Akele Tum and explore the entire world of Indian movies in YouTube.

Famous Quotes:

  • ज़रूरी है क्या कि हमेशा एक माँ अपने बच्चे को उसके बाप से ज़्यादा प्यार करती हो?
    zaruurii hai kyaa ki hamesaa ek maan apaNe bacce ko uSake baap Se zyaaDaa pyaar karaTii ho?
    “Must a mother always love the child more than the father?”

Useful Words:

  • बेटा (betaa) Son
  • संगीत (SangiiT) Music
  • माँ (maa) Mother
  • पिता (piTaa) Father

2- A Wednesday (2008 )

A Wednesday

  • Hindi Title: अ वेडनसडे
  • Romanization: a vedaNaSade
  • English Title: A Wednesday

India is a diverse country where people from all religions try to live in harmony. But there’s another monstrosity growing in the country which nobody wants. It’s the dark and vile religion of terrorism which engulfs innocent lives without a warning.

What happens when the system fails us? When a common man takes things into his own hands? Watch the thriller A Wednesday on Netflix and experience an adrenaline rush with every twist in the plot. Certainly a great option in terms of Hindi action movies.

Famous Quotes:

  • इंसान नाम में मज़हब ढूंढ लेता है।
    iNSaaN Naam men mazahab dhuundh LeTaa hai.
    “A person looks for religion in a person’s name.”

Useful Words:

  • आतंकवादी (aaTankavaaDii) Terrorist
  • आम आदमी (aam aaDamii) Common man
  • मज़हब (mazahab) Religion
  • नाम (Naam) Name
  • मंत्री (maNTrii) Minister
  • ख़ैरियत (khairiyaT) Well-being

Here are some tips to improve your pronunciation while watching movies in Hindi.

Ways to improve pronunciation

3- Taare Zameen par (2007)

Stars on the Land

  • Hindi Title: तारे ज़मीन पर
  • Romanization: Taare zamiiN par
  • English Title: Stars on the Land

A young boy (Ishaan) suffers from dyslexia. But neither he nor his parents know that. His poor performance in class frustrates his father, who instead of finding the real issue, blames Ishaan for lack of interest in studies and sends him away to a boarding school.

Ishaan feels cut off from his family and becomes a rather quiet child who hardly speaks. Then, a new teacher joins the school and realizes that something isn’t right with this child. How his own childhood experiences coincide with that of Ishaan makes this movie so emotionally moving for parents as well as kids.

If the plot has already touched your heart, don’t wait up to watch one of the best Indian movies online (free). And yes, keep the tissues ready, by your side!

Famous Quotes:

  • हर बच्चे की अपनी ख़ूबी होती है, अपनी क़ाबिलियत होती है, अपनी चाहत होती है।
  • har bacce kii apaNii khuubii hoTii hai, apaNii qaabiLiyaT hoTii hai, apaNii caahaT hoTii hai.
  • “Every child has his/her own specialty, own talent, and own desires.”

Useful Words:

  • शिक्षा (siksaa) Education
  • समझना (SamajhaNaa) To understand
  • दिमाग़ (Dimaaġ) Mind

6. Entertainment with a Message

Whether you’re a beginner in Hindi or wish to polish your language knowledge, one of the sure-shot methods to improve is to watch Indian movies online on a regular basis. Here’s the IMDb list of best Hindi movies (2016). You can also refer to the list of best Indian movies (2016) by Huffington Post. Consider each movie as a book. Immerse yourself in it completely and you’ll soon begin talking like a native speaker.

1- Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011)

You Won’t Get this Life Again

  • Hindi Title: ज़िंदगी ना मिलेगी दोबारा
  • Romanization: ziNDagii Naa miLegii Dobaaraa
  • English Title: You Won’t Get this Life Again

Three childhood friends meet up, one of which is soon to be married. All three of them have different lives and different natures, and they are troubled by their own kinds of challenges.

In their journey to adulthood, they’re trying to find the true purpose of life. On one hand, the movie pampers its audience with laughter and fun; on the other, it depicts the loneliness and confusion of today’s seemingly happy youth.

Famous Quotes:

  • इंसान को डिब्बे में सिर्फ़ तब होना चाहिए, जब वो मर चुका हो।
    iNSaaN ko dibbe men Sirf Tab hoNaa caahiye, jab vo mar cukaa ho.
    “A person should only be confined within a box when he/she is dead.”

Useful Words:

  • पैसा (paiSaa) Money
  • दोस्त (DoST) Friend
  • बाप (baap) Father
  • धोखा (DHokhaa) Betrayal

2- Anand (1971)


  • Hindi Title: आनंद
  • Romanization: aaNaND
  • English Title: Joy

Sometimes, those who have few days to live are the ones who know how to live life to its fullest. Such people make each day count. They find happiness in every tiny aspect of life and stop worrying about trivial things.

Anand, which means “joy,” is the name of the main character in the film. Anand is suffering from cancer in its terminal phase. But instead of feeling sad, he smiles all the time, spreading joy to those around him. He refuses to be crushed by the illness and his liveliness inspires others to live better.

If you have a taste for classic movies, this one should be a perfect choice for you!

Famous Quotes:

  • ज़िन्दगी बड़ी होनी चाहिए, लम्बी नहीं।
    ziNDagii badii hoNii caahiye, Lambii Nahiin.
    “Life should be grand, not long.”

Useful Words:

  • ज़िंदगी (ziNDagii) Life
  • मौत (mauT) Death
  • गीत (giiT) Song
  • पल (paL) Moment
  • ख़ुशी (khusii) Happiness
  • ग़म (ġam) Sadness

3- English Vinglish (2012)

Learning English

  • Hindi Title: इंग्लिश विंग्लिश
  • Romanization: ingLis vingLis
  • English Title: Learning English

Out of all the movies we’ve mentioned so far, English Vinglish is a true show-stealer, especially for a language learner. The film depicts the life of a housewife, Shashi, with a passion for cooking. A sincere and responsible woman with only one blot on her personality: She doesn’t know English.

Her family judges her, makes fun of her, and even despises her for this. Things become worse when Shashi has to move abroad and settle there. But deep down, it’s not just the language problem that’s troubling her. She’s searching for her identity as a person.

This is a simple and realistic movie which showcases the pain of women who are made to believe that life ends after marriage. That their whole survival revolves around her husband and kids. That there can be no new beginning for them.

Famous Quotes:

  • मर्द खाना बनाये तो कला है, औरत बनाये तो उसका फ़र्ज़ है।
    marD khaaNaa baNaaye To kaLaa hai, auraT baNaaye To uSakaa farz hai.
    “If a man cooks, it’s an art, but if a woman cooks, it’s her duty.”
  • पहली बार…एक ही बार आता है।
    pahaLii baar…ek hii baar aaTaa hai.
    “The first time…comes only one time.”

Useful Words:

  • घर (ghar) Home
  • इज़्ज़त (izzaT) Respect
  • सीखना (SiikhaNaa) To learn
  • औरत (auraT) Woman
  • मर्द (marD) Man

7. Romance

Now, when we say “romance,” it’s not typical dating we’re going to talk about. The handpicked movies in this category cover the delicate relationships between a man and woman, but with extraordinary circumstances.

But being the dreamy romantic soul, you have every reason to also check out these best romantic movies of the decade. The list contains some of the most popular romantic Indian movies (2016) as well as 2015 Indian movies.

1- Bombay (1995)


  • Hindi Title: बॉम्बे
  • Romanization: baumbe
  • English Title: Bombay

A landmark movie of the 90s era, Bombay created a lot of controversy and even some bomb blasts in the heart of Mumbai. The plot narrates an innocent but serious love budding between a Hindu man and Muslim woman. They get married and have kids.

But how viable is the marriage and their own existence when the whole country is burning with Hindu-Muslim riots? For so many reasons, and despite all the controversies, the film succeeded in touching everyone’s hearts. Needless to say, it’s still counted as one of the best masterpieces of Mani Ratnam.

Famous Quotes:

    आप लोगों के सिद्धांतों के कारण आम लोग खामखाँ मर रहे हैं। मुंबई जल रही है। ये क़त्ल-ए-आम कब बंद होगा?
    aap Logon ke SiDDHaaNTon ke kaaran aam log khaamakhaan mar rahe hain. Mumbaii jaL rahii hai. Ye qaTL-e-aam kab banD hogaa?
    “It’s because of your philosophies that innocent people are dying. Mumbai is burning. When will this massacre end?”

Useful Words:

  • धर्म (DHarm) Religion
  • क़त्ल (qaTL) Murder
  • ख़ून (khuuN) Blood
  • बच्चे (bacce) Children

2- Ijaazat (1987)


  • Hindi Title: इजाज़त
  • Romanization: ijaazaT
  • English Title: Permission

If you’re looking for deeper issues regarding a relationship, this one is a real gem. Ijaazat is a movie way ahead of its time. With all its dignity and sensibility, the film takes you through the complications of an extra-marital affair.

Gulzar casts his magic with the flawless dialogue, intense chemistry between the actors, and timeless song lyrics. The confusions of a couple, their altering love for each other, the jealousy, trauma, misunderstandings, and pain, have all been portrayed so beautifully. Even today, no other director has been able to tackle a similar movie with such maturity.

Famous Quotes:

  • मैं माया से प्यार करता था – ये सच है। और उसे भूलने की कोशिश कर रहा हूँ – ये सही है। लेकिन इसमें तुम मेरी मदद नहीं करोगी तो मेरे लिए बड़ी मुश्किल होगी। क्यूंकि मुझसे ज़्यादा वो तुम्हें याद रहती है।
    main maayaa Se pyaar karaTaa THaa – ye Sac hai. aur uSe bhuuLaNe kii kosis kar raha huun – ye Sahii hai. LekiN iS men Tum merii maDaD Nahiin karogii To mere Liye badi muskiL hogii. Kyunki mujhaSe zyaaDaa vo Tumhen yaaD rahaTii hai.
    “That I loved Maya is true. That I’m trying to forget her is also true. But if you don’t help me in doing so, it will be very, very difficult for me. Because you think of her more often than I do.”

Useful Words:

  • मैं (main) I
  • तुम (Tum) You
  • कोशिश (kosis) Effort
  • इनकार (iNakaar) Refusal
  • याद (yaaD) Memory

3- Qayamat se Qayamat Tak (1988 )

The Lovers’ Doom

  • Hindi Title: क़यामत से क़यामत तक
  • Romanization: qayaamaT Se qayaamaT Tak
  • English Title: The Lovers’ Doom

Another fierce movie that proves the power of cinema and its role in society. India has a dark history of intolerance for the interreligious and inter-caste marriages. The movie Qayamat se Qayamat Tak is about two lovers whose families have a history of enmity with each other.

When the family members come to know about the couple’s relationship, they have no second thoughts about killing the boy and girl. Although it’s not strictly about different castes or religions, the movie does throw light on the evil of honor killing prevalent in Indian society till today.

Famous Quotes:

  • अगर हम किसी के लिए दीवाने हो गए…तो ये कोई ज़रूरी तो नहीं…कि वो भी हमारे लिए दीवाना हो जाए।
    agar ham kiSii ke Liye DiivaaNe ho gaye…To ye koii zaruurii To Nahiin…ke vo bhii hamaare Liye DiivaaNaa ho jaaye.
    “If I go crazy for someone…then it is not necessary that…that person should also go crazy for me.”

Useful Words:

  • मोहब्बत (mohabbaT) Love
  • समझना (SamajhaNaa) To understand
  • इंतज़ार (iNTazaar) Wait
  • दिल (DiL) Heart

8. Comedy

And finally, we’ve arrived to the genre that’s loved by all. Yes, we’re talking about Indian comedy movies.

1- Chhoti si baat (1976)

Just a Little Thing

  • Hindi Title: छोटी सी बात
  • Romanization: chotii Sii baaT
  • English Title: Just a Little Thing

A shy, timid man (Arun) falls in love with a chirpy and vibrant lady (Prabha). The problem is, Arun can’t gather enough courage to express his feelings for her. To make the matter worse, there’s another man, self-confident and well-spoken, trying to woo the same woman.

Tension rises when Arun sees a love triangle building up in his life. Does he get over the shyness and open up his heart to Prabha? Does Arun win the love of his life? Watch Chhoti Si Baat and get to the end of this cute love story to find out.

Famous Quotes:

  • प्यार पाने के लिए कोई भी तरीक़ा नाजायज़ नहीं है।
    pyaar paaNe ke Liye koii bhii Tareeqaa Naajaayaz nahiin hai.
    “No way is illegitimate to achieve love.”

Useful Words:

  • प्यार (pyaar) Love
  • शर्मीला (sarmiiLaa) Shy
  • दफ़्तर (DafTar) Office

2- Chachi 420 (1997)

Aunty with a Twist

  • Hindi Title: चाची ४२०
  • Romanization: caacii 420
  • English Title: Aunty with a Twist

When it comes to staying close to his cute little daughter, a father is ready to go to any extent. In the comedy movie Chachi 420, Jaiprakash and Janki are divorced. Their only daughter, Bharti, lives with her mother.

To audiences’ surprise, Jaiprakash gets made over to look like a trickster aunt and starts working as a maid in Janki’s house. The movie is filled with sweet and sour moments which are bound to make you giggle and keep you glued to the screen the entire time.

Famous Quotes:

  • क़ानून शादी को तोड़ सकता है…प्यार को नहीं।
    qaaNuuN saaDii ko Tod SakaTaa hai…pyaar ko nahiin.
    “The law can end a marriage…but not love.

Useful Words:

  • चाची (caacii) Aunty
  • क़ानून (qaaNuuN) Law
  • तलाक़ (TaLaaq) Divorce
  • बेटी (beTii) Daughter

3- Andaz Apna Apna (1994)

Everybody’s Got Own Style

  • Hindi Title: अंदाज़ अपना अपना
  • Romanization: aNDaaz apaNaa apaNaa
  • English Title: Everybody’s Got Own Style

If you ask us to vouch for just one comedy movie, we’d do so for Andaz Apna Apna. Before you start watching this movie, let us warn you about the fits of laughter and tears of joy that you’re going to experience.

Prem and Amar are eager to become millionaires by marrying a rich girl. Unfortunately (but luckily for us!), they both are after the same girl. In order to get the other person out of the scene, they try every possible trick which ultimately creates a series of hilarious events.

Famous Quotes:

  • भाभी होगी तेरी और शादी होगी मेरी।
    bhaabhii hogii Terii aur saaDii hogii merii.
    “She’ll be your sister-in-law and I will be the one to get married.”
  • ग़लती से मिस्टेक हो गया।
    ġaLTii Se miStek ho gayaa.
    “A mistake by mistake.”

Useful Words:

  • दोस्त (DoST) Friend/Buddy
  • ग़लती (ġaLTii) Mistake
  • शादी (saaDii) Marriage
  • पैसा (paiSaa) Money
  • लड़की (Ladakii) Girl

9. Hindi Learning Made Easy with HindiPod101

Language learning becomes much more effective when you have all the necessary resources in your reach. A brilliantly organized Hindi learning system at HindiPod101 offers you just that. You can simply download our mobile application. Sign up at HindiPod101 and directly access our amazing beginner-level lesson library, PDF notes, Hindi dictionary, and guidance at MyTeacher Messenger.

With easy and world-class learning materials, our online teachers are there to help you with every little problem. Learn more about us at our Home Page and explore a whole new world of Hindi learning!

In the meantime, please let us know which of these Hindi movies you plan on seeing soon and why! And, again, Hindi films (2018 ) and Hindi films (2019) may be available online. Just in case you’re not sure yet, you can also search for these Hindi movies’ official trailers. 😉

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Watch the Best Hindi TV Shows and Have Fun Learning Hindi

In the 21st century, television is much more than an entertainment device. For anyone out there who wishes to learn spoken Hindi, watching a Hindi TV show is a brilliant way to do that. Regular exposure to quality Hindi TV shows will help make you fluent in the commonly used words in the Hindi language, the tone, and the culture of India as well.

Netflix and YouTube make available several Hindi shows that you can check out and choose from. The easy recaps, optional playback speeds, and free access to Hindi TV shows online make it a great resource for beginners. Hindi TV shows in YouTube really offer so much convenience!

But before setting out for your favorite Hindi show, brush up your basics at HindiPod101. Get one step ahead with your learning by following these Top 10 Strategies while you sit back and watch Hindi shows online. If language learning is an ocean, then get ready for a deep dive with unlimited free Hindi TV shows online.

Having said that, selecting the right serials can be a tricky business! But you need not worry about that. We’ve handpicked the real pearls, the top ten Hindi TV shows, exclusively for you. So, let’s embark on the voyage of Hindi learning with these ten must-watch Hindi shows of 2018.

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Table of Contents

  1. But Why these TV Shows?
  2. Comedy with a Purpose
  3. Literary Classics
  4. Animation Series
  5. Series that Deal with Sensitive Issues
  6. The Infotainment Watches
  7. Series that haven’t been Included and Why
  8. Conclusion

1. Why these TV Shows?

Wondering how we came up with “the list” in the first place? Well, here are our grounds for recommending these most popular Hindi TV shows to you.

  • The Household Language

    The A-listed popular Hindi TV shows mentioned below give you the low-down on the Hindi words spoken in daily life. Simple language and commonly used Hindi phrases make these programs worth watching for any Hindi learner.

  • Crystal Clear Dialogue Delivery

    For a starter, catching up with the conversations in an ordinary show in Hindi language can be exhausting! But these top-class serials not only have pristine dialogue delivery, but also attempt to use simple words spoken at a desirable speed.

  • Captivating and Meaningful Script

    Whether you want to watch a Hindi comedy show or a spicy drama, our list has it all. In the end, what matters most is a compelling story that grabs your attention and keeps you glued to your TV set.

  • The Acting and Direction

    Stellar performances and exquisite direction are more than enough reasons to watch Hindi TV shows online. While the genre for these best Indian Hindi TV shows may be different, the artistic finesse is visible in all of them.

  • Now that we’ve warmed up a bit, why not grab the bull by the horns! Read our reviews about the best Hindi shows and start with your favorite “pick.”

2. Comedy with a Purpose

Giggle with this refreshing Hindi comedy shows list. Curious souls must also explore some interesting facts about India on HindiPod101. Learning has never been such fun before!

1- Zabaan Sambhalke

Zabaan Sambhalke surpasses all the other comedy Hindi shows. Inspired by the famous British sitcom Mind Your Language, it’s our first recommendation. This is mostly because any Hindi beginner can totally relate with the characters in this program.

When Mohan Bharti (the teacher) tries to teach Hindi to his adult students, it turns into a rather rib-tickling series of events. The whole setup of this Hindi comedy show revolves around a classroom, where students are struggling with wrong pronunciations, misspellings, and incorrect word usage.

A brilliant star cast, including Pankaj Kapoor and Tom Alter, is there to shake you with laughter. Originally, the serial aired during 1993-1998. However, you can still catch up with the first episode on its YouTube Hindi TV show channel.

Useful Words:

  • zabaaN — Language
  • SambhaaL ke — Minding

2- Office Office

If you want to know the real maneuvers of typical India, watch Office Office, one of the best Hindi comedy shows. For a long time, bribery and corruption have crippled the system of Indian society. Office Office hits just the right chord on these topics with its wit and humor.

The whole series comprises of more than 100 episodes, each one with a unique story. The cast includes big names including Pankaj Kapoor, Asawari Joshi, and Sanjay Mishra, all exceptional theatre artists.

Mussaddi Lal is the main character, who represents every Indian. He goes to different government offices and seeks help for one problem or another. But every time, he’s fooled and robbed by the officials (in a hilarious way, of course).

Curious? See for yourself how this usually goes down! Go ahead and download this Hindi show to get a feel for the story.

Useful Words:

  • Sarakaarii karmacaarii — Government Official
  • risvaT — Bribe
  • bhrastaacaar — Corruption

3. Literary Classics

Welcome to the world of classic shows in Hindi. For you, we recommend these must-watch Hindi shows online for free, which have ruled our childhood for so many years. You can also easily download Hindi shows of your choice from YouTube.

1- Malgudi Days

Malgudi Days

Malgudi Days is based on the classic novel written by imminent story writer, R. K. Narayan. The series showcases the simple lifestyle of South India. When you get to know the little boy Swami and his neighborhood, their innocence will touch your heart.

Each episode is about 20 to 25 minutes long, and the short stories emphasize basic moral values with gentle humor that always has an interesting twist.

Watch this Hindi show online from the beginning.

Useful Words:

  • Somavaar — Monday
  • SaaL — Year
  • DiN — Day

2- Byomkesh Bakshi

Most of the 90s classics were always better than the new Hindi TV shows. Byomkesh Bakshi is one such gemstone. With its gripping storyline, this fictional detective series grows on you.

The fragrance of the typical Bengali culture turns the program into an unforgettable experience. Frankly, watching free online Hindi TV shows like these is the most gratifying way to improve your Hindi language skills.

Useful Words:

  • SabuuT — Evidence
  • Saq — Suspicion/Doubt

4. Animation Series

While talking about Hindi serial/TV shows, it wouldn’t be fair to skip the animation genre. Here are the best kids’ programs that even adults can connect with.

1- The Jungle Book: The Adventures of Mowgli (1989: Hindi Dubbed)

The Adventures of Mowgli

After all, who doesn’t love Rudyard Kipling! Try the Hindi-dubbed Shōnen Mowgli version of Mowgli and you’ll fall in love with it. Just like other Hindi TV shows, online free episodes are available for Mowgli also.

Enjoy the melodious title song before delving into the heart-touching bond between a human baby and the jungle animals. The values and ethics portrayed in the show look familiar and are quite inspiring. Go online to watch this Hindi TV show. Check out the download site for this great show.

Useful Words:

  • jaaNavar — Animal
  • aaDamii — Human
  • sikaar — Hunting

2- Potli Baba Ki (A Puppet Show by Gulzar)

It may not exactly be an animation, but the puppet show Potli Baba Ki by Gulzar easily falls under the category of best Hindi shows/serials for beginners. The dialect used is basically a mixture of Hindi and Urdu.

Similar to other Indian TV shows, Potli Baba Ki promises high entertainment value. You’ll get to explore simple moral lessons with a cuteness overload.

Useful Words:

  • kahaaNii — Story
  • parii — Fairy
  • farisTe — Angels

5. Series that Deal with Sensitive Issues

With TV shows, Hindi learning becomes so enthralling. What’s more! For most of the Hindi TV shows free download is also available on many sites.

1- Astitva…Ek Prem Kahani

Astitva Ek Prem Kahani

Astitva…Ek Prem Kahani is a brilliant Zee TV Hindi show that was way ahead of its time. A successful doctor named Simran falls in love with a guy, Abhimanyu, who’s much younger than her. They share a passionate love bond and get married amidst all the objections and disapproval of the society.

Later, Abhimanyu develops an extramarital affair with another girl, which devastates Simran. In the league of various new Hindi shows, Astitva is like a breath of fresh air due to its realistic plot and storyline.

To catch a glimpse of this Hindi TV show, a free download video is available.

Useful Words:

  • saaDii — Marriage
  • parivaar — Family
  • pyaar — Love

2- Shanti

Shanti is a journalist who meets two high-profile filmmakers, who are also close friends. As she begins to document their success, darker secrets of these men are revealed with time.

But the initial mystery is just the tip of the iceberg. Both of these filmmakers have a gloomy past that they’d successfully buried in their hearts. But life finally brings them face-to-face with their deeds. A story woven with perfect twists!

Useful Words:

  • DHokhaa — Betrayal
  • raaz — Secrets
  • betaa — Son
  • betii — Daughter

6. The Infotainment Watches

If you’re looking for pure news programs, there are plenty of suggestions. And yet, DD News is what we recommend. It’s the best Hindi TV show/news program for staying updated with the most important current events.

1- KBC


Inspired by the British program Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) is a Hindi reality show. The final contestant is chosen on the basis of a rapid fire round. Four lifelines are there to help contestants take on all sixteen questions.

Not only is this show highly entertaining, but the program’s script is also so flawless and pristine that even a beginner can learn a lot from it.

Learn more about this Hindi TV show and download HD episodes.

Useful Words:

  • SavaaL — Question
  • javaab — Answer
  • Samay — Time
  • SamaapT — Over/Finished

2- Surabhi

An easy way to improve your language is to watch Hindi TV shows online free full episodes and learn. We’ve been telling you about all the top-notch free Hindi shows and here comes another one. Surabhi is not any typical show.

You can learn from this TV show news both Hindi and the cultural diversity of India. The anchors of the program receive various letters from across India and they read them out to the audience. They then answer questions asked by the viewers and respond to their feedback.

If you’re interested, catch a glimpse of its first episode. With the great quality of online TV shows, free Hindi learning becomes possible for many people.

Useful Words:

  • SuprabhaaT — Good Morning
  • SvaagaT — Welcome
  • Darsak — Viewer

7. Series that haven’t been Included and Why

For most of the online Hindi TV shows, free episodes are generally available on YouTube. Here are a few brilliant shows that are highly popular in India but haven’t grabbed a place on our list for a few reasons.

1- Outstanding Mythological and Historical Serials

Mythological and Historical Serials

Indians are crazy about their mythologies and historical shows. These online Hindi TV shows include Mahabharata, Ramayan, Chandrakanta, and Jodha Akbar. The type of Hindi used in these programs is quite ancient and most of the words are heavily inspired by the Sanskrit language.

That’s why, while these stories may feel enchanting, the dialect is too difficult to catch up with for non-Hindi people. Still, if you want to watch these Hindi TV shows, download MP4 videos from any popular website.

2- Daily Soaps

Daily Soaps

Honestly, Hindi television is flooded with a new show every day, but most of them have stale scripts. They are repetitive and lack quality. The overdramatic elements stuffed in these series make them worse. Even in terms of language, there’s not much material for Hindi learners.

8. Conclusion

We’ve shared as much as we could about the best Hindi TV shows, and we hope that we’ve shown you the benefit of watching Indian TV shows to learn English. So scroll through our list again and start watching Hindi TV shows episodes!

Keep in mind that Hindi online free learning is now made easy by HindiPod101. While you’re gorging on these programs, HindiPod101 will help you catch common words and phrases quickly. You can also look up new words on our website and practice in a better way!

So, join us and have an amazing Hindi time with us on HindiPod101!

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How to Find Jobs in India & Top Cities for Job Seekers

Planning to stay in India and want to know how to find work in India? If you know how to talk in Hindi, you’re already halfway there! In a country divided into so many states, their native languages and cultures could prove tricky when you’re looking for jobs in India. With a little effort, you can find promising opportunities if you Google India jobs. Whether you wish to grab government jobs in India or plan to explore IT jobs in India, command over Hindi interaction keeps you ahead of others on many fronts, since your job is just one aspect of your life.

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Finding Jobs in India

These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Avoiding glitches in early conversation when talking to people and getting to know the neighbors
  • Ease in buying groceries and vegetables, getting a taxi or bus, or asking for directions
  • Understanding Hindi slangs which are commonly used by Hindi people, even when speaking English
  • Knowledge of Hindi will help you blend with your colleagues without missing out on the jokes!

So, if you’re new here but know the basics of Hindi, you’re good to go. However, presuming that you have zero understanding of this language, HindiPod101.com can turn you into a proficient Hindi learner with these amazing strategies.
Simply visit our My Teacher page and check out all the know-how of our versatile and easy teaching process.
Meanwhile, let’s explore the best cities in India, which are blooming with loads of career opportunities.

Table of Contents

  1. Best Cities for Jobs in India
  2. Highest-Paying Jobs in India
  3. Best Jobs for Foreigners
  4. Reputed Portals to Assist You with Job Hunting in India
  5. Health-related Jobs
  6. Handling the Paperwork for an Indian Job
  7. Popular Hindi Key Phrases Used in Interviews
  8. Improve Your Hindi with HindiPod101.com

1. Best Cities for Jobs in India

As India is a vast country, a high economic and social disparity ratio comes as a part and parcel. With significant industrial expansion and global networking, India is on the verge of becoming a developed country. These are the urban areas that offer the highest-paying jobs in India.

Best Cities in India

1- Bengaluru

Bengaluru (the Silicon Valley of India) is the pioneer of the Indian IT sector. The capital of Karnataka, Bengaluru is everyone’s favorite city for numerous reasons. As long as you wish to find a job in India, Bengaluru should be your first choice.

The town welcomes you with its safe and open culture. When compared to the other major cities, Bengaluru has the maximum growth rate and is mostly known for its impressive tech parks.

2- Delhi

Being the capital of India, Delhi needs no introduction. The city offers the best airports and restaurants, and carries a vibrant metropolitan culture. It’s also one of the hottest hubs for job opportunities.

For instance, Google/Amazon jobs India and Delhi will almost always show up among the highest-paying positions in India.

3- Pune

The Green Pune

For job seekers who wish to find a new job in India but would prefer a quieter and greener location, the serene city of Pune is your answer. Pune stands as the second-biggest city in the state of Maharashtra.
The living standards are affordable and the weather remains pleasant most of the year. In case you hold an impressive experience in the IT or education sector, there are plenty of jobs for you.

4- Hyderabad

All the big IT companies, like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, have their offices in the royal city of Hyderabad. Given that you already know how to find IT jobs in India, this town is nothing less than a heaven.

From the mouth-watering popular Indian foods to rich cultural heritage, impressive growth rate, and great salary packages, Hyderabad is a bliss for job searchers.

5- Gurgaon

Gurgaon is the industrial nerve center of India. Its close location to Delhi makes it even more popular amongst the freshers. The top sites for jobs in India quite often present jobs located in Gurgaon.
Maruti Suzuki, General Electric, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, BMW, you name the brand and its headquarter is there in the city. With additional effort, this town can even offer you some of the best online jobs in India.

6- Mumbai

Gateway of India in Mumbai

The Capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai is the nucleus of bank jobs in India as well as government jobs in India. The largest financial banks such as RBI, SBI, and financial organizations like LIC, SEBI, NSE, and BSE are all present here.

It also has immense scope in blue collar jobs, IT, healthcare, and engineering. However, the standard of living is quite high in Mumbai and local trains are the preferred mode of conveyance.

7- Ahmedabad

Living in the industrial city Ahmedabad would be significantly easier on your pocket as the house rents are low. The city is well-known for its textile industries and many FMCG Indian brands have offices here. Further, TCS has expanded job opportunities in the IT sector.

8- Chennai

Assuming that you can deal with the hot and humid climate of the south Indian city Chennai, the metropolitan area won’t disappoint you careerwise. Surrounded by the Bay of Bengal, it’s one of the safest cities in India. Chennai shelters the grandest automobile industry players. It’s also famous for health tourism and the Tamil film industry.

2. Highest-Paying Jobs in India

Before we delve into the question of how to find a job in India, let’s explore which jobs are the most handsomely paying in the country. This will help you get a better grasp of the job market in India.

1- Chartered Accountant

This is one of the most reputed and high-paying jobs. A CA career is for anyone interested in the maintenance of balance sheets, financial reports, and documents while reviewing potential financial risks. Get more details on the Official CA website.

The CAs get a package anywhere between INR 10-25 lakhs, depending on their experience. If you have qualified on the final CA exam in one attempt, chances are you will find a job in Indian cities with an excellent salary package. Why not check out some job postings?

2- Management Professional

Every company needs a management professional. It’s one of the most versatile jobs that requires Indian companies to look for global talents. Being an MBA from abroad makes you more favorable for this position.

Freshers from reputed colleges often get paid handsomely. As you cross this painstaking level and go up, the salary package becomes even more lucrative, ranging between INR 5 lakhs to INR 1.5 crores.

3- Business Analyst

This position involves making contingency plans for the company and excelling in logical and mathematical skills. A business analyst job description in India requires you to show up with a relevant MBA degree in the related specialization.

If you have that, you’ll be sure to get a salary between INR 3 lakhs to INR 2 crores.

Finding a Business Analyst Job

4- Investment Banker

An investment banker loves playing with numbers and can give sound advice regarding money matters. Every organization and company needs an investment banker. No wonder it also qualifies as one of the top ten government jobs in India.

A degree in accounting/finances/math is a must for this position. The minimum and maximum package for an investment banker are INR 6 lakhs to INR 35 lakhs or above.

5- Software Engineer

There are lots of responsibilities for a software engineer. From designing an app to its development, testing, and maintenance. You can start the career once you get a bachelor degree in IT or computer science.

The annual salary starts at INR 2 lakhs and reaches up to INR 1 crore.

6- Government Jobs in India

While government jobs in India require an Indian citizenship, more flexible policies are being formed when it comes to non-Indians. Keeping that issue aside, one really needs guidance on how to find government jobs in India.

Most of the public sector jobs are ideally posted on some of the most reputed websites in India. Some of the best government jobs include those in the oil and natural gas sector, all agriculture jobs in India, jobs in wildlife in India, jobs in environmental science in India, or in medical fields such as neuroscience jobs in India.

The package is quite generous for higher posts and lots of securities and other perks are provided to the government officials.

Before moving on to the next section, here are the ten most difficult Hindi words we thought you’d like to practice with us! And with HindiPod101.com by your side, you may start with learning how to say “find a job” in the Indian language.

3. Best Jobs for Foreigners

As a foreigner, thinking to yourself, “I will find a job in an Indian metropolitan,” isn’t enough. Maybe you know how to find a job in India, but there are limited career options that you can pull off easily since you don’t speak Hindi or any other local language. Let’s glance through some of your best options on how to get jobs in India as a foreigner, one by one.

The Highest Paying Jobs in India

1- Commercial Pilot

To begin with, you get to travel a lot and it pays huge. Isn’t that great? You visit all kinds of places around the world, not stuck in one country. Here’s everything you need to know about what a commercial pilot job is like! Being good at English adds to your communication skills for this job. However, with us, you can also master the Hindi language and learn how to get this fun job in India.

2- Foreign Language Expert

“I need to find a job in an Indian city but don’t know which one!” Does this sound like you? Well, here’s a tip. Why not start by applying as a spoken English teacher or teach other foreign languages that you know? In India, these kinds of jobs pay well and you also get some time to learn the local dialect. You should either take a course and pass the language teaching exam or follow these steps.

Become a Language Expert

3- Medical Jobs

This is a booming sector with an infinite number of possibilities. Whether you have the qualifications of a surgeon or general physician, the lavish annual packages start at around INR 9 lakhs and there’s no upper limit to how much you can earn!

4- Software Development

Want to work abroad but don’t know how to find IT jobs in Dubai from India? The web is full of answers to your questions!

4. Part-time Jobs

Did you find a job in India but weren’t satisfied with it? No problem. Our part-time job suggestions can keep you on the run until you get a proper full-time job of your choice.

1- Freelancing

Whatever skills and qualifications you possess, based on that you can make a strong profile on the top freelancing websites. Initially, this may not provide you with a dream monthly income, but you can surely keep growing with time. Check out some of the best freelancing sites in India.

2- Volunteering or NGO

Did you find a new job in India? If not, stop wasting your time and start volunteering. There are plenty of NGOs in India. Working with them adds to your experience and also helps you make some money for your monthly expenditures.

Volunteer Work for Gaining Experience

3- Travel Blogging

We all fantasize about dreamy and majestic locations in a foreign country. To get accurate information about its beauty and other real-life experiences, people generally turn to travelogues. And who could be a better travel blogger than a native of that country like you?

So, what are you waiting for? Borrow some ideas with these top travel blogs and get started.

4- Dance Teacher

Whether you’re from France, England, Spain, or Russia, every land has its own unique dance style. If you know tango, salsa, samba, or ballet, join as a dance teacher and spread your culture in India.

5- Sports and Fitness Trainer

Academic education is not the only way to get a job. Being good at sports or fitness training opens a wide range of income sources. All you need to know is how to get a job in India, or even open your own business.

Work as a Sports Trainer

5. Reputed Portals to Assist You with Job Hunting in India

We know you’ve been waiting for this section, and the wait is over! Below, we’ll share the most popular ways to find a job in India. Let’s have a look at job portals in India!

1- Online Portals

When it comes to finding jobs that are worthwhile, you may wish to pay attention to these online sources. You can also look specifically for foreign national jobs. These are some of the best ways to find jobs in India.

The top ten online job sites in India include naukri.com, times jobs.com, monsterindia.com, indeed.com, shine.com, instahyre.com, freshersworld.com, jobsarkari.com, glassdoor.co.in, and freelancer.com.

Search Jobs Through Online Portals

2- Offline Portals

Those who are more into the conventional methods of job hunting should find the appropriate job advertisements in newspapers in India. The suggested newspapers are Employment Newspaper, The Hindu, The Times of India, and many other relevant national newspapers. Word-of-mouth and networking with the right people still stands as an effective way to hunt jobs as well.

6. Handling the Paperwork for an Indian Job

Applying for a Visa

To work in India, every foreigner needs a visa. To avoid any kind of trouble or confusion at the last moment, do a thorough research and apply for an Indian visa on time. Visit the official website of India to understand every step properly. You can also find out what documents you need and the minimum time for applying before the visiting date, but keep in mind that there’s also a place to submit urgent applications.

7. Popular Hindi Key Phrases Used in Interviews

But what about the job interview in India? There are some basic questions that are asked in all job interviews, regardless of the job description or field of work. Curious what they look like in Hindi?

Cracking Interviews in Hindi

Let’s explore a handful of them.

1- प्रश्न: आप का शुभ नाम क्या है?

  • (aap kaa subh Naam kyaa hai?)
  • Q: What’s your good name?
  • उत्तर: जी, मेरा नाम डेविड है।

  • (jii, meraa Naam David hai.)
  • A: My name is David.

2- प्रश्न: आप कहाँ के रहने वाले हैं?

  • (aap kahā̃ ke rehNe vaaLe haī̃?)
  • Q: Where are you from?
  • उत्तर: मैं जापान का रहने वाला हूँ।

  • (maī̃ Japan kaa rehNe vaaLaa hū̃.)
  • A: I am from Japan.

3- प्रश्न: आप को इस कार्य-क्षेत्र में कितने सालों का अनुभव है?

  • (aap ko iS kaarya-kseTra meĩ kiTNe SaaLõ kaa aNubhav hai?)
  • Q: How many years of experience do you have in this field?
  • उत्तर: मुझे इस कार्य-क्षेत्र में पाँच सालों का अनुभव है।

  • (mujhe iS kaarya-kseTra meĩ pā̃c SaaLõ kaa aNubhav hai.)
  • A: I have five years of experience in this field.

4- प्रश्न: क्या आप अगले हफ़्ते से हमारे साथ काम करना शुरू कर सकते हैं?

  • (kyaa aap agLe hafTe Se hamaare SaaTH kaam karNaa suru kar SakTe haī̃?)
  • Q: Would you be able to join us from the next week?
  • उत्तर: जी, हाँ। मैं अगले हफ़्ते से ही काम शुरू कर सकता हूँ।

  • (jii, hā̃. Maī̃ agLe hafTe Se hii kaam suru kar SakTaa hū̃.)
  • A: Yes. I would be able to join here from the next week itself.

5- यहाँ आने के लिए धन्यवाद।

  • (yahā̃ aaNe ke Liye DHaNyavaaD.)
  • Thank you for coming here.
  • जी, शुक्रिया।

  • (jii, sukriyaa.)
  • It’s a pleasure.

8. Improve Your Hindi with HindiPod101.com

Visit Us at HindiPod101

We hope this article helped you learn about finding jobs in India, and that you’re better equipped to get your dream job there. We wish you good luck with your job search and your stay in India. We would again like to remind you that knowing Hindi—one of the most popular languages in India—can certainly make things easier for you in your new job and in your daily life as well. Visit HindiPod101.com and get started with your first key phrases.

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How to Say I Love You in Hindi – Romantic Word List

Do you often feel lonely and sad? Do you long for romance and are willing to do whatever it takes to meet that special person? Speaking another language could revolutionize your love life! So, why wait? Learning how to say ‘love’ in Hindi could be just what you need to find it.

Or perhaps you were lucky, and have found your Hindi partner already. Fantastic! Yet, a cross-cultural relationship comes with unique challenges. Learning how to speak your lover’s language will greatly improve your communication and enhance the relationship. At HindiPod101, our team will teach you all the words, quotes and phrases you need to woo your Hindi lover with excellence! Our tutors provide personal assistance, with plenty of extra material available to make Hindi dating easy for you.

Table of Contents

  1. Common Phrases You’ll Need for a Date
  2. The Most Romantic Ideas for a Date
  3. Must-know Valentine’s Day Vocabulary
  4. Hindi Love Phrases for Valentine’s Day
  5. Hindi Quotes about Love
  6. Marriage Proposal Lines
  7. 15 Most Common Break-Up Lines
  8. Will Falling in Love Help You Learn Hindi Faster?

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1. Common Phrases You’ll Need for a Date

So, you have met your Hindi love interest. Congratulations! Who knows where this could take you…?! However, the two of you have just met and you’re not ready to say the Hindi word for love just yet. Great, it is better to get to know him/her first. Wow your prospective love by using these Hindi date phrases to set up a spectacular first date.

Hindi Date Phrases

Would you like to go out to dinner with me?

  • क्या तुम मेरे साथ रात को बाहर खाने चलोगी?
  • kyaa Tum mere SaaTH raaT ko baahar khaaNe calogii?

The important question! In most cultures, this phrase indicates: ‘I’m romantically interested in you’. Flirting in Hindi is no different, so don’t take your date to Mcdonald’s!

Are you free this weekend?

  • क्या तुम इस सप्ताहांत को फ्री हो?
  • kyaa Tum iS SapTaahaaNT ko frii ho?

This is a preamble to asking your love interest on a date. If you get an immediate ‘Yes’, that’s good news!

Would you like to hang out with me?

  • तुम मेरे साथ समय बिताना चाहोगी?
  • Tum mere SaaTH Samay biTaaNaa caahogii?

You like her/him, but you’re not sure if there’s chemistry. Ask them to hang out first to see if a dinner date is next.

What time shall we meet tomorrow?

  • कल हम कितने बजे मिले?
  • kal ham kiTNe baje milen?

Set a time, and be sure to arrive early! Nothing spoils a potential relationship more than a tardy date.

Where shall we meet?

  • कल हम कहाँ मिलें?
  • kal ham kahaan milen?

You can ask this, but also suggest a place.

You look great.

  • तुम बहुत अच्छी लग रही हो।
  • Tum bahuT acchii lag rahii ho.

A wonderful ice breaker! This phrase will help them relax a bit – they probably took great care to look their best just for you.

You are so cute.

  • तुम बहुत प्यारी हो|
  • Tum bahuT pyaarii ho.

If the two of you are getting on really well, this is a fun, flirtatious phrase to use.

What do you think of this place?

  • यह जगह कैसी लगती है?
  • yah jagah kaiSii lagTii hai?

This another good conversation starter. Show off your Hindi language skills!

Can I see you again?

  • क्या मैं तुमसे फिरसे मिल सकता हूँ?
  • kyaa main TumSe phirSe mil SakTaa huun?

So the date went really well – don’t waste time! Make sure you will see each other again.

Shall we go somewhere else?

  • हम कहीं और चलें?
  • ham kahiin aur calen?

If the place you meet at is not great, you can suggest going elsewhere. It is also a good question to follow the previous one. Variety is the spice of life!

I know a good place.

  • मुझे एक अच्छी जगह पता है।
  • mujhe ek acchii jagah paTaa hai.

Use this with the previous question. However, don’t say if you don’t know a good place!

I will drive you home.

  • मैं तुम्हें गाड़ी में घर छोड़ देता हूँ।
  • main Tumhe gaadii mein ghar chod DeTaa huun.

If your date doesn’t have transport, this is a polite, considerate offer. However, don’t be offended if she/he turns you down on the first date. Especially a woman might not feel comfortable letting you drive her home when the two of you are still basically strangers.

That was a great evening.

  • यह शाम बहुत अच्छी गयी।
  • yah saam bahuT acchii gayii.

This is a good phrase to end the evening with.

When can I see you again?

  • अगली मुलाकात कब होगी?
  • aglii mulaakaaT kab hogii?

If he/she replied ‘Yes’ to ‘Can I see you again?’, this is the next important question.

I’ll call you.

  • मैं तुम्हे फ़ोन करूँगा।
  • main Tumhe foN karuuNgaa.

Say this only if you really mean to do it. In many cultures, this could imply that you’re keeping the proverbial backdoor open.

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2. The Most Romantic Ideas for a Date

You learned all the Hindi phrases to make a date – congratulations! Now you have to decide where to meet, which can be tricky. Discuss these options with your lover to gauge whether you like the same things. Check out romantic date ideas in Hindi below!

Date Ideas in Hindi


  • संग्रहालय
  • sangraahlay

If you’re looking for unique date ideas that are fun but won’t break the bank, museums are the perfect spot! You won’t be running out of things to say in the conversations.

candlelit dinner

  • मोमबत्ती की रोशनी में रात का खाना
  • mombaTTii kii rosNii mein raaT kaa khaaNaa

A candlelit dinner is perhaps best to reserve for when the relationship is getting serious. It’s very intimate, and says: “Romance!” It’s a fantastic choice if you’re sure you and your date are in love with each other!

go to the zoo

  • चिड़ियाघर जाना
  • cidiyaaghar jaaNaa

This is a good choice for shy lovers who want to get the conversation going. Just make sure your date likes zoos, as some people dislike them. Maybe not for the first date, but this is also a great choice if your lover has children – you’ll win his/her adoration for inviting them along!

go for a long walk

  • एक लंबी सैर के लिए जाना
  • ek lambii Sair ke le jaaNaa

Need to talk about serious stuff, or just want to relax with your date? Walking together is soothing, and a habit you can keep up together always! Just make sure it’s a beautiful walk that’s not too strenuous.

go to the opera

  • ओपेरा के लिए जाना
  • operaa ke lie jaaNaa

This type of date should only be attempted if both of you love the opera. It can be a special treat, followed by a candlelit dinner!

go to the aquarium

  • ऐक्वेरियम जाना
  • aikweriyam jaaNaa

Going to the aquarium is another good idea if you need topics for conversation, or if you need to impress your lover’s kids! Make sure your date doesn’t have a problem with aquariums.

walk on the beach

  • समुन्दर किनारे चलने जाना
  • SamuNDar kiNaare calNe jaaNaa

This can be a very romantic stroll, especially at night! The sea is often associated with romance and beauty.

have a picnic

  • पिकनिक पर जाना
  • pikNik par jaaNaa

If you and your date need to get more comfortable together, this can be a fantastic date. Spending time in nature is soothing and calms the nerves.

cook a meal together

  • एक साथ खाना पकाना
  • ek SaaTH khaaNaa pakaaNaa

If you want to get an idea of your date’s true character in one go, this is an excellent date! You will quickly see if the two of you can work together in a confined space. If it works, it will be fantastic for the relationship and create a sense of intimacy. If not, you will probably part ways!

have dinner and see a movie

  • रात का खाना खाना और एक फिल्म देखना
  • raaT kaa khaaNaa khaaNaa aur ek film DekhNaa

This is traditional date choice works perfectly well. Just make sure you and your date like the same kind of movies!

3. Must-know Valentine’s Day Vocabulary

Valentine's Day Words in Hindi

Expressing your feelings honestly is very important in any relationship all year round. Yet, on Valentine’s Day you really want to shine. Impress your lover this Valentine’s with your excellent vocabulary, and make his/her day! We teach you, in fun, effective ways, the meanings of the words and how to pronounce them. You can also copy the characters and learn how to write ‘I love you’ in Hindi – think how impressed your date will be!

4. Hindi Love Phrases for Valentine’s Day

So, you now have the basic Valentine’s Day vocabulary under your belt. Well done! But, do you know how to say ‘I love you’ in Hindi yet? Or perhaps you are still only friends. So, do you know how to say ‘I like you’ or ‘I have a crush on you’ in Hindi? No? Don’t worry, here are all the love phrases you need to bowl over your Hindi love on this special day!

Valentine's Day Words in Hindi

I love you.

  • मै तुम्हे प्यार करती हूँ
  • mai tumhe pyaar kartii hun.

Saying ‘I love you’ in Hindi carries the same weight as in all languages. Use this only if you’re sure and sincere about your feelings for your partner/friend.

You mean so much to me.

  • तुम मेरे लिए बहुत महत्व रखती हो|
  • Tum mere liye bahuT mahaTv rakhTii ho

This is a beautiful expression of gratitude that will enhance any relationship! It makes the receiver feel appreciated and their efforts recognized.

Will you be my Valentine?

  • कया तुम मेरी वैलेनटायिन बनोगी?
  • kya tum meri valentine bannogi?

With these words, you are taking your relationship to the next level! Or, if you have been a couple for a while, it shows that you still feel the romance. So, go for it!

You’re so beautiful.

  • आप बहुत खूबसूरत हैं|
  • aap bahuT khoobsooraT hain

If you don’t know how to say ‘You’re pretty’ in Hindi, this is a good substitute, gentlemen!

I think of you as more than a friend.

  • मै आपके बारे में एक दोस्त से अधिक सोचता हुँ
  • mai aapke baare mein ek Dost se adhik sochTaa hun

Say this if you are not yet sure that your romantic feelings are reciprocated. It is also a safe go-to if you’re unsure about the Hindi dating culture.

A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.

  • सौ दिल भी कम रहेंगे तुम्हारे प्रती मेरे प्यार को दिखाने के लिये
  • sau Dil bhi kam rahenge Tumhaare praTi mere pyaar ko Dikhaane ke liye

You romantic you…! When your heart overflows with love, this would be the best phrase to use.

Love is just love. It can never be explained.

  • प्यार सिर्फ प्यार है. यह कभी समझाया नही जा सकता|
  • pyaar sirf pyaar hai| yah kabhii samjhaaya nahii ja sakTaa

If you fell in love unexpectedly or inexplicably, this one’s for you.

You’re so handsome.

  • तुम बहुत सुंदर हो|
  • Tum bahuT sunDar ho

Ladies, this phrase lets your Hindi love know how much you appreciate his looks! Don’t be shy to use it; men like compliments too.

I’ve got a crush on you.

  • मेरा तुम्हारे उपर क्रश है
  • meraa Tumhaare upar krash hai

If you like someone, but you’re unsure about starting a relationship, it would be prudent to say this. It simply means that you like someone very, very much and think they’re amazing.

You make me want to be a better man.

  • आप मुझे एक बेहतर आदमी बनाने के लिये प्रेरित करते हो|
  • aap mujhe ek behTar aaDmii banaane ke liye preriT karTe ho

Gentlemen, don’t claim this phrase as your own! It hails from the movie ‘As Good as it Gets’, but it is sure to make your Hindi girlfriend feel very special. Let her know that she inspires you!

Let all that you do be done in love.

  • तुम जो भी करो प्यार में करो
  • Tum jo bhi karo pyaar mein karo

We hope.

You are my sunshine, my love.

  • तुम मेरी रोशनी हो मेरा प्यार हो
  • Tum merii roshnii ho meraa pyaar ho

A compliment that lets your lover know they bring a special quality to your life. Really nice!

Words can’t describe my love for you.

  • शब्द आप के लिए मेरे प्यार का वर्णन नहीं कर सकते हैं।
  • shabD aapke liye mere pyaar ka vaRnan nahii kar sakTe hain

Better say this when you’re feeling serious about the relationship! It means that your feelings are very intense.

We were meant to be together.

  • हम एक दूसरे के लिए बने हैं
  • hum ek Doosre ke liye bane hain

This is a loving affirmation that shows you see a future together, and that you feel a special bond with your partner.

If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you’re definitely in love.

  • इसे पढ़ते समय अगर आप किसी के बारे में सोच रहे थे, तो निश्चित रूप से आप प्यार में हैं.
  • isay padhTe samay agar aap kissi ke baare mein soch rahe the toh nishchiT roop se aap pyaar mein hain

Here’s something fun to tease your lover with. And hope he/she was thinking of you!

5. Hindi Quotes about Love

Hindi Love Quotes

You’re a love champ! You and your Hindi lover are getting along fantastically, your dates are awesome, your Valentine’s Day together was spectacular, and you’re very much in love. Good for you! Here are some beautiful phrases of endearment in Hindi that will remind him/her who is in your thoughts all the time.

6. Marriage Proposal Lines

Hindi Marriage Proposal Lines

Wow. Your Hindi lover is indeed the love of your life – congratulations! And may only happiness follow the two of you! In most traditions, the man asks the woman to marry; this is also the Hindi custom. Here are a few sincere and romantic lines that will help you to ask your lady-love for her hand in marriage.

7. 15 Most Common Break-Up Lines

Hindi Break-Up Lines

Instead of moving towards marriage or a long-term relationship, you find that the spark is not there for you. That is a pity! But even though breaking up is never easy, continuing a bad or unfulfilling relationship would be even harder. Remember to be kind to the person you are going to say goodbye to; respect and sensitivity cost nothing. Here are some phrases to help you break up gently.

  • We need to talk.
    • हमें ज़रूरी बात करनी है
    • hamein zaruurii baaT karNii hai

    This is not really a break-up line, but it is a good conversation opener with a serious tone.

    It’s not you. It’s me.

    • यह तुम नही हो | यह में हूँ |
    • Yeh tum nahīn hoo. Yeh mein hoo.

    As long as you mean it, this can be a kind thing to say. It means that there’s nothing wrong with your Hindi lover as a person, but that you need something different from a relationship.

    I’m just not ready for this kind of relationship.

    • में इस तरह के संबंध के लिए तैयार नही हूँ |
    • mein iss tarah ke sambandh ke liye teyaar nahi hoon.

    Things moved a bit fast and got too intense, too soon? Painful as it is, honesty is often the best way to break up with somebody.

    Let’s just be friends.

    • चलिए सिर्फ दोस्त बने रहते हैं।
    • Cali’ē sirf dōst banē rehatē hai.

    If the relationship was very intense, and you have sent many ‘i love u’ texts in Hindi, this would not be a good breakup line. Feelings need to calm down before you can be friends, if ever. If the relationship has not really developed yet, a friendship would be possible.

    I think we need a break.

    • मुझे लगता है हमे एक ब्रेक की जरूरत है।
    • Mujhē lagatā hai hhme ēk brēk kī jarūrat hai.

    This is again honest, and to the point. No need to play with someone’s emotions by not letting them know how you feel. However, this could imply that you may fall in love with him/her again after a period of time, so use with discretion.

    You deserve better.

    • तुम इससे बेहतर के लायक हो ।
    • tum iss se behtar ke layak hoo.

    Yes, he/she probably deserves a better relationship if your own feelings have cooled down.

    We should start seeing other people.

    • हमे दुसरे लोगों को देखना शरू करना देना चाहिए।
    • hume doosre logo ko dekhna shuroo kar dena chaiye.

    This is probably the least gentle break-up phrase, so reserve it for a lover that doesn’t get the message!

    I need my space.

    • मुझे अपनी जगह की जरूरत है।
    • Mujhe apanī jagaha kī jarūrata hai.

    When a person is too clingy or demanding, this would be an suitable break-up phrase. It is another good go-to for that lover who doesn’t get the message!

    I think we’re moving too fast.

    • मुझे लगता है हम बहुत तेजी से बढ़ रहे हैं।
    • Mujhē lagatā hai hum bhut tējī sē badd rahē hai.

    Say this if you want to keep the relationship, but need to slow down its progress a bit. It is also good if you feel things are getting too intense for your liking. However, it is not really a break-up line, so be careful not to mislead.

    I need to focus on my career.

    • मुझे अपने कैरियर पर ध्यान केंद्रित करने की जरूरत है।
    • Mujhe apnē kariyer par dhyān kēndrit karanē kī jarūrat hai.

    If you feel that you will not be able to give 100% in a relationship due to career demands, this is the phrase to use. It’s also good if you are unwilling to give up your career for a relationship.

    I’m not good enough for you.

    • मैं तुम्हारे लिए बहुत अच्छा नहीं हूँ।
    • Mein tumhārē liyē bahut acchā nahī hoo.

    Say this only if you really believe it, or you’ll end up sounding false. Break-ups are usually hard for the receiving party, so don’t insult him/her with an insincere comment.

    I just don’t love you anymore.

    • बस अब में तुम्हे ओर प्यार नहीं करता ।
    • bus ab mein tumhe or pyar nahi karta.

    This harsh line is sometimes the best one to use if you are struggling to get through to a stubborn, clingy lover who won’t accept your break up. Use it as a last resort. Then switch your phone off and block their emails!

    We’re just not right for each other.

    • हम सिर्फ एक-दूसरे के लिए सही नहीं है ।
    • Hum sirf ēk-dūsarē kē liyē sahī nahī hai.

    If this is how you truly feel, you need to say it. Be kind, gentle and polite.

    It’s for the best.

    • यह अच्छे के लिए है।
    • Yah acche ke liye hai.

    This phrase is called for if circumstances are difficult and the relationship is not progressing well. Love should enhance one’s life, not burden it!

    We’ve grown apart.

    • हम अलग हो गए है।
    • Hum alag hō gaye hai.

    Cross-cultural relationships are often long-distance ones, and it is easy to grow apart over time.

  • 8. Will Falling in Love help you Learn Hindi faster?

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    Three Reasons Why Having a Lover will Help you Learn Hindi Faster!


    1- Being in a love relationship with your Hindi speaking partner will immerse you in the culture
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    2- Having your Hindi romantic partner will mean more opportunity to practice speaking
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    3- A supportive Hindi lover is likely to make a gentle, patient teacher and study aid!
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